The 'Bob's Burgers' movie is out for delivery

The long-delayed film based on the beloved animated sitcom has released its first trailer.


After two years of waiting, your order is ready — that is, if you’re a fan of Bob’s Burgers and have been waiting with bated breath for its long-anticipated feature film. The beloved animated sitcom has been reported to have a movie in the pipeline for some time, only to have been persistently delayed by the pandemic, but the new and first trailer promises the film will arrive on May 27, and only in theaters no less.

As with the show, which has now been running for 12 seasons and counting, the trailer focuses on yet another obstacle to the Belcher family’s humble hamburger shop: a sinkhole has formed in front of the restaurant, jeopardizing their hopes for a lucrative summer. As Bob and Linda struggle to fix the situation — for one of the most consistently feel-good shows on television, it also spends an inordinate amount of time mired in the anxiety of Bob and Linda struggling to keep the family out of poverty — the three Belcher children embark on an adventure to find their own way to save the restaurant.

The delayed release appears sensible from this early look, as the movie has been gussied up with a a cinematic feel — shadows! aspect ratios with black bars! — that looks built for the big screen. But the movie couldn’t come sooner. After an ongoing pandemic and a never-ending cycle of catastrophe, the warmth of Bob’s Burgers and its lovably quirky family is more comforting than ever — it’s one of the few shows that refuses to ever devolve into cynicism or snarkiness (qualities, ironically, that are inherent to most animated shows) while also never being overly smarmy. Let’s just hope the voice of Jimmy Pesto doesn’t make too much of an appearance.