Bristol Palin Reality Show Premiere: Glamorizing Teen Pregnancy Certainly Makes Life a Tripp


Last night, Bristol Palin’s new reality show Bristol Palin: Life’s A Tripp premiered on Lifetime. The new program conveys the trials and tribulations of the infamous teenage mother upon relocating from Wasilla, Alaska, to Los Angeles.

“Hollywood here we come!” exclaim Palin’s 17-year-old sister, Willow, at the beginning of the show, with a snapshot sneak preview of a lavish Los Angeles home, shopping sprees, and reckless behavior amongst friends. Palin's temporary attempt on her own in Los Angeles with extravagant belongings definitely does not reflect what most teenage single moms could afford or experience.

Bristol does not take into account the needs of her son Tripp upon her leap of faith to quickly move to a new environment that may not be conducive to a toddler. In the episode she often is questioned on who will take care of her son while she is working. Palin has no definite answer and eventually guilts her sister into moving in with her and watching Tripp. “I am thankful Willow is here for Tripp so I can go out on the town again” says Palin, not realizing how poorly her parenting skills are being reflected in her actions. “Even when Bristol is not working, I’m watching Tripp. She thinks I am her nanny and that is not okay.” confesses Willow. As a mother, Palin should understand that her life is dedicated to her child and not to having fun nights with her friends. “You’re an immature 21-year-old mom” Willow says to Palin at one point during the episode.

After a customer at the bar with Palin and her friends makes a negative remark about Sarah Palin, Palin's friends encourage her to “Go punch him in the face!” Palin confronts the man about why he is upset and accuses him of being a homosexual, showing poor behavior, immaturity, and ignorance. Turns out, this man recently filed a suit against the television show and the young mother.

“The media was trying to tear me down” Palin reminisces, an ironic statement when considering her new television show that is supported solely by the media. Sadly, this reality show has highlighted the glamorization of Palin’s lavish lifestyle and her couture 3-year-old son, despite her painfully fake confessions that she “never knew this would be so hard”. After writing a book, starring on Dancing with the Stars, and now starring in her own show, Palin’s infamous behavior has molded her into anything but a positive and hard-working young mother. So what’s next for the young Palin? Becoming a Real Housewife? Having to use a public pool? We’ll have to wait and see.

Bristol Palin: Life’s A Tripp is on Lifetime every Tuesday at 10pm.