Amanda Bynes is back on the ’gram and exposing misogynistic behavior in Hollywood

A week ahead of her day in court to potentially end her conservatorship, she admits that a director once told her she “looked like a monster.”

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Another day, another woman exposing the toxic traits of men. This time it’s Amanda Bynes of early aughts Nickelodeon fame, posting a cheeky dig at a director who hopefully saw it and is shaking in his Billy Reid boots. Bynes posted a short selfie video to Instagram, featuring her with stark contrasting blonde and black ombre hair, a heart tattooed on her cheek, and a septum ring. The caption read: “The reason I don’t usually look great in paparazzi pictures is because I’m squinting in the sun. The videos and pictures I post are in a flattering light, or in the shade outside, without the sun blasting on my face. I once did a movie where the director told me that in certain lights, I looked like a monster 😂.”

The video appears to be older — in the last week since Bynes’ Instagram has been revived, she has posted pictures of her new all-black hair and updates on the tattoo removal process that is slowly fading the heart, which is more visible in the aforementioned selfie video. That doesn’t change the message of the post though, which while casual, speaks to the nasty way women in Hollywood are treated. Not only do women in entertainment (and everywhere) have to live up to absurdly different physical standards from men, they’re also not supposed to age. It’s enough to make anyone lose it — so for a director to tell a woman she “looks like a monster” in a certain light is nothing short of misogynistic bullshit.

Bynes is currently about to have her day in court on March 22 to end her nearly nine-year conservatorship. Page Six reported on February 25 that the almost 36-year-old had filed her petition with the Ventura County Superior Court. Her mother, Lynn Bynes, became her conservator in 2013 after a series of startling public and private outbursts, including reportedly setting a fire outside of a stranger’s Thousand Oaks home, led to Amanda being hospitalized involuntarily in a psychiatric facility. After a second 5150 hold, Bynes admitted to struggling with substance abuse and mental health problems.

In the time since though, she has reportedly been dedicated to her sobriety and is doing much better. Her attorney, David A. Esquibias, said, “She believes her condition is improved and protection of the court is no longer necessary.” Her parents are also supportive, with their attorney Tamar Arminak telling NBC News, “The professionals say she is ready to make her own life choices and decisions and are so proud of her. They 100 percent support her decision to end the conservatorship.” The news comes just months after Britney Spears, a fellow child star who experienced what sounds like similar traumas, was freed from her 13-year conservatorship in a high-profile legal battle.