Obama Immigration Policy: Don't Expect Hispanics to Come Out to Vote in Election 2012 (+Video)


Recently, Univison uploaded a video to its website that argues that Hispanics are the new American voter. The video states that Latinos play a vital role in American society. It also reinforces the belief that Latinos should vote because "my vote matters. It can make a difference."

Latinos have much at stake this election. As the 2010 Census demonstrated, the Latino population is increasing rapidly. "Hispanics are the biggest game changers." Therefore, Univision's focus is clearly to encourage Latinos to take upon their civil responsibility and vote.

When citizens vote, they validate the legitimacy of the U.S. government. Because of this, politicians can be held accountable when they are straying away from the wishes of the voters who put them in office.

The video shows an optimistic view of the current conundrum Latinos face to create the perfect blend between their ethnic culture and the American culture. Yet, the video claims the new American voter is not so different than the rest of the American voters. 

Troubling issues like the economy, education and freedom are affecting Latinos just as much as they are affecting other Americans. Latinos have more at stake in the 2012 presidential election. The candidates have both made defining promises to Hispanics, some more intriguing than others. 

The policies the new president approves of and promotes will have an impact on Hispanics. But will the video increase Hispanic voter participation in the upcoming election? President Obama has faced backlash from disappointed Latinos over his unfulfilled 2008 promises. 

The Hispanic population is rapidly increasing and so should their voter participation rates. Nonetheless, Univision's video is not enough to persuade Latinos to vote. More has to be done by trusted Latino organizations to raise awareness on this very important issue. Hispanics must acknowledge the great importance their vote has in the 2012 presidential election.