NBA Nerd Chic: Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade Make Geek the Postgame Trend


The headliners of the NBA Finals: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant, and Russell Westbrook, are thrilling to watch on the court, and highly entertaining off of it. This intensely competitive series has certainly lived up to its billing thus far, and the post-game fashion showdown has been just as hotly contested.    

“Nerd Chic,” as their style has been dubbed, is being taken to new heights (lows?), with giant lens-less glasses, goofy patterns, odd colors, and all forms of clashing attire. Though LeBron, Wade, and Durant have all made solid post-game efforts, Russell Westbrook is undeniably leading the charge this postseason. His downright clownish outfits have been making headlines for weeks, but as Westbrook confidently reminded reporters, “I've been knowing how to dress for a while.”

Such an extreme level of swagger is essential to pull off a look like this: Luckily, the fabulous four all have swagger to spare.

Last night, LeBron James rocked a Rugby shirt over a second collared undershirt, and D-Wade made sure that the bandage on his index finger was color-synched with the rest of his ensemble. Not to be outdone, Westbrook asserted his dominance once again with two-tone frames and a short-sleeve/tie combination which made him look like a slightly more colorful Mormon missionary.

While many, like myself, laugh, others are truly impressed by Westbrook's style. Oklahoma City Thunder coach, Scott Brooks, gave this mildly unsettling endorsement to his All-Star point guard's postseason attire, “Russell can wear anything. He’s great looking, he has an incredible body, a great smile ... Anything, he’s going to look good.”