Fathers Day 2012: 5 Totally Awesome, Cheap (and Priceless) Things to Do With Dad This Father's Day


Father’s Day comes as most dads are stressed about work, life, and family and it is usually up to their family to come up with ways to make their special day relaxed. The stereotypical gifts for father’s day are usually things which try to show “manliness,” such as tools or other equipment. However, not all dads are so rough and those that are usually do have a soft side to them. Here are some ideas (which can be turned into gifts) to show your dad you care about him on his day.

1. Do Something He Wants to Do:

Whatever that is. Does he like reading? Running? Biking? Building things? Don’t ignore him and find the time to do what he wants, because he’s always there for you even when you’re not thinking about it.

2. Share Some Laughs:

If it’s nice outside, do something fun like playing catch or riding a bike. Tell a joke that he would understand or a story that he would love. He loves talking to you, if you gave him the chance. Dads are very good listeners, they listen until the very end with few interruptions (well, some at least).

3. Don’t Spend Too Much on a Gift:

If you want to get one at all, that is. If you know your dad well enough, you can skip the gift for a meaningful card. While a tie or pants might be useful, especially if it is something he likes, don’t spend so much that your dad becomes stressed out about it. He has enough to worry about. You can find an affordable gift for dad in which he won’t worry about the price.

4. Don’t Fight:

This goes for the whole family. While, dads might be able to end a fight they should never have to see one happen in the first place. If one has younger children, to lessen the chance for sibling rivalry, do something which the whole family will enjoy because everyone (not just dad) has more fun that way.

5. Reflect:

There are some out there that may have lost their fathers or have not seen them for years. You don’t have to ignore Father’s Day, because there must be someone in your life who is like a father to you. Regardless, if your father is with you this Father’s Day or not take the time to reflect on whoever has been there for you and show them you care.

Whatever your plans are, I hope that you and your father are enjoying your time together. Have a great day, regardless.