39 great products on Amazon that are much cheaper than competitors & work just as well

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There are so many tech, home improvement, and lifestyle products that can enhance your living space, and who isn’t up for that? The downside is many of these items come with a pretty heavy price tag. That’s when I find myself heading to Amazon because I can basically always find deals on products that work just as well and sometimes even better than the item that first caught my eye. I always make sure to check out reviews because they’re a trusted source that lets you know you’re actually getting what you want before you put it in your cart.

You can find a literal treasure trove of popular products on Amazon that meet or surpass their more-expensive competitors. Some of my favorites are color-coded item trackers that rival the efficiency of name brand tags or a portable wireless speaker that looks as good as it sounds without making a serious impact on your bank account. I even found a set of hotel-quality pillows for less than half the price of one from a competing brand.

So get your scroll wheel ready for a trip through some of the items I’m most excited about — all without busting your budget.


This portable Bluetooth speaker with a 30-hour play time

Get your parties started with this portable Bluetooth speaker. It's waterproof, so you can take it to the beach or pool, and a built-in light changes colors to the beat of your playlist. The speaker's 30-hour runtime is ready for weekend fun, and its 66-foot range is ideal for patio get-togethers.


A smartphone stand that's also a speaker

Turn your phone into a compact entertainment center with this phone stand and wireless Bluetooth speaker. A nonslip base keeps it stable on your desk or table. The adjustable tilt angle supports comfortable viewing from any position, and it fits most phones, tablets, and e-readers.


This smart outlet extender that helps automate your home

Make the most of outlet space and eliminate power strips with this wall outlet extender. Sync it to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and you'll be able to control lights and electronics using just your voice or an app.


These smart wall outlets that answer to Alexa without needing a hub

The quickest way to start your smart home is with this set of four smart outlets. You can command them with your voice using Alexa or Google Home or set lights or electronics on a schedule using a smartphone app. The individual outlets are convenient for automating lights or other appliances throughout your home.


A dimmer switch that lets you set lighting schedules

Create custom ambience with this easy-to-install dimmable smart switch. Use your voice to command Amazon Alexa or Google Home to adjust the light settings or use the app to set a lighting schedule. There's no hub required for use, and if you set up more than one in your home you can even create a "group" to adjust more than one light at once.


A set of multi-charging cables for both Apple & Android phones

Toss your separate charging cables in favor of this multi-charging cable that works with both Apple and Android phones. Four connections offer universal compatibility with most devices for a reliable fit. A braided cord also makes it more durable, and as one reviewer said, this cable "makes life easier."


This charging station for up to 5 devices

Charge all your devices in one simple spot with this wired charging station. Five ports and dividers provide a place for your tablets and phones. And the super-fast cables get your devices up and running up to 80 times faster than standard charging cables. Plus, this station is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.


This stylus that works on iPads and tablets for just $30

If you’ve ever contemplated splurging on a brand-name stylus for your tablet, you should consider this one first. This highly sensitive stylus has tilt detection that simulates the strokes you’d make with an actual pen, and comes with three replacement pen tips. One reviewer says, “Best accessory for my iPad. Excellent material and build quality, great functionality and amazing price.”


A compact indoor mini security camera with night vision

Home security systems can get expensive, unless you have this compact indoor camera. It's a 1080p camera for ultra-clear visuals and it has built-in night vision. Use the two-way audio to interact with pets or the babysitter. With over 80,000 five-star ratings, this one needs to be in your cart.


This Bluetooth adapter that upgrades your car

Want to take your tunes on the road, but your car's not Bluetooth compatible? This simple little adapter turns your vehicle's 3.5 aux adapter into a Bluetooth receiver. It's plug-and-play, so there are no confusing setup instructions. You can even make and take calls using your car's speakers. And its 16-hour battery life can handle lengthy road trips.


This vertical mouse that helps eliminate wrist strain

Computer work doesn't have to be painful when you've got this wireless vertical mouse in hand. The ergonomic "handshake" position keeps your wrist aligned to help reduce strain as you scroll, and the wireless design keeps cables from getting in the way. And it's compatible with both Mac and PC computers or laptops.


This WiFi extender that helps end dead spots

Plug in this WiFi extender for an easy way to eliminate dead spots in your home network. Each unit expands coverage by up to 1,200 feet and can handle up to 20 devices without lagging behind. A smart indicator light lets you know where the extender will work best, and you can also connect wired devices with the built-in Ethernet port.


This multi-port USB splitter with 7 ports for computer accessories

Connect all your computer accessories to this slim multiport USB splitter to free up the ports on your laptop or desktop. One end connects to your computer, while the other features seven USB ports for printers, your mouse, headphones, and more. Convenient switches let you cut connections to ports you aren't using.


A color-coded item tracker that helps you find your keys

If you frequently find yourself wasting precious time looking for your keys or the remote, reclaim your time with this wireless item locator. It sets up in seconds and is simple to operate. Four included tags work with your keyring or even pet collars to help you find what's missing. A 131-foot range and loud, clear beep provide clear assistance.


A fitness tracker with smart capabilities for under $40

If you want to track fitness levels and monitor calls on your wrist, it can be a lot less expensive than you think. This fitness tracker smart watch boasts all the features of more expensive brands without busting your budget. Sleep monitoring? It has it. Heart rate tracking? It's also in there. This smartwatch even lets you see incoming calls and messages — all in a sleek, wearable design that comes in seven colors.


A pack of 2 portable chargers to help keep your phone powered

Charge up your devices when you're on the go with this set of two dual USB portable chargers. A whopping 10,000mAh charges your phone up to three times — depending on the model — with two USB ports that detect your phone's needs. The slim profile slides easily into your bag, so you're never left without a convenient charging source.


This pocket fan with a built-in flashlight & charging port

Beat the heat, light your way, and charge your phone all with this little handheld fan. You wouldn't think a portable fan would have thousands of five-star reviews, but this one does. Two speeds customize your cooling, and a battery life of up to 21 hours means you'll never be left stranded or sweaty. Choose from brown, pink, or white.


A compact essential oil diffuser with 7 light colors

Aromatherapy is pretty popular, and this compact essential oil diffuser lets you enjoy it without busting your budget. Set it to intermittent mist for bright bursts of scent or choose continuous mist for all-day enhancement. It shuts off automatically when the water runs out for safe, effortless use. Set it to one of seven light colors for a mood-soothing glow.


These fairy string lights you can control with your voice

Bring the sparkle of fairy lights to your home with this WiFi-enabled RGB light string. Boasting over 16 million colors, this versatile string is perfect for holiday or party decorating. Control is as easy as using the included remote or a syncing it to a convenient smartphone app. This 32.8-foot string is rated for indoor and outdoor use to illuminate hallways, railings, or even your patio.


This unique power strip that makes the most of your space

Save space when you need a little extra power with this compact power strip. The cube profile has three AC outlets and three USB ports, letting you charge devices and plug in electronics. Stash this one in your backpack or carry-on for your next trip.


A wireless charger for iPhone & Android devices

This slim wireless charging pad is a truly unobtrusive way to power up your phone. It sits easily on your nightstand or desk. No charging cables are needed, and the device works with Qi-enabled phones and earbud cases. Better yet, it features a rubber ring to hold your case in place. Pick from three accent colors.


These solar pathway lights for your driveway or patio

I love the look of illuminated pathways, and this set of solar garden lights delivers without needing to be wired in. Setup is simple — set the switch to "on" and push the stake into your lawn or flowerbed. The lights are weatherproof against rain and snow, and they emit a welcoming glow.


A magnetic iPhone charger that mounts on car vents

This magnetic car charger quickly charges your phone while you drive. It mounts easily on car vents — perfect for GPS — enabling hands-free use and supports both horizontal and vertical phone orientation. You get a full charge in just a few hours. As one reviewer says, "I really like this item. It works great. I travel for work and this charges my iPhone pro max while using the GPS.”


This 3-way dimmable lamp that charges your phone while you sleep

Add a contemporary touch to your nightstand with this bedside lamp that also charges your phone. It turns on with a tap, delivering warm lighting to illuminate your space. A thoughtful USB port in the base lets you charge a phone or tablet overnight. You also get four shade options to choose from.


A set of down alternative pillows that bring hotel quality home

There's nothing more comfortable than the pillows you find at high-end hotels, and these hypoallergenic down alternative pillows mimic that feeling without having to book a night. The super-plush down alternative cradles your head for a comfortable night's sleep. This set of two is available in standard, queen, and king sizes.


An electric kettle with an insulated stainless steel interior

This electric kettle comes with its own hotplate, letting you boil water without turning on the stove in just three to eight minutes. The cordless setup is ideal for hotel rooms and dorms, and the vintage blue hue adds a retro touch. And the kettle's insulated stainless steel interior helps hold the hot water's temperature.


This outlet shelf that's ideal for portable speakers

Looking for a place to put your new Echo Dot that isn't in the way? Look no further than this ingenious outlet shelf. It works just like a standard outlet cover, screwing into place, but features a handy shelf that can hold up to 10 pounds. A built-in cable management system completes the sleek look.


This mosquito repellent balm that doesn't contain DEET

Prep for your camping trip or a day outdoors with this natural mosquito repellent balm. Plant-based oils in the formula provide an effective barrier to biting insects that's gentle on your skin. It's 100% DEET-free and not annoyingly greasy. And the small tin fits in easily with your gear.


A battery-powered camping lantern with 4 light modes

Get ready for the next power outage before the lights go out with this portable LED lantern. Four modes — including emergency flashing — let you tailor the illumination to meet the setting. You can even hang it in a tent using the built-in hook. Nearly 12,000 reviewers give it five stars.


This wall-mount toothbrush holder that's also a toothpaste dispenser

Keeping bathroom countertops clean is my mission in life, and this multifunction toothbrush holder helps in that quest. An automatic dispenser delivers your toothpaste while a built-in cupholder eliminates paper waste. That's not all. This space-saving setup features a small drawer for floss and other items. How thoughtful.


A dutch oven that’s great for your bread-making endeavors

It’s no secret that the most status-worthy dutch ovens can cost you well into the hundreds of dollars, but this cast iron dutch oven from Lodge does the job just as well, at a way cheaper price. It comes in a wide range of sizes and colors, so you can find the perfect one for your recipes and kitchen. And, did I mention that it has 27,000 Amazon reviews and counting, and a glowing 4.8-star overall rating?


These $30 wireless earbuds that come in a charging case

I've long wanted a set of wireless earbuds, but I didn't think I could swing it until I found these budget-friendly wireless earbuds. The sweatproof construction is ready for the gym, and reviewers can't stop talking about the amazing battery life. These little gems basically provide the same options as more expensive brands at a way cheaper price.


A personal safety alarm that comes with a keychain

Walk your dog or head to the parking lot safely with this personal safety alarm in hand. Operation is as simple as pulling out the pin — eliminating the accidental engagement that can happen with push-button brands. An included keyring attaches to your bag or keychain. And it's available in five colors.


A double-sided cooling blanket that's ideal for warm nights

It's easy to stay cool on warm summer nights with this lightweight cooling blanket. Both sides are made with icy-jade cooling fiber to keep you comfortable, and the machine-washable construction is easy to maintain with a laundry bag. Choose from emerald green, gray, or navy blue.


This sleep mask that feature built-in wireless headphones

Block out bothersome light and sound for a more restful nap or night with this sleep mask. Contoured eye pads support comfortable wear without pressing down on your face. Use the noise-canceling, built-in Bluetooth headphones to listen to your playlist or a podcast.


These vanity bulbs that stick directly to your mirror

Pick up these vanity lights to transform your bathroom mirror into a salon-worthy setup. They're powered by USB and feature adjustable light levels and colors. Installation is super easy with double-sided sticky tape.


This cold brew coffee maker that makes 4 servings at a time

Make your own cold brew at home just the way you like it with this deluxe cold brew coffee maker. The fine mesh filter ensures a grounds-free sip, and a 1-quart capacity makes up to four servings. This innovative brewer is made from BPA-free plastic, and a nonslip handle keeps it safely in hand when pouring.


A multifunction black light flashlight for identifying stains & currency

Use this UV black light flashlight to handle a range of tasks. It'll immediately show pet stains for easy removal and food stains on your clothing, so you can treat them before the wash. This handy tool even authenticates cash, identifies mercury glass, and, curiously, finds scorpions in the dark.


A compact keyboard vacuum that removes dust & crumbs

It's okay to snack at your desk when you have this mini keyboard vacuum on hand. The versatile design works to remove dust and crumbs from between your keys. You can even use it to clean up crafting glitter or other small messes. A small footprint and two color options offer easy workspace setup.

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