An Incredible Dolphin Birth Is the Most Mesmerizing Video You'll Watch Today


Dolphins share a lot of similarities with humans, from the way they perceive the world to the way their brains work, to even the miracle of birth. This amazing video was taken at the conservation marine park in Dolphin Quest Hawaii in September 2012, but has only recently been going viral. 

The video depicts the birth of a female baby calf to first-time mother Keo, a 12-year-old, while her mother, Pele, and sister, Noelani, swam nearby (but off-camera) for support during the hour-long labor process. 

According to the Dolphin Research Institute, the first month of a baby dolphin's live is the most critical time, after which the dolphin spends 18 months suckling before growing teeth at around five weeks old and eating fish around the six-month mark.  

It may feel like a minor incident, but this simple three-minute video offers a captivating look at the beauty of nature, something we can easily and all-too-quickly forget about if we're not careful. Luckily we have videos like this to help us remember. 

h/t IFLS