This Is What an Active Volcano Looks Like From the Inside


This is the definition of extreme:


That is George Kourounis, a self-professed "global explorer, adventurer and storm chaser," staring deep into the very active Ambrym Volcano in Vanuatu. But Kourounis' goal wasn't just to get possibly one of the most iconic and perilous selfies yet (see below), but to document an adventure into a fiery pit, or rather a "window into hell," as he told the Huffington Post

Kourounis, along with Sam Cossman, Geoff Mackely, Brad Ambrose and Gareth Hawken, descended into the Marum Crater, a lava lake at the top of the Ambrym Volcano, twice over the course of four days in August. Equipped with a GoPro, the team captured footage of the volcano's sizzling interior. 

Kourounis is no stranger to extreme experiences, but going into Marum was insanely difficult as the team had to fight crazy weather conditions like acid rain and beyond imaginable heat. 


"When you see that shot of me [in the video] looking like a little silver dot, next to what appears to be a waterfall of lava, that was an extremely dangerous spot to be standing. It was a bit scary. If something were to have gone wrong, it would've happened quickly and catastrophically," Kourounis told the Huffington Post

The risk was worth it. "Undoubtedly, this experience was the pinnacle adventure of my life," Kourounis told the Huffington Post. And by filming the adventure and allowing the world to see it as well, we can all vicariously experience the jaw-dropping and frightening volcano in all its splendor. Bravo, Kourounis and team! 

h/t Huffington Post