In One Perfect Sentence, Amy Poehler Schools a Guy in What It's Like To Be a Woman


Oh, Amy. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways. 

For one, she can make a feminist argument zing like a "Weekend Update" punchline, a skill she demonstrated as a recent guest on The Approval Matrix, the Sundance Network's new panel show. During her interview, Poehler was asked about modern men and the difficult challenges men face.

The show's host, Neal Brennan, tells Poehler that for the modern man, "Being cool is, like, passé. And now you have to be awkward and adorkable." Poehler's response, accompanied by a perfectly incredulous expression, is beautiful:

"Well, this feeling that you're having right now — which is like, 'I'm supposed to be all things' — is a feeling that women have every day and have their whole lives. So you're just starting to experience it now." 

Nailed it. Amy perfectly describes the never-ending battle that ladies everywhere face: the expectation to be in charge but not so much so that it gets you fired; to be sexy yet modest; to be all for girl power, except when sexuality is involved. 

"We have to deal with all those juxtapositions every day, but I'm glad you're finally experiencing it as a white male," she tells Brennan with a sunny smile on her face. "I'm sensing a tone," he jokes. 

It's more of the same from Poehler, and that's a great thing. While most know Amy for her acting, she's also the founder of Smart Girls At The Party, an empowering web series-turned-online hub for girls. And as the Huffington Post points out, Poehler also takes pride in the fact that her TV series Parks and Recreation sees the value in female-positive friendships.


And she never shies away from taking on feminist arguments when she can. On the recent trend of female celebrities speaking out against feminism, Amy told Elle, "I don't get it... That's like someone being like, 'I don't really believe in cars, but I drive one every day and I love that it gets me places and makes life so much easier and faster and I don't know what I would do without it.'"

Keep it going! It's great to hear a woman like Poehler speak so frankly — but also humorously — about something that's familiar to millions. Oh, and to say it to a man. Well done, Poehler. 

h/t Vulture