Chrissy Teigen reaches dizzying new heights of pissing everyone off

'Squid Game' parties hit different when they're thrown by mega millionaires.

Chrissy Teigen via Instagram

In another episode of Chrissy Teigen does not give a fuck, the super model turned queen of her own home chef empire turned pop culture monolith turned self-proclaimed member of the “cancel club” has angered the online masses yet again. Teigen and her husband, John Legend, threw a party themed around Squid Game, the Netflix juggernaut that served as a brutally violent critique of late stage capitalism. It also, Teigen apparently thought, would make for a cute party theme.

In what Teigen described as an “absolutely epic night,” rich folks and celebrities like Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Shay Mitchell were served hors d'oeuvres and drinks by waiters dressed in the jumpsuit and disturbing black mask getups worn by the employees who run the games on the show. Guests played school yard games to win the night’s prize: a flight to Napa and dinner for two at French Laundry. It appeared from photos that many guests wore the track suits of Squid Game contestants, because it is really fun for rich people to cosplay as poor people. Teigen, dressed as the creepy doll who helped mass slaughter people in red light green light during the first game in the show, posted multiple photos on Instagram — including one of her peeing, for reasons that remain unclear.

Part of what’s so irksome about the whole incident is that Teigen fell from grace last year after Courtney Stodden came forward with malicious private Twitter messages Teigen had sent her years ago. At the time that controversy broke, Teigen was widely revered as the queen of Twitter. Her irreverent, funny, and somewhat bullying — but of public figures the internet wanted to see bullied — tone was what made her everyone’s favorite celebrity to think they’d totally be best friends with. I don’t want to say I’m always right, but I always felt like Teigen had big Regina George energy behind the scenes, and it turns out she was even worse (and I was right).

It is impossible to know where the manifestation of general wholesomeness, John Legend, stands on his wife’s public disgrace. But he was definitely standing next to her at the Squid Game party dressed as one of the gilded animal-masked VIP members who, in the show, pay to watch people die. It is also unclear why after being so universally cancelled, Teigen would choose this ill-advised party theme as her first publicity stunt since publicly whining about being depressed because everyone thinks she’s awful now. Maybe she thought, “be the villain the world thinks I am.” Maybe she thought, “LOL @ the poors.” Or maybe she just saw this meme after a magic mushroom microdose and thought it was speaking directly to her.