10 Things You Should Do Before Turning 40


Eventually, millennials will begin to reach 40 years of age. It's going to happen eventually, and you might as well prepare now.

Below is a list of 10 important issues that became particularly relevant when I began my fifth decade.

1) Health. 

Your own health is paramount, so you should begin to get annual physicals before turning 40. You have many years to live at this age, and so it is important to discover any problems that could materially shorten your life expectancy. Of particular concern are dermatological events (such as a melanoma), latent heart disease, and gastroenterological issues, to name a few. Regarding your immediate family, diligence and safety are critical. You must use common sense to protect your young ones.

2) Education. 

My goal has always been to send my children to the best schools to give them as many opportunities in life as possible. It is a brutal and exhausting process. Moreover, it is incredibly expensive; so you should start saving the moment your children are born.

3) Career/money. 

Let’s face it, the more you earn, the more comfortable you will be. I am not saying money buys you happiness. But, it sure makes it easier to shower wonderful things and experiences on your loved ones.

4) Quality of your closest relationship. 

I cannot count the number of times that my wife has helped me with career and personal problems. At first, it is love and romance, and then it really gets serious with kids, lifestyle decisions, and long-term cohabitation. You should always be flexible, understanding, empathetic, affectionate and act like every word from your loved one’s mouth is the most important thing in your life.

5) Extracurricular activities. 

You should be physically and mentally active when away from work. This includes sports and intellectual pursuits. When you retire, you must have something to fall back on to keep busy or you invite an early demise.

6) Spirituality. 

Look inside yourself for strength and wisdom to deal with the challenges that you will encounter. Family and friends will die and have problems. Be there to help them and always be brave about personal issues.

7) America. 

Stay informed about your leaders and the welfare of this great country. If you have time, help those that are less fortunate. Be concerned about poverty and pollution, among the myriad of problems in our society.

8) The world. 

Americans are notoriously ethnocentric. Consider world problems from other perspectives. Have opinions about what is happening elsewhere.

9) Your children’s’ relationships. 

I refer to when they fall in love, in-laws and such. These can be great times and also the most trying times. At some point, your progeny will become adults. Set a good example for them and tell them what is important when they establish new relationships.

10) Retirement. 

We all will get tired at some point in our lives. Most of us will stop working full time and look to travel and enjoy the kids and grand children. Start preparing for this financially early on.

Life is a difficult journey. Yet, it is rewarding if we love others and they love us in return. Try to live a long life; try to stay healthy; provide for your family; and be strong when inevitable problems arise.