Everything You Should Never Do on an Airplane, in 6 Foul Instagram Photos


There are a handful of things most people out there can agree on. The terrible, jaw-dropping and enraging behavior of inconsiderate airplane travelers is one of them. 

Enter Shawn Kathleen, a flight attendant and the glorious mastermind behind Passenger Shaming, a collection of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts dedicated to bringing us an intimate look at the worst passengers known to man. 

Kathleen solicits submissions from anonymous, disgruntled passengers and other flight attendants. 

"Don't end up here," she warns on the account's various pages. Remember: Nothing is sacred anymore in this age of social media — not even the bad behavior that would have, at one time, simply faded away into someone's dinner party tale. If you do something heinously rude in a public place, the Internet will remember.

As Yahoo Travel points out, the account is a "friendly reminder to rude flyers who often dismiss their own gross behavior with the, 'I'll never see these people again' mentality. True, you may not see the passengers you're offending again. But now they can make sure that the whole world sees you."

Kathleen launched the account in January 2013 and has more than 23,000 Facebook likes, over 1,000 Twitter followers and over 28,000 Instagram fans. A bizarrely high number of photos contain people who are barefoot (which is a no-no considering the way air recirculates in most passenger airliners), but there are more heinous crimes, like a rogue condom, urine in a bathroom sink and a flyer who left dirty diapers on the ground.

Remember the days when people reclining in their seats was the most offensive thing to come out of the airplane industry? Passenger Shaming is proof that there are much worse things to be reckoned with. 

Please, people, we're begging you: Don't be the next viral sensation because you decided to disrobe in the middle of an airplane (or worse).

h/t Yahoo Travel