This Might Be the Most Insane CrossFit Video Ever Recorded


There's no denying that CrossFit has become more than just a fringe phenomenon, but a mainstream fitness sensation. Ask even the non-CrossFitter and most can tell you what a Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder is. They may have even watched the Reebok CrossFit games on ESPN. No longer are there quant little gyms but fully staffed programs costing hundreds of dollars a month for Workouts of the Day (WOD) in "The Box," or the venue where the workouts take place. Most of us run our miles, swim some laps or try to lift.

Apparently only CrossFit lets you do this.

It certainly takes a special athlete to be able to pull that off. No one is disputing the type of shape CrossFit participants get themselves into, despite numerous critiques, parodies, and medical studies that take issue with the spike in injuries of CrossFit participants. 

Leave that noise to the haters. What other workout lets you do a flip into a clean and jerk?