It’s Hard to Choose the Craziest Quote From These Fans Still Wearing Ray Rice Jerseys


Fox Sports 1 had the dazzling idea to go to Thursday night's Ravens-Steelers game in Baltimore and fish for the winners in life: The people still proudly wearing Ray Rice jerseys. What they were probably hoping to find were people who live under a rock and haven't heard about the assault, but what they discovered outside M&T Bank Stadium was much worse.

It's hard to choose the most memorable quote in this report, but here's an attempt.

In third place, we have the "but she was asking for it" victim-blamer who also began her argument with, "I don't believe in domestic violence, but ... " Turns out, what she does believe is that a woman who hits a man deserves to be hit back. She continues with, "I will say: any woman who can hit a man, a man shouldn't have to sit there and take the abuse."

In second place, we have the woman who pronounces Ray Rice an "outstanding citizen." He may have knocked his girlfriend unconscious, but he sure knows how to put on a good bake sale! She later explains that since Ray Rice and his wife apologized and "they got punished," we can all forgive and forget.

And in first place, we find the gentleman who doesn't think Rice should have been terminated because "There were players who did worse than what he did and they are still playing." Ah, yes. Greg Hardy was found guilty on two counts of domestic assault and he's still playing, so if one abuser faces no consequences, they should all face no consequences! 

Although we would love to believe that Fox Sports 1 coincidentally interviewed a small pool of irrational opinions, there are disgusting traces of Rice supporters all over social media.

Thankfully, the Twittersphere has exploded with some piercing commentary.

It's worth pointing out that women who support Ray Rice are probably doing it out of self-preservation. If you believe Janay Rice deserved it, and that violence is justified in some cases, it means you can control whether it happens to you. Although these female (and male) supporters should be ashamed for making light of domestic violence, it's possible they believe "some" women are victims to give the illusion they will never be. 

h/t Deadspin