Miley Cyrus Just Pissed Off the Mexican Government


The news: Miley Cyrus is twerking her way to Mexico's bad side. 

During a Sept. 16 show in Monterrey, Cyrus twerked up a storm with a prosthetic butt while her backup dancers whipped her repeatedly with the Mexican flag. Now, officials have asked the country's government to fine Our Lady of Twerking for disrespecting a national symbol. Reuters reports Cyrus or her team could be fined up to $1,200 or be detained for 36 hours. 

TMZ has a clip of the indecency: 

Compared to her antics at the 2013 MTV Music Awards, this recent incident seems quite tame — but then again, this is Miley Cyrus we're talking about. Her recent exploits have included gluing a joint to a vibrator, posting a nearly nude shower photo on Instagram and dressing like a DayGlo raver pixie for New York Fashion Week. 

Cyrus herself didn't seem the least bit concerned about her potential legal problems south of the border. On Wednesday, she posted a video to Instagram of the aforementioned prosthetic butt, which, if we had to guess, isn't exactly the apology the Mexican government was looking for.   

h/t Reuters