The 1% Revealed: Just How Politically Powerful Are America's Super Rich?

Thought the 1% was bad? Based on data from the federal election of 2010, this infographic shows that the top donors make up only 0.01%; but each individual in the 0.01% has the political influence of 10,000 ordinary Americans. 

Some interesting tidbits: 

 99% of Americans give under $200 a year to political campaigns, while 0.01% give $10,000 a year. Who do you think the president is going to listen to? The 99% donate and average of $2.44. That buys the candidate a cup of coffee. 99% of Americans give one-third of all federal campaign donations, while the 1% fills out the remainder of these donations. Money really does buy political capital. One "top donor" has the same pull as 10,000 ordinary Americans. Does that mean the 1% is 10,000x more valuable than a normal citizen? The 1% has 3,000 times more power than they should in campaigns. Who said politics were fair. 

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