Supreme Court Arizona Immigration Decision: Upholding SB 1070 Would Mean More Violence Against Latinos

As the Supreme Court approaches a decision on Arizona's immigration law, Latinos have much to fear. The Court will decide whether states have the legal authority to make immigration policy or whether immigration is a federal issue. Legal experts believe the Court will rule in favor of the Arizona immigration law SB 1070, that requires law enforcement members to check the citizenship status of anyone they believe appears to be an undocumented immigrant.

Such a ruling will be a disaster for Latinos in the U.S.: it will create an unprotected dangerous and fearful environment for Latinos, stripping them of their human right not to be searched and seized without a warrant.

In 2010, when Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) issued HB 2162 which forbid law enforcement from using racial profiling, HB 2162 had little power.

Without legal safeguards to protect against discrimination, Latinos become vulnerable to racial profiling and illegal detention. A Supreme Court decision in favor of Arizona will pave the way for law enforcement and state governments to perform legal search and seizures against racial groups, only worsening racial discrimination in America.