Twilight Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Trailer Looks Awesome


Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is not out until November 16, but the latest trailer for the final chapter in the vampire saga looks awesome.

In the 80-second clip, pale pariah Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) has officially transformed into a vampire and a mother to a newborn vampire-human child. But she and her husband (Robert Pattinson) are fighting to protect their daughter and their family -- the vampire mafia, the Volturi, can smell the presence of new vampire life and are now hunting the newlyweds down. Not knowing that the vampire-human child is naturally born, they think the vampire couple must have bitten a human, which violates unofficial vampire law. Everyone's fates are on the line. 

With wolves and vampires in alliance, a hungry, powerful, red-eyed Kristen Stewart with a surprise superpower, a CGI baby with totally controlled expressions and adult-like awareness, and more, this final installment in the vampire romance will deliver tons of action and adventure.