43 pet products under $25 Amazon reviewers are obsessed with

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

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Our pets do so much for us: Not only are they our best friends and constant companions, but they keep our feet warm at night and even try to help us while we work (even if they don't know that lying on our computers isn't actually helping). Seriously, I don't know what I would do without my four-legged companions, and I know many of you feel the same, so go ahead and show them how you feel with these pet products on Amazon that reviewers are obsessed with — all of which happen to be under $25.

We pet parents are always looking to keep our companions busy when we're away from home, and you'll find plenty of ways to do just that, like these little catnip animals that'll delight your kitty, or this snuffle feeding mat that gives your pup a challenge at mealtime. You'll find things for small animals, too — check out these playtime balls that your chinchilla, rabbit, or ferret will love to chew on while rolling them around the crate

When your furry friend is finally ready to chill out, they'll love this fluffy bed with raised sides to help them feel securely tucked away. At these prices, you can afford to indulge the one who indulges you with their affection all the time. Go ahead, check out these fun pet products that are reviewer-approved.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


The paw balm that protects & soothes

Formulated with a blend of organic oils, shea butter, and rosemary seed extract, this salve protects your pup's paws from snow, ice, and salt in the winter, and baking hot pavement and sand when the weather heats up. This balm not only soothes chafing and cracking, but shields delicate pads from further damage.


A comb to keep shedding under control

If shedding is a thing in your home, try this fur comb that's earned a stellar 4.7-star overall rating after 5,000 reviews. It has a fur-catching band that removes loose hair so that it doesn't end up on your clothing, furniture, or floor, and the rounded tips massage your pet's skin without scratching it.


This feeding mat that engages the natural foraging instinct

Keep your dog engaged at feeding time with this snuffle mat that encourages natural foraging skills. The nonslip mat has fake grass and multiple pockets for hiding kibble, which challenges your dog to a small game of hide-and-seek. It's ideal for pups that eat too fast or those that need to get out a little extra energy.


The pet bed that enhances feelings of security

This donut-shaped pet bed has raised sides which help your dog or cat feel safe and secure while they get some zzz's. The soft-as-a-cloud pouf can be machine-washed and dried, and the non-skid bottom keeps it in place. Choose from multiple colors and sizes.

  • Available sizes: 4


A purring pillow for your cat to cuddle with

This purring pillow gives your cat something to cuddle with when you're not handy. Great for cats who get stressed when they're alone, the toy purrs for two minutes after your kitty makes contact with it. The soft, cuddly shell of this toy is machine-washable — just remove the purring mechanism first.


This puzzle toy that makes genius dogs think

Kick your pup's boredom to the curb with this puzzle toy that challenges them to slide blocks and nuzzle open lids in order to reach treats. With a 4.4-star overall rating after 49,000 reviews, it's a great way to bond with your dog and prevent unwanted behaviors. Plus, it comes in four difficulty levels, so you can continue to challenge your dog as they get smarter.


These rolling chew toys that are ideal for playful small animals

Perfect for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas, these balls can be rolled around a cage to help alleviate boredom while giving your pet something to chew on. Crafted from natural materials including sea grass, water hyacinth, and rattan, they're an earth-friendly alternative to plastic, and the fibers will help keep your pet's teeth trimmed.


A tug-of-war toy that stretches to twice its length

For the dog that loves a good game of tug-of-war, this toy will be a huge hit. The flexible S-shaped toy stretches to two times its length, giving both you and your pup a big challenge. Also great for fetch, the durable toy is latex-free, recyclable, and top rack dishwasher-safe.


This foraging mat that's a brain teaser for small animals

This foraging mat works to keep your rabbit or other small animal mentally challenged by providing places for you to hide pellets, herbs, and other treats for them to find. The machine-washable mat is a great way to slow down fast eaters, stave off boredom, and give your pet a good bit of stimulation and entertainment.


This hammock that's any cat's idea of heaven

Surely this hammock that attaches to a window is what comes to mind when a cat dreams of an ideal bed. Not only can they luxuriate in the sun, but they can keep an eye on the birds outside. The sturdy steel cables and giant suction cups guarantee a secure attachment that can hold up to 40 pounds, and the fleece lining is soft and cozy.


These "mice" that let your cat hunt for food

Give your cat a way to mimic their instinctive behavior with these mice-shaped feeding toys that can be filled with food or catnip. Each toy is made with burlap that catches on claws, as well as feathers and crinkly ears that kitties will love. To retrieve the treats, your cat will have to bat the toys around until they're released from the hollow balls.


The cat toy that is sure to be a hit

This laser toy will keep your cat’s hunting instinct on full alert and — with a beam that has a safe max power output — won’t damage anyone’s eyes. The laser moves randomly around the floor, giving your kitty a lively prey to chase. And you can set it and forget it — for 15 minutes. Because it shuts off after that long to prevent overstimulation. It runs on batteries.


The allergy & immune chews that support overall well-being

Boost your pup's immune system, ease allergy-related itching, and promote healthy digestion with this supplement. Made with nourishing ingredients like probiotics, wild Alaskan salmon oil, and licorice extract, the tasty chews can also boost joint and heart function while helping to improve the luster of your dog's coat.


A waterless shampoo for cats who loathe baths

Let's face it: Bathing a cat is not exactly an enjoyable experience, but this waterless shampoo actually makes the whole process a breeze. The foamy formula doesn't require water, and the dispensing pump is quiet so as not to alarm your kitty. Simply massage the mildly scented, pH-balanced mousse into fur, then dry off with a towel.


The food bowl that slows down fast eaters

With its unique interior pattern, this slow feeder bowl is designed to help regulate dogs who scarf their food down — which can cause bloating and other uncomfortable digestive conditions. Available in a range of designs and sizes, it holds up to 2 cups of food and has a nonslip base that keeps it securely on your floor, no matter how excited your pup gets.


This plush dog blanket with personalized flair

Made from plush microfiber, this blanket can be customized with your dog's name and your choice of paw prints or dog bones. The silky soft material makes it a great addition to a crate or dog bed, or — let's face it — your own bed, since they're guaranteed to hop up at some point. It's available in three sizes and your choice of gray or beige


These treats that help you train your dog

When you have a dog who's food-motivated, you can get them to do just about anything as long as there's a treat on hand. These treats come in two sizes and a range of flavors, and are ideal for teaching tricks or just training them to have good manners. Featuring a blend of botanical ingredients, they're moist and have a rich, meaty taste that dogs love.


These dog chews that are eco-friendly

Made from organic yak milk these chew sticks are an alternative to plastic that'll provide hours of chewing enjoyment. Suitable for breeds of all sizes, they're lactose- and preservative-free, making them perfect for pooches with sensitive stomachs. They're highly rated, and one reviewer reported each treat provides eight to 10 hours of chewing entertainment.


A pack of bandanas for the well-dressed dog

Make sure your pup is turned out in a stylish look with these super cute bandanas that come in a pack of four, so you can change up their outfit on the regular. Made from sturdy polyester, the double-layered bandanas are sewn in a curved design to better fit your pooch's neck. They're available in several color selections and two sizes.


The calming supplement for skittish dogs

These calming chews can help keep your dog feeling tranquil, whether they're facing a thunderstorm, fireworks, or a trip to the vet. The chews are formulated with soothing ingredients that promote feelings of restfulness, like chamomile, melatonin, and passion flower. For a little extra calming power, you can opt for a version that also includes hemp.


This fountain that satisfies your cat's desire for running water

Does your cat love to drink from your faucets? Satisfy their innate desire for fresh water with this water fountain. Available in four colors, the bubbling fountain is BPA-free and boasts whisper-quiet operation. Plus, it features a filtration system to ensure that the water is always clean and ready for lapping up.


These all-natural treats for the gourmet pupper

Made from all-natural ingredients you'd find in your own kitchen, like oatmeal, cheese, herbs, and meats, these treats are a high-quality hors d'oeuvre for man's (and woman's) best friend. Available in three flavors, they're completely filler- and preservative-free, and each bite-sized nugget provides lots of delicious flavor for your foodie pet.


A slicker to keep your dog dry when it rains

If your pooch is picky about going out in the rain, pick up this slicker to keep them dry and protected from the elements. It's designed to insulate your dog from both wind and water, and it features reflective safety stripes for extra visibility when it's dark or overcast. It's available in five sizes and five colors.


These hoodies that help dogs & cats beat the chill

Warm up your pup or kitty on chilly days with these hoodies that have a distinctly athleisure vibe. The pullover sweatshirts are lined in soft and cozy fleece, and the hoods help keep ears warm. Each pack comes with six cotton-blend sweatshirts, and they're available in three sizes, so there's sure to be one that fits your furry friend.


The bath brush that massages your pup

Get more lather while you're washing your dog with this shampoo brush that's outfitted with lots of flexible rubber bristles. Those bristles also give your pup a relaxing massage — which makes bath time more enjoyable for your pup — while stimulating skin and hair follicles for a shiny coat. You can also use this brush when dry to remove excess hair and cut down on shedding.


A plush toy to stimulate your dog's curiosity & intelligence

This puzzle set includes a plush log with squeaky squirrel toys that can be hidden inside, and it's a great way to give your pet a challenge when you're away from home. Simply stuff the squirrels into the log, and your dog will spend lots of energy to recover them. For an extra reward, you can use the squirrels for a game of fetch.


The dog mug for on-the-go hydration

Make sure your ride-or-die stays hydrated on your next hike or road trip with this dog water bottle. It's topped with a screw-on lid that doubles as a bowl — squeeze the bottle to fill the bowl with water, and your pup can lap it right up. The BPA-free bottle is easy to operate with one hand and features a leakproof valve to prevent spills.


These collapsible pet bowls that pack nearly flat

Ideal for traveling with your BFF (best furry friend), these bowls collapse flat, so you can pack them in a duffel or hang them from your backpack with the included carabiners. They're made from sturdy silicone, and each set comes with two bowls: one for food and one for water.


A cover that keeps your car free of fur & scratches

This car seat cover offers two durable layers of protection to keep your leather or upholstery free from fur, mud, moisture, and scratches. Made from sturdy waterproof material, it anchors to all four headrests for full back seat coverage. Now you can finally ask, "Who wants to go for a ride?" without worrying about your car interior getting ruined by the time you get back.


A sling carrier for small pets

Perfect for small, lightweight animals, this reversible sling carrier lets you bring your little dog — or agreeable cat — with you even when their little legs can’t keep up. When your pet starts to flag and refuses to keep walking, sweep them into this 20-inch wide sling with a security clasp to keep them from jumping out. You can easily hold up to 12 pounds of tired fur baby because the weight is distributed and the breathable fabric is easy to clean. It comes in five colors and patterns.


This easy way to keep track of mealtimes

Mount this gadget to the wall or fridge, and there'll never be any question as to whether or not your dog has been fed. Perfect for those who live with multiple people (or those of us who are just absentminded), it comes with adhesive strips and magnets, so you can place it just about anywhere.


A peanut butter that's made for dogs

With just four ingredients — peanuts, pumpkin, cinnamon, and honey — this peanut butter is much better for your dog than the grocery store version you may have been feeding them (but they'll love it just as much). This natural treat is the perfect topper for licking mats, and it's also ideal for hiding medicine, but of course — you can also give it to them on a spoon just because.


The stain & odor eliminator reviewers swear by

When you're looking to get unpleasant stains and pet odors out of fabrics and hard surfaces, this spray will do the trick — and it's earned 47,000 perfect five-star ratings. It's formulated with enzymes that actually dissolve the bacteria, and it's safe to use on clothes as well as carpets, upholstery, concrete, tile, laminate, and hardwood.


A puzzle toy for rabbits & other small animals

Designed specifically for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and hamsters, this puzzle toy features lids that your pet will lift by their knobs in order to get to the treats hidden in the small compartments underneath. Rabbit parents rave at how excited their bunnies get when they trot out this toy that offers species-appropriate exercise and stimulation.


This engaging pet toy you can load with a tasty treat

With lots of different textures and durable chew options, this chew toy will keep your dog engaged and focused on it — rather than other more destructive options they might find around the house. It is certain to be your dog’s favorite chew object because you can load it with chew rings that smell and taste great but are difficult to get to. It will keep a high-energy dog busy for a long time.


The ball blaster that upgrades your fetch game

Forget using just your arm — this blaster launches your ball super far to give your canine fetch connoisseur some next-level enjoyment. It's range-adjustable (depending on how far back you pull the trigger) and has space to hold up to two balls. Once your pup brings the ball back, you can easily pick it up by placing the barrel over the ball and pushing down.


The scratching posts that look like mushrooms

Designed to look like a couple of mushrooms on a patch of grass, this scratching post is crafted from natural sisal and will give your cat's claws just the workout they need. It features a faux grass base and is available in three color options to blend in with your decor. The easy assembly makes it a breeze to put together, and if you add some catnip, your kitty will take to it in no time.


The chewing stick your bird will love

Keep your bird entertained for hours with this multi-level chew stick made from natural wood that's safe for beaks. The individual sticks are hung from sturdy metal wire, and to make things even more fun, they spin around as your parakeet, parrot, or budgie goes after them.


A squeaker toy that floats

If you have a dog that loves the water, check out this squeaker toy that floats. Perfect for games of fetch (and more enjoyable bath times), it's durable, lightweight, and available in three versions: a walrus, shark, and turtle.


The fleece blankets that will be your pet's new best friends

Crafted from soft microfiber fleece, this blanket will be so soothing for your furry friends, whether they're looking to get warm or just need a cuddle. Available in two sizes, they're great for crates or for their favorite spot on the sofa or your bed. The two-pack means you can keep one in your car and one in your house.


This bike basket that lets you take small animals along for the ride

Attach this basket to your bike, and you can take your small animals along when you go riding. Available in a variety of different designs, it mounts easily to your handlebars and folds for storage when not in use. Made with a strong metal frame and Oxford cloth, it's waterproof and durable.


A sling for your fur baby

With a padded shoulder strap that's adjustable for comfort, this sling carrier makes toting your pet around town fun and convenient. Available in six colors and two sizes, it has a safety hook that clips to your pet's collar and a button closure to snuggle your pet right up next to you.


The brushes that let your cat groom itself

Lazy pet owners, rejoice: These wall-mounted groomers allow your cat to brush itself, which means you can concentrate on more important things (like cuddling). The two groomers mount to the corner of any wall, and can be filled with catnip to attract your kitty — although once they feel the flexible bristles, they'll be coming back for more.

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