The Absurdity of Women's Halloween Costumes, as Told Through Ridiculous Snapchats


Halloween may be a month away, but the annual head-scratching over women's costumes has already begun.

As has been well-documented, there isn't a ton of options out there for women who want to buy a Halloween costume from a retailer: In addition to cultural pressure, there simply aren't a lot of women's costumes without the "sexy" label attached.

While that's great for women who do want to look sexy on Halloween, for others it can be a frustrating process — especially given that men don't seem to have the same problem.

And when you put men's and women's costumes side by side, like this viral Tumblr post of Snapchats, the dichotomy is even more obvious and ludicrous: Even for costumes that aren't particularly revealing, the marketing makes it clear that sexiness is the key component here.

1. Luigi versus "Sexy Sidekick."


2. Batman "Muscle" versus Batgirl.


3. Popeye versus "Sexy Olive Oyl."


4. Women want to be the hero, too.


5. Really.


6. Weather appropriateness.


Unfortunately, this isn't a new trend. If you Google "women Halloween costumes" right now, this is what you'll find:

Sexy? Yes. Variety? Nope.

And if you need a reminder about why this is a problem, watch this flawless takedown from The Daily Show's Kristen Schaal last year:

h/t danceisagodgivengift/Tumblr