36 smart products on Amazon that reviewers swear save you at least $50

A way to save an open champagne bottle for later? Yes, please.

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Spend a little now, save a whole lot later — that's the genius idea behind these smart products on Amazon that reviewers swear save you at least $50 (and, in many cases, a whole lot more than that).

At first glance, an innovative product on this list may seem like something you can live without — after all, you've been doing just fine without a champagne bottle stopper, right? But, on second thought, imagine not having to waste a single drop of that (expensive) bubbly beverage and being able to preserve its freshness for days and days — your wallet and bank account will feel the difference.

And the same applies to all of the practical products on this list. From a seltzer maker that allows you to whip up your favorite carbonated beverage whenever you want and saves you a trip to the grocery store to a vacuum sealer machine that can preserve meat in your freezer for an entire year, these items help you stick to a budget.

You'll find a fabulous split end repair hair serum that extends the length of time between salon appointments, a Shark Tank-approved spatula that gets out every last drop of peanut butter, a smart plug that lets you run your appliances on a schedule, and so many other money-saving goodies.

So don't be afraid to spend a little — these products will pay for themselves in no time flat.


A bubbly beverage bottle stopper and pumper that preserves the freshness of champagne

Champagne is a delight — but a pricey one. Don’t feel like you have to finish an entire bottle of sparkling wine, prosecco, or champagne in one sitting. These champagne stopper and pressure pumps fit every single bottle of sparkling wine you have and will pump air out and seal it tight to preserve your bubbly beverage for much longer.


These eco-friendly makeup pads that are machine-washable

Save money on cotton rounds and help the environment all in one step when you make the switch to these eco-friendly reusable makeup remover pads. They're made from a washable bamboo-cotton blend and, when combined with eye or standard makeup remover, can help you achieve clean skin at the end of each day. The pads are soft, won’t scratch your skin, and even come with a mesh bag for seamless laundering.


The colorful collar that keeps cords from fraying

It’s all too easy for cords to become tangled, frayed, and lost in the shuffle. These cord collars protect flimsy chargers and wires from fraying, which means less money you’ll have to spend replacing them. And an unexpected added bonus of these colorful cords is that they help you identify the specific cord you need in just seconds.


A chiller container that cools coffee in just 1 minute

Don't spend your hard-earned money on expensive iced coffee — just make your own at home using this chiller container. It cools your hot coffee down in just 1 minute, and it won't dilute your final cup of Joe since there's no ice involved.


A smart WiFi plug that lets you control lights and appliances via an app

Set your coffee maker to turn on in the morning. Turn off those lights you forgot about when you left the house — even when you’re nowhere near your home. Setting up schedules and saving money on your electric bill is a reality with this smart Wi-Fi plug. The plug is compatible with the Kasa app and its design is so compact it won’t block your other wall outlet. The outlet is even compatible with voice commands via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana.


This screen protector for your iPad that doesn't mess with your scrolling abilities

Protect your iPad and tablet screens from scratches and wear and tear just by applying this lightweight screen protector over its delicate, easy-to-break glass screen. The film keeps expensive devices from getting wrecked, but it will never interfere with your ability to scroll and get your work done.


A brass-fighting purple shampoo to prolong the time between hair salon appointments

This purple shampoo is the key to keeping blonde highlights, platinum hair, or white and grey shades looking spectacular —without having to blow your entire budget at the hair salon. The shampoo removes brassy tones, as well as dirt and sweat, and prevents breakage and split ends. One reviewer wrote: "After even one use of this shampoo a lot of the orange tone was gone and after using it for a week now my ends are back to a more platinum/silverish blonde! I was also surprised at how clean and silky this shampoo left my hair feeling!"


A tiny spatula that gets out every last drop of product

You just know there is a ton more product left in that jar or bottle — but your fingers and ordinary spoons can’t reach it. Save money on creams, cleansers, and food items like peanut butter and honey with this set of special silicone spatulas, which have lengthy handles and can fit in most narrow bottles, jars, and tubes. The spatulas are flexible, dishwasher-safe, and come with their own storage tube.


A 10-pack of absorbent cleaning clothes that replace paper towels

You’re about to save yourself the cost of several rolls of paper towels, while also helping to preserve more trees. This 10-pack of absorbent cleaning cloths are made from a cellulose-cotton blend, becoming soft when wet and gritty enough for scouring grime when dry. Designed to be safe on all surfaces, these washable rags also work for scrubbing or drying dishes, tubs, showers, and more.


The instant fabric and leather repair kit for clothing and accessories

You don’t have to automatically toss that handbag or pair of jeans the minute things go awry and you experience a rip or tear in the fabric. Grab this fabric and leather mending kit —which includes a latex-based adhesive glue and patches — and give those pieces the love and care they deserve. The adhesive is waterproof, dries quickly, and can withstand spins in the washing machine — plus, it lasts you up to 50 repairs.


An RFID-blocking card to protect your credit card info from thieves

Using RFID-blocking protection, this credit card protector is as thin as your other cards, but works security magic by keeping thieves from snatching your personal banking information. One card is all you need — tuck it among your other credit cards and feel more safe when you shop and travel.


These flexible snake drain weasels that get all the gunk out

These flexible drain snakes get all of the hair, debris, and plain old gunk up and out of drains before any of it has a chance to clog your pipes and do real damage. Save money on calling plumbers and use these extra-long snakes, which have 360 degree rotation, to unclog drains in seconds.


This jewelry cleaner that gets silver sparkling again

Keep your most treasured jewelry pieces looking brand new with this silver cleaner, designed for silver-plated jewelry and sterling silver. The cleaner removes tarnish and gives your pieces polish and pizzazz, making them look brand new and saving you a trip to the jeweler for a much more expensive cleaning. Soak jewelry in the solution and use the accompanying basket to retrieve pieces.


A portable espresso machine that fits in your hand

This portable espresso machine is kind of amazing — about the size of a thermos, it brews best with Nespresso pods to make a coffee-shop-quality beverage wherever you are, whether that’s at your desk or in a tent. Operating a bit like a Nespresso or Keurig machine, only a few steps are required: placing the capsule in the outlet head, adding hot water, and pumping the piston to pressurize and extract espresso with a rich layer of crema. “I bring my Nespresso pods to work and some soy milk and bam, I make my soy lattes at work,” one reviewer wrote. “I am saving money from going to the coffee shops.”


A cast iron brush that removes all of that food debris without scratching your pan

Your cast iron pot or pan was a smart investment — and this cast iron brush is the tool you need to protect it so that it lasts a long time. The brush has short, stiff bristles and a scraper that work together to ensure all of that caked-on food debris and grease is safely removed without scratching your precious (and pricey) cookware.


The grout pen that brightens dull tile

Freshen up your bathroom or kitchen in an instant — and for less than $10 — with this tile grout pen. The pen has a thin point that is simple to maneuver in between tile so that your grout looks fresh and clean. The pen comes in three colors: white, cream, or terracotta.


This car polish that takes out scratches and water spots

Tired of driving around in a car that is showing its years or looks a lot older than it is? This car polish and buffer removes paint scratches, water spots, and other signs of wear and tear without forcing you to take time out of your day and money out of your bank account by visiting an auto shop. It's safe on all paint colors and boasts close to 3,000 amazing reviews.


These bento-style lunch boxes with compartments that separate food

Keep fresh salad separate from chicken and keep your chicken from mingling with your dessert. A full and complete lunch is a reality with these bento-style lunch containers, which come five in a pack and feature three compartments in each container. The containers come with tight lids and are made with sturdy borosilicate glass that makes them safe in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher.


These silicone food storage bags that you can wash and reuse

These reusable food storage bags are a total upgrade to the plastic freezer bags you throw out after one use. Made from non-toxic silicone, these containers are designed to keep your lunches, snacks, and leftovers fresh and organized. Plus, they’re safe to use in the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer.


An elegant solution for high heels that dig into grass at parties

Don’t get stuck in the grass, dirt, or cobblestone again. These high heel protectors slide right over heels and feature an elegant, sweet, and wide base that acts as a barrier between pointed heels and the ground. They come in four sizes to ensure they fit all heel styles.


A bag sealer that creates an airtight seal to preserve the freshness of snacks

That last pretzel or chip from your snack bag should be as fresh, crispy, and delicious as the first. This handheld bag sealer is the tool that keeps snacks tasting great when you can’t eat them in one sitting. Simply press and pull the sealer across the top of your bag and it creates an airtight seal — same as the day you bought it at the store. You’ll get two sealers in each pack and they boast magnetic backs so you can store them right on your fridge.


This knife that makes it easier to spread butter

Sliced chunks of cold butter don't spread easily — so grab this special butter knife. It features slotted holes along the blade that curl your butter so that it spreads effortlessly, and it's even made from high-quality stainless steel.


These reusable K Cups for the perfect cup of coffee or tea

So you started making your coffee at home to save money; now here’s a way you could save even a few more bucks. Brew up your favorite coffee or tea with these reusable K Cups. They’re the perfect hack to stop spending money on disposable K Cup coffee pods. Plus, they are so easy to use and clean. “Makes a perfect cup of coffee in my Keurig while saving me money and cutting down on the amount of plastic waste!” one fan raved.


An eyeglass repair kit so that you don't have to go a day without seeing clearly

Eyeglasses fall. They break. And it can take time — and money — to score an optometrist appointment for repairs or brand new frames. Don’t go longer than a few minutes without seeing clearly — this eyeglass repair kit works for both tops and bottom hinges and includes everything you need: four snap-off screws, one screwdriver, and a carrying tube (just in case you break your glasses at work).


The cleaning tablets that remove odors from washing machines

It’s inevitable: your washing machine faces the wrath of dirty clothes and is bound to start smelling after a while — and keeping the washer door open at all times may not be cutting it. These washing machine cleaning tablets dissolve slowly in your wash and remove bacteria that causes all of those nasty odors. They’re safe to use in both front and top loading machines and one tablet used once a month is all that’s needed.


A solution for all of those sweaters you shrunk in the dryer

Dryer mistakes happen — even to seasoned laundry pros. And while you may want to weep when you pull out that sweater or pair of pants that you accidentally shrunk and that now barely fits a newborn, there is a solution to your costly dilemma: this unshrinking formula that works on cashmere, wool, and wool blend clothing. Featured on Shark Tank, the liquid solution gently breaks the protein bonds that cause shrinking and helps restore garments to their original size.


This nourishing hair serum to help promote thick, healthy hair

You may be able to go longer between pricey hair salon appointments and make dry, damaged hair look positively lustrous with the help of this biotin hair serum. The nourishing formula contains a blend of biotin, pro vitamin B5, and other active ingredients to help promote healthy hair growth.


These little fridge inserts that make produce last longer

These adorable blue apples are about to make your produce last two to three times longer. Each freshness ball is filled with organic material that absorbs odor-causing ethylene gas and preserves the freshness of fruits and vegetables. Toss one in your produce drawer, where it will work its magic for three months, and then swap the inside packet with a fresh one to keep up the money-saving benefits.


An easy way to keep your rugs from slipping that's kinder to floors

These adhesive rug grippers are applied to the corners of slippery rugs to keep them perfectly in place — preventing accidents and preserving the quality of your expensive throw rugs. The V-shape grips are made from sticky gel that keep rugs from curling and are safe to use on all floors, including hardwood.


A nontoxic odor-absorbing gel that’s perfect for closets

Make musty-smelling closets and rooms a thing of the past. This odor-absorbing gel, which comes in a 7-ounce jar, neutralizes unwanted smells that make clothing and bed linens smell and feel less fresh. The natural formula works without the use of harsh chemicals — even boasting a Safer Choice label from the EPA. You get a set of three, and each container lasts up to 30 days and can then be refilled.


The botanical-filled booties that give you baby-smooth feet

Slough away dry skin and tough calluses without spending money on weekly pedicures. These foot exfoliation booties are filled with natural botanical extracts that remove dead skin cells, leaving you with super-smooth feet. Wear them for an hour and prepare yourself for a few days of peeling — but the end result is well worth it.


A shoe stretcher that breaks in tight shoes for total comfort

It can take time to break in a new pair of shoes. Hurry the process along and resist the urge to purchase new shoes with the help of this shoe stretcher. The stretcher provides four-way expansion to loosen up tight shoes. The kit also comes with eight bunion plugs and two pad high plugs that make the proper adjustments if you’re dealing with foot discomfort as a result of bunions, corns, or blisters.


These markers that touch up furniture to hide imperfections

Whether you have purchased a gorgeous piece of vintage furniture that could use a major touch-up or you’re just trying to spiffy up an older couch or desk so that you don’t have to replace these expensive items, these furniture markers are the affordable solution. The 12-pack set includes six felt-tip touch-up markers and six cover-up wax crayons. All are offered in various wood shades and are perfect for hiding scratches, discoloration, and other signs of imperfection.


The teeth whitening kit that provides professional-looking results

Professional teeth whitening treatments can cost well over $100. For a fraction of that price, you can use this DIY teeth whitening kit, which boasts more than 5,000 positive reviews from people who are delighted by their brighter smiles. The kit includes teeth whitening gel syringes made up of 35 percent carbamide peroxide, as well as a mouth tray, tray case for storage, and an LED light that speeds up the process.


An easy, mess-free way to whip up cold brew coffee overnight

There’s no reason to complicate your cold brew coffee — simply add coffee to this cold brew coffee maker, allow it to steep overnight, and wake up to a delicious cup. The 2-quart mason jar comes with a stainless steel filter that’s simple to clean and a tight, flip cap lid for portability. You can also use this simplified system to brew tea.


This one-step hair drying brush that adds major volume to roots

Save major amounts of time in the morning with this one-step hair drying brush, which features nylon pin and tufted bristles that detangle and add volume to your roots. The round vented brush provides 1100 watts of power and has three heat/speed settings that work on all hair types. Its ceramic coating also ensures even heating that helps you get styled and get out the door even faster.