Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts Make Missouri Woman Dig the Ground ‘Like a Dog’


Just two days after a New York mom died as a result of being tasered following a maddening attack in which she stripped naked and tried to choke her 3-year-old son, a new incident regarding bath salts has been reported by police in Missouri.

An unidentified Kansas City woman is said to have been high on the powerful and dangerous new street synthetic drug bath salts when she attacked and bit one of her neighbors, KCTV reported.

However, it is not clear if the woman has been charged in the attack as so far she remains missing from her Kansas City home and – according to her landlord – she could be either “on the run” or “in a hospital or mental facility.”

The victim of the new “zombie attack,” identified as Charles McBride, said the woman attacked him by biting his arm and nearly ripping off the nicotine patch McBride uses to try to quit smoking. "I've seen her do some crazy stuff, but not that," he added.

McBride claims that, after biting him, his neighbor then dropped to the floor “in all fours” and began digging in the ground, “like a dog would." That’s how police reportedly found them when they arrived at the scene and then proceed to grab her to which the woman resisted by “kicking back” at the officers.  

A subsequent police report corroborated the victim's account, describing the attacker as “mule-kicking” with her left leg and having “what appeared to be dirt in her mouth."