5 Cartoons Young Tunisians Are Sharing on Facebook About the Islamist Riots



For several days, radical Islamists lead riots across Tunisia last week which left one man dead, 62 security forces injured, and led to over 160 arrests. The riots began after ultraconservative Islamists known as Salafists attacked an art gallery last Sunday in a Tunis suburb for an exhibition they said insulted Islam. Security forces dispersed them with tear gas, and Islamist gangs attacked police stations around the country over the next few days. 

Because of this incident, Tunisians were confined to a government-imposed curfew and a high state of emergency because of recent violence. The curfew was lifted on Friday and calm was restored.

These Islamists have fascist tendencies and called for the murder of the artists and those who supported them, something quite scary. In Tunisia, we can't even joke about them on social networks anymore, because you never know who's watching. 

The following pictures were shared over Facebook in secret, to poke fun at the Tunisian government's curfew and the Islamists' actions: 


Caption: Salafi #1: What a horror! This painting hurts my feelings. Destroy it now!

Salafi #2: Boss, it's a mirror.



Caption: Ghannouchi calls for a protest against violations of the coronoation.


Caption: No caption needed.



Caption: Cat #1: What is the complaint against the museum exhibit?

Cat #2: Civil disobedience.



Caption: Arriving in Tunisia: Wife: "I knew there was something wrong with the all-inclusive hotel/airfare/food vacation vacation for only 40 Euros for two people.