44 cheap ways to make your home seem so much more expensive

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Everyone knows the basics for outfitting a home: A bed, a couch, a dresser, you get the picture. But what really makes a house a home are the things that make it your own, like what color comforter you put on said bed, the art you hang on the walls, and the houseplants on your windowsill. The possibilities are endless for how you can decorate and fill out the corners of your home, which is both exciting and overwhelming.

Your approach to home decor is likely informed by the desired look you’re going for. And if you’re here, you’re probably looking to elevate the overall effect and make it look like you spent far more money than you actually did. If that’s the case, then these 46 cheap ways to make your home look more expensive than it is will be right up your alley. There are tons of directions you can go, from investing in cloth napkins instead of using paper towels at every meal, to adding a bamboo bathtub tray to hold your wine and phone while you soak. No matter what your style is, you can give your home some major upgrades without making a major dent in your bank account – and all you have to do is keep reading.


These Peel & Stick Subway Tiles To Makeover Your Backsplash

These vinyl peel-and-stick subway tiles will instantly revamp your kitchen without the time or labor of installing backsplash tile. They look like the real deal with strong adhesive to keep them adhered to the wall. With two to three times the thickness of ordinary peel-and-stick sheets, these easy-to-install ones are durable, waterproof, and heat-resistant.


These Wall Sconces That Only Look Expensive — & Are Easy To Install

Indoors or out, these gooseneck wall sconces will add some farmhouse or industrial flair to your home. It’s hard to believe you get two for less than $50. They’re made from a rubbed bronze that’s built to last and look rustic chic for years. Everything you need to install is included, and it takes just a few minutes — no need to call in the pros.


This Decanter Helps You Unlock New Flavors In Your Favorite Wines

Nothing will make you look fancy quite like this wine decanter carafe. By pouring your wine into the carafe before serving and allowing it to breathe, you’ll unlock its full flavor and aroma profile. Plus, the slanted design of the carafe makes pouring easier — not to mention, it looks way more bougie than just pouring out of the bottle.


An Attractive Ceramic Planter & Wooden Stand Set For Indoor Houseplants

Embrace your inner gardener with this glazed ceramic planter and wood stand. The 6.5-inch planter is suitable for most indoor houseplants and comes with a drainage hole and cover already built in for optimal watering conditions. The wooden stand assembles in just a few seconds and can support over 160 pounds in weight.


These Contemporary House Numbers To Give Your Address An Upgrade

Make your house easy to spot with these black upgraded floating house numbers. Their modern style helps them stand out, especially against lighter colors. Affix them to the outside of your wood, block, brick, or concrete house with the included hardware, which will guide you through the process easily. All you need is a drill.


This Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser Deposits The Perfect Amount Of Toothpaste Every Time

Your morning routine just got a little simpler — and a lot more high tech — with the addition of this wall-mounted toothpaste dispenser. Perfect for multi-person households, this automatic dispenser gives you the perfect amount of toothpaste every single time. The hands-free dispenser is great for kids who might otherwise make a mess out of a tube of toothpaste, and there are no drills or tools required to install it: Just adhere the non-marking adhesive strip to your wall or mirror, and slide your favorite toothpaste into the top hole.


A Stylish Essential Oil Diffuser For An Aromatherapeutic Effect In Your Home

The benefits of aromatherapy are numerous. You can get in on it with this ceramic essential oil diffuser, which has a sleek, modern look to blend in with your home decor. It lasts three to five hours and has an auto-off function when water runs out. Just add water and a few drops of your favorite oils, and you’ll have hours of relaxation, calm, focus, or whatever mood you desire.


These Smart Outlets Offer Hands-Free Control Of All Your Home Electronics

Outfit your home with these smart home outlets to make you look like the tech savvy genius you are. Once installed, they connect to your Alexa or Google Home device and can help you control your electronics with just your voice. You can even set timers and schedules to help the lights turn on, dim, change color, or turn off at specific times.


These Cloth Napkins For More Than Just Dinner Parties

One small change you can make is the switch from paper to these cloth napkins; not only will you look fancier, but you’ll help reduce waste too. The 12-pack is more than enough for everyday use, and perfect for hosting too. They’re made from a linen and cotton blend and come in 22 colors.


This Low-Maintenance But High-Pressure Shower Head Will Change Your Morning Routine For The Better

This high-pressure rain shower head will make all the difference in your everyday routine. Not only is it likely an upgrade from your current shower head, you’ll feel the difference from the monsoon water flow when you’re getting ready for the day or unwinding before bed. Choose from a chrome, gold, matte black, nickel, or polished brass finish — all will install within a few minutes.


A Pair Of Velvet Throw Pillow Covers That Will Make Your Sofa Pop

Your couch deserves a makeover, and these velvet decorative throw pillow covers are up to the task. Available in 37 bold shades, these pillow covers slide over your existing throw pillows to give them a new look instantly. They’re soft, plush, and luxurious, so you and your guests will want to snuggle up with them constantly.


These Plush Hand Towels That Are Oversized & Super Soft

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t make your bathroom at home feel like a luxury hotel, and with these Egyptian cotton hand towels, you’re well on your way. Slightly oversized, super plush and highly absorbent, these hand towels come in 13 colors. One reviewer called them “the best quality towels I have owned in 40 years.”


This Marble Contact Paper Is Perfect For Redecorating Your Furniture

Give your furniture or walls a new look with this glossy marble contact paper. Perfect for covering walls, counters, furniture, or even floors, this contact paper installs just as easily as it removes. Even if you can’t afford marble, you’ll want to go for this classic look that makes your home look elegant.


This Teak Wood Cutting Board For Stylish Chopping Or Serving

Slicing veggies and meats can get messy fast, so prevent spills by chopping on this natural teak wood cutting board. Not only does the layered teak wood design make this cutting board look way more expensive than it is, it has a groove around the edge to catch excess juices. This makes a great gift for housewarming or for meat lovers because of the timeless look and high quality.


This Durable Half Shell Doormat That Looks Like It Walked Right Out Of The Great Gatsby

This art deco-inspired doormat will set the tone for your home for all who enter. The strong coconut husk bristles wipe away dirt and other debris, and it’s easy to clean just by sweeping or vacuuming the surface. There’s a non-slip rubber backing to keep it in place on rainy or icy days.


This Bamboo Bathtub Tray Has All The Space You Could Want For Your Phone, Book & More

There’s room for every bathtub accessory you could possibly need in this adjustable bamboo bathtub tray. It expands from 29.5 to 43 inches to fit across most tubs and has designated slots for a wine glass, a smartphone, a book or tablet, and a spa tray for your favorite candle or bath products. The water resistant bamboo wipes down easily when you’re done, and it comes with a detachable, waterproof book or tablet cover.


A Marble Spice Jar That Makes Seasoning Your Food Look Elegant

Putting this marble salt cellar on your dining room table looks so much more sophisticated than any old spice jar. The black marble has naturally non-stick properties and makes the perfect vessel for any spices or herbs you like. As one reviewer pointed out, it also protects against bugs, pests, and moisture that can more easily penetrate other types of packaging.


A 2-In-1 Pour Over Coffee Maker & Carafe

Making a fresh cup of high-quality coffee is as easy in this stylish pour over coffee maker. Simply pour your grounds of choice into the laser cut, double mesh filter, add hot water, and give it time. The borosilicate glass material is resistant to thermal shock and has a heat-resistant collar to protect your hands while pouring. It looks great while sitting on a countertop or table, and the stainless steel filter is conveniently reusable.


These Textured Curtains Look Elegant & Block Out Some Light

This set of medium weight, room-darkening curtains will not only help with privacy, but with light control in any room. They block out about 60% of light to reduce glare on your TV or help with sleep, and they’re also thermal insulated to assist with energy efficiency. And the linen-like texture of the panels adds an elegant touch to any room. With over 6,000 five-star ratings, one reviewer wrote: “These curtains are beautiful, very elegant and a great value.”


A Pair Of Hand-Blown Crystal Glasses For Stepping Up Wine Nights

Try drinking red wine out of these hand-blown crystal burgundy wine glasses, and taste the difference in your favorite vino. The restaurant-quality glasses are clear and ultra thin, so make sure to hand wash to keep their shine and shape intact. The specialized shape will also help you unlock new flavors and scents from big red wines, bringing a whole new dimension to your dinners.


This Bluetooth Speaker Is Small But Mighty & Delivers High-Quality Sound

Take quality sound wherever you go with this portable Bluetooth speaker. It offers 12W of audio power, which means you’ll hear pounding bass with zero distortion, even at the highest volume. It’s outdoor-proof to protect against weather and spills, and the battery lasts for an entire day.


A Double-Sided Fleece Blanket For Some Cozy Chic Relaxation

This fuzzy sherpa blanket is just what you need for snuggling up on the couch for a mid-day nap. With dual-sided fuzz and an intricate design on one side, this polyester blanket is lightweight and warm — and even machine washable. It offers the ultimate plush factor, whether you’re watching TV or cozying up with your boo.


A Glass Olive Oil Dispenser To Help With Mess-Free Pouring

Olive oil is an essential most kitchens can’t go without, and you can make it look fancy in this glass olive oil dispenser bottle. It holds just over four ounces of oil with a convenient spout for drip-free pouring. You can even stock up on a few of these jars for all your commonly used oils and sauces to leave them out on the counter in style.


These Wax-Free, Battery-Operated Candles That Glow For 150 Hours Or More

Get the ambiance of candles without the fire risk, dripping wax, or smoke: These flameless flickering battery operated candles look and feel like real candles but use AA batteries instead. They come in a set of nine with various sizes, and each one lasts about 150 hours — you’d be hard-pressed to find a real, affordable candle with that much burn time. There’s also a remote included so you can set timers and turn the candles on and off from over 15 feet away.


A Pack of LED Strip Lights For Your TV Will Set The Mood For Movie Night

You’ll have the best movie night setup in town after installing these LED strip lights for behind your TV. Designed to wrap around the back of a 40- to 60-inch TV, these color-changing lights add mood lighting and can improve image quality and eye fatigue from looking at a screen. They install with double-sided adhesive, and you can also install them behind your computer monitor or on a decorative shelf. Use the included remote to change the color, brightness, and mode of the lights.


This Pure Linen Table Runner Makes Your Table Look That Much More Impressive

If you’re hosting holiday dinners at your place this year, then you absolutely need this linen table runner. Layer it over your favorite tablecloth or on its own to spruce up your dining room table and create a memorable centerpiece. Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, this 100% linen runner appears much more expensive than it actually is.


This Soothing Lavender & Chamomile Spray Offers Aromatherapy For Your Home, Clothes

There’s nothing quite like walking into a home and being greeted by a fresh, floral scent. This lavender linen and room spray instantly refreshes your clothes and space with a relaxing scent. Spritz a little on your pillows before bed for some soothing bedtime aromatherapy, on freshly-washed clothes just out of the dryer, or after a cleaning session to top off a tidy room.


This Enamel Dutch Oven Will Complete Your Cookware Collection

No kitchen cookware set is complete without a Dutch oven, and what better affordable option is there than this cast iron model? Use it to make soups, pastas, or even bread: It’s oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and cast iron is known for its even heat distribution and retention. It’ll also look chic on your stovetop.


This Charging Station Holds & Charges Up To Six Devices At Once

For families or tech-savvy individuals, keeping multiple devices charged gets bulky and messy fast. Try this bamboo charging station to neatly sort and charge all your devices at once. There’s room for up to six devices, including phones, tablets, watches, and earbuds. Four slotted sections, plus a stand for a watch and earbuds, keep each device upright and in place, and the stand comes with five USB charging cables.


This Jewelry & Towel Stand Offers Ample Space For All Your Accessories Or Hand Towels

This classic T-bar stand makes the perfect storage for jewelry and other accessories. Hang necklaces, bracelets and dangly earrings from each of the bars, and store rings, studs, and other small items on the bottom tray. Alternatively, try hanging hand towels on the rack so they can dry adequately between uses and look good doing it.


This Waffle Shower Curtain For A Luxe Hotel Vibe

Keep things simple and airy with this waffle shower curtain. Made from heavy-duty polyester that’s soft to the touch, machine-washable, and water-resistant, this curtain comes in a few sizes and is designed to stand up to long-term use. The pure white is luxurious and gives you an elegant base to decorate the rest of your bathroom however you please.


An Elegant Wire Rack For Records, Books & Other Media

Collectors of records, books, magazines, and more will love this triangle file holder. It shows off up to five of your favorite items and makes a great display piece for a coffee table, bookshelf, or nightstand. Choose between gold or black finishing, and this durable wire rack will keep your things stylishly displayed for all to see.


A Pair Of Versatile Plastic Storage Bins For Your Pantry & Beyond

A pair of these versatile plastic storage container bins are just what your pantry needs. Use them for organizing individually-packaged snacks, canned foods, teas, and other foods. Stack one on top of the other to optimize storage space; they’re clear, so you can see exactly what’s inside without moving them. There are even a ton of uses for these bins outside of the kitchen: They’re great for storing craft supplies, toys, cleaning products, or whatever small items need organizing in your home.


This Trio Of Metal Candle Holders Makes A Beautiful Centerpiece Or Home Decor

Assemble this three-pack of simple, matte black candle holders, and you’ve got an easy recipe for chic decor. One five-star reviewer bought them for her home and wrote: “I have yet to buy some candlesticks but they still look nice like this.” If you’re looking for a brighter set of candle holders, try these in the gold finish instead of the matte black.


This Magnetic Holder Is The Proper Way To Store Knives, Tools & More

Storing your knives properly on this walnut wood magnetic knife holder will not only help them stay sharp and last longer, but will make your kitchen look professional and tidy. Made from 100% natural walnut with a powerful magnetic core, this knife holder comes with everything you need to mount it to your kitchen wall. The 11.75-inch strip easily holds multiple knives and other metal items, like scissors, tools, keys, and jewelry.


This High-Quality Sink Caddy Has Slots For All Your Dishwashing Items

Keeping your kitchen sink clutter-free with this stainless steel caddy is a surefire way to look organized and keep your items sanitary. With a sloped base to drain water and compartments for storing dish soap, a brush, and a sponge, this caddy assembles in seconds and dismantles with ease for cleaning purposes.


These Microfiber Sheets Feel Way More Luxe Than Their Price Suggests

Making your bed feel as luxurious and inviting as a hotel is as easy as investing in this sheet set. The brushed microfiber sheets offer a cooling effect and silky texture that will keep you comfortably snoozing all night long. They resist fading, shrinking, stains, and wrinkles, and they come in countless color and size options to outfit every bedroom in your house without breaking the bank.


These Crystal Clear Coffee Mugs That Make Your Morning Joe Look Fancy

Nothing can stand between you and your morning coffee, especially not these glass coffee mugs that give you a clear view of what you’re drinking. Each of the four mugs holds 14 ounces — the perfect size for your latte, cappuccino, or americano. They’re dishwasher- and microwave-safe and can durably withstand both cold and hot drinks, as well as sudden changes in temperature.


An Exposed Bulb Table Lamp For Modern Homes

Give your nightstand or side table the industrial treatment just by adding an electric holden table lamp. Available in several colors and styles, this table lamp shows off a warm, exposed lightbulb with contemporary finishings. It’s simple, sleek, and the perfect amount of light to softly illuminate your space and add personality.


These Decorative Window Magnets For Perking Up A Garage Door

You can give your garage a bit of old school flair just by adding these window magnets, which give the appearance of small windows without having to replace your entire garage door. This decorative set comes with 32 pre-measured decals that fit a two-car garage in whatever layout you want. The magnets are ultra-strong and made to withstand heat, water, and washing.


This Pen That Makes Your Grout Look Like New

There’s gunk in your grout for sure: Restore it to new with this waterproof tile paint marker. Why waste time scrubbing at your grout with a brush when you can swipe over them with this pen and make them look new again? Use it on any tiled surface, from countertops to floors to the shower.


These Sleek Champagne Flutes Are Perfect For Your Next Party

Clink these crystal Champagne flutes together and cheers to new jobs, homes, and whatever else calls for celebration. The dishwasher-safe set of six flutes has a sleek, modern design, and each glass holds up to seven ounces of bubbly. They’re dishwasher-safe and hand-blown from recycled glass that you’ll continue to use at every party, dinner, and celebration for years to come.


A Waterfall Faucet That Gives Your Bathroom Sink The Upgrade It Deserves

Updating your bathroom faucet might seem like an arduous, expensive task, but this chrome waterfall faucet is affordable and relatively easy to install. It’s made from solid brass with a mirrored finish, and the kit includes all accessories and tools you need to make the swap. In no time at all, you’ll be washing your hands in style.


This Kit Helps You Create The Perfect Gallery Wall Layout At Home

Creating your own gallery wall at home is made easy with the help of this seven-piece photo kit. Each of the white frames come in various sizes with removable white mats and can hang vertically or horizontally. Slide your own photos or prints inside, and use their included wall templates to create an eye-catching, aesthetically-pleasing layout.