Chris Brown and Drake Fight Over Rihanna Could Destroy Chris Brown's Career


If you haven’t heard about Chris Brown and Drake’s recent New York City bar brawl at club W.i.P. in Manhattan by now, you’ve probably been in orbit with China’s first female astronaut because the bottle-flying incident, which sent NBA San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker to the hospital and caused the NYPD to close the SoHo nightclub, has dominated the news since June 15.

According to the Associated Press, two men approached Brown's table at the club and asked him whether he had a problem with Drake, who also happened to be there, to which he replied he did not. Later, as Brown was leaving the club, five men blocked his way on the dance floor and started taking off their shirts, yelling and prompting a full blown bottle-throwing fight which left several injured.

Brown, then, went to Twitter to rant about the incident, publishing – then removing – a photo of himself with a cut chin. His publicist said Brown and girlfriend Karrueche Tran were “brutally attacked.” Drake’s representative said the Canadian-born rapper and actor was “on his way out of the club.” 

Don’t get me wrong, I think both Drake and Chris Brown are talented; but it's incidents like these what keep artists from fully developing their talent and one day becoming true legends, like Michael Jackson. 

Now, a lot of people have been in bar fights, but when things go really out of hand -- such as in 2009, when Brown beat then girlfriend Rihanna resulting in legal charges -- it's a different story, as every new incident potentially worsens both a bad reputation and a criminal record. This, in turn, is a distraction for both the artist and his or her audience. 

Brown's nightclub fight and the subsequent Twitter rant were mocked online because in the photo he posted of himself he seems to have a white particle inside one of his nostrils; not a good thing if you are still on supervised probation.

It's really hard to record award winning songs and perform at the Grammy's if one is in jail. So, Chris Brown, please stay out of trouble and don't destroy your career.