Fathers Day 2012: Kids Need Dads! Don't Forget How Important Fathers Are on Father's Day


I have few female friends who haven't had at least one relationship with a divorced dad who was struggling to keep a good relationship with his children. It doesn't matter what sort of adult problems occur when relationships break up: kids need their dads.

Summer comes along and it's baseball season. Who's going to play catch? Dad. 

It's time to go down to the lake and see if the fish are biting. Who's going to help with the hook and line, even if the only things to catch are plastic bottles and old grocery bags? Dad. 

It's time to take the training wheels off the bike. Who's going to do that and run alongside? Dad. 

When kids fall and scrape their knees, Mom gives them a hug, washes the scrape and puts on a big band-aid. But who's going to tell them to get back on the bike and try again? Dad. 

Now it's middle school. Young men are starting to get interested in girls and could start to say things they shouldn't. Who will teach them respect? Dad. 

Young women start thinking about guys, wondering if they should give in to pressure just to "have a boyfriend." Who's going to set them straight? Dad.

It's time to learn how to drive. Who's going to take the old car out to the abandoned parking lot and bite his lip until the lessons sink in? Dad.

Now it's time to graduate. Who's going to give his son a brief hug and a grunt that means, "I could not be more proud, son." Dad. Who's going to tell his daughter she's the most beautiful girl in the world and smartest, too? Dad.

Now it's time for you to get married. Dad has a job at weddings, too. Any time you have a tough question or have to make a choice: job, home, marriage, kids, money, he is there for you. He is your dad. Tomorrow is his day. He might forget, because that's part of a dad's job too. 

It's your job to remember.