Will Black Women Vote For Obama or Romney in 2012?


President Barack Obama has recently been focusing on equal rights for minority groups, but has in the process taken the spotlight from his “loyalists” — black voters. 

Recent analysts speculate that his support from blacks may be in critical condition. Some critics believe Obama is losing black voters because he has focused too heavily on other minority groups — especially the gay and Latino community — instead of African Americans. 

In my eyes, any lost support also stems from his inability to deliver what he promised Americans in 2008: change (but not just for some of us). Ironically, even blackwomenforobama.org has published a post about their ambivalence towards Obama. 

Obama claims to be for equal pay and fairness in the economy, but as Romney spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg stated in a recent article, "Of course Mitt Romney supports pay equity for women. The real question is whether President Obama supports jobs for women."

Through all of this, oddly enough, Romney can become black women’s best friend.

Romney has continually assailed the president for not doing enough to fix the economy. This is a very appealing platform for black voters, and can help the Republican leverage this base.

In the last week, Romney spoke to an Ohio crowd about America’s discontentment over the economy and Obama begged for America’s patience. Romney sought to hammer home his stronger economic and business credentials while the president palyed defesense, reaffirming that his own policies would work in time. 

The allure of an economy fix attracts all Americans, but black women in particular have the potential to be one of the best beneficiaries of a better economy. Though often infatuated with the handsome, successful Obama, black women could begin to view him as a politico once they realize what little he has done for them. Now Romney must shine the light on Obama’s missteps, particularly for black women.

We shouldn't expect black women to be a voting bloc that will strictly vote for Barack Obama in 2012. Regardless of “common thought,” not all black women are looking for handouts, a welfare system which has, according to some Obama critics, been the president's way of solving issues

Obama blames the GOP for denying his big government incentives to help the economy. But as a black female writer penned in "Barack Obama the Shape Shifter," small businesses are the biggest employer for minorities." And some of Obama's policies are inherently against entreprenuership and jobs. Essentially, Obama is adding to the poor economic situation, which prevents black women from being present in business and the workforce. 

What is missing? Change in the economy is missing. Of course, it is not entirely Obama’s fault that the economy is in shambles. But what is he doing to help it? What is he doing to help small businesses — the businesses owned by black women? What is Obama doing to make black women more visible in the workforce? Romney just hired a black woman without even stepping in office yet — at least he has the idea.

Black women should no longer fall for media distractions such as the GOP’s “war on women” or Romney’s disconnected financial life, picture perfect wife, and supposedly “condescending” charity to a black female who was in need. Black women should be insulted, not empowered by the notion that many appear that simple-minded to focus on a candidate’s wife. If Obama truly cared for black women’s worries, he would support the change Romney believes in, which is focusing on the economy.

It is safe to say that Obama has yet to fulfill change for black women, yet he is asking for another chance. Having received many non-economy-fixing “accomplishments,” black women and all Americans, should be fed up. Obama can no longer take the black vote for granted based on a general campaign for "change."