Greek Election Results 2012: Fate of the Euro Zone May Be Decided By These Weird and Funny Campaign Videos (+Video)

ByCameron Bell

On Sunday, Greek voters head to the polls to decide on a government, and the international community will be following along closely because the results will likely have ripple effects felt in markets around the world. 

The questions surrounding the outcome of the elections continue to mount: Will Greece be able to form a government? Will Greece meet the conditions of the latest bailout? Will the euro zone force Greece out of the monetary union and how will this affect the rest of member states? Is this even legal? 

Contingency planning among European policymakers has been in quiet overdrive this past month, as the continent prepares for a potential “Grexit” and all of the shocks that would likely accompany it. To quote Donald Rumsfeld, there are just too many “known unknowns” and “unknown unknowns” right now for analysts to be certain of anything.

While the victory of one party over another in the elections hardly commits Greece to a clear path forward, campaign advertisements – on both sides of the two leading parties – are doing their best to shape the election for the Greek people as a stark choice between survival, at best, and humiliating state failure at worst.

Here are some of the most dramatic campaign ads from the two leading parties – New Democracy and Syriza – flooding airwaves in Athens this past week:

How would you vote if you were Greek?