Another Set of Stolen Nude Celebrity Photos Has Been Leaked


The news: It looks like "The Fappening" isn't going away anytime soon. 

On Saturday morning, several female celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Hope Solo and Mary-Kate Olsen, became the latest to have their nude photos leaked to anyone with an Internet connection. The culprit is the same person behind the massive Aug. 31 leak that saw photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Ariana Grande spread like wildfire across sites like reddit, Imgur and 4chan. 

The Daily Beast reported that according to users on the subreddit fappeningdiscussion, the leaks occurred on Saturday and came from 4chan. The still-unidentified hacker previously promised to continue releasing new shots, despite public outcry and threats from the celebrities involved. 

Jordan Strauss/AP

Other women caught in Saturday's leak include actress Hayden Panettiere, singer Avril Lavigne and actresses Vanessa Hudgens and Kaley Cuoco. Previously unseen photos of Jennifer Lawrence were also part of the leak. 

On Reddit, the reactions were mixed. Some users were happy about the leak, while others worried that negative reactions from the public would bubble over and Reddit would get the blame. (Gee, wonder why?) One commenter predicted that the photos, along with the subreddit itself, would be banned once the press caught wind of the new leak. 

Like the first time, however, arguments defending the leak seemed to drown out the rest. "I see the celebs capitalizing on all these leaks, whether voluntary or not," said one user. "The PR for them has been enormous, and I suspect this will go on because the effects for them in terms of exposure is overwhelmingly good."

Yes, of course. These women, whose private and intimate photos were just shared with millions of people, can only stand to benefit from it. There's no chance that they'll be slut-shamed, or that their work could be taken less seriously, or that they themselves will get blamed. Got it.

If we're lucky, the prediction that these photos and the subreddits that peddle them will be banned will come true. However, unfortunately for those celebrities — and for anyone who believes in privacy and human decency — this probably isn't the end