We're about to get a teen romcom starring a Black trans girl

Billy Porter's directorial debut, 'Anything's Possible' is making history.

Courtesy of Orion Pictures

The first trailer has dropped for Billy Porter’s Anything’s Possible, and it looks historic. The upcoming romantic comedy and Porter’s directorial debut will center on Kelsa, a Black trans girl (newcomer Eva Reign), as she navigates high school and her first boyfriend.

The coming-of-age tale marks a major breakthrough as a major film centering a trans person as a romantic lead. Tracking the genre tropes of a teen romcom, the film will largely evade the traumatic plot lines that tend to be associated with stories focusing on queer and trans characters (though the trailer indicates Kelsa’s trans identity does inform her struggles in school). Instead, Kelsa’s world centers mostly on the whirlwind of young love and tested friendships.

“This is an aspirational story. It’s almost like a fairytale,” Porter, who is most known for his Emmy Award-winning role in the series Pose, told Variety. “We know that. It’s a look at what we can be. That’s what we as artists get to do — look at what we can be and what we should be.”

Anything’s Possible will premiere on Amazon Prime on July 22.