Which Careers Will Be Around in 2022? Check These Charts

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Are you a college student trying to decide on a major? Or a recent graduate open to pursuing any line of work?

Here's what the numbers say will be the best career paths to take. Or at least which ones you should avoid. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has calculated what the most abundant jobs will be in the year 2022. The key results are visualized below. Start making your plans now. 

Bureau of Labor Statistics

There's good news if you're a nurse or if you want to go into medicine. Nursing will be No. 1. The U.S. will need over 3.2 million registered nurses in 2022.

There's also good news for people interested in careers involving computer programming and statistics. Notice that most of the top jobs require an ability to work with technology or numbers.

Of course, we'll still need more traditional jobs like doctors, lawyers, accountants and teachers, all of which make the top list.

And what about the jobs with the lowest projected demand in 2022?

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Sorry, astronomers. The 2022 economy won't demand professional geographers or historians, either. Many of these jobs are academic or highly specialized. In case you're wondering, prosthodontists construct oral prostheses to replace missing teeth.

Predicting the future entails uncertainty, so take these charts with a grain of salt.

But, these results paint a reasonable picture of the job market in 2022.