Doja Cat tells haters of her new bald look to “Go f--k yourselves”

"I make hit after hit after hit and you all want me to look fuckable," she wrote.

US rapper Doja Cat attends the 2022 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vega...
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Doja Cat has never been afraid to take on haters — and while she’s had plenty since her decision to shave her hair and eyebrows, she took to Twitter this weekend to remind everyone that she doesn’t make her decisions for them.

“I won a grammy and traveled the fucking globe i’ve had a #1 and i went platinum,” she wrote. “I make hit after hit after hit and you all want me to look fuckable for you so that you can go home and jerk your cocks all day long while you live in your mothers basement. Go fuck yourselves.”

Her fiery tweet comes weeks after the pop rap star went on Instagram Live to debut her new shaved head, and shave off her eyebrows as roughly 20,000 people watched. “I feel like I was never supposed to have hair,” she mused. She went on to discuss how the decision came in part because she never wore her natural hair for the most part anyways, detailing the annoyance of trying to work out in wigs. She said, “What is the use of having hair if you’re not going to fucking wear it out?”

For many fans, the reaction was a resounding, “girl power.” But in true troll fashion, of course the patriarchal slugs who think women are supposed to look a certain way had their say. One Twitter user wrote to over 50,000 likes, “somebody tell Doja Cat, I’m no longer trying to indulge in that,” with a photo of the singer flexing. Others have made memes comparing her to various male cartoon characters.

While continuing to post her new look, often with various versions of eyebrow art painted on, Doja has been pushing back the online ugliness. She retweeted one user who wrote in response to her, “We don’t like you either then lol,” with the caption “good bitch bye.” But Sunday’s tweet was as direct a stance as she’s given since she buzzed her hair.

Some detractors have continued the criticism since her tweet, with some speculating mental health struggles and substance abuse, and others chiding her for giving attention to haters instead of her fans. But her supporters have been just as vocal. Ultimately, Doja can wear her hair, or lack of hair, however the F she wants — and the wild reaction to a head shave isn’t proof that Doja is unwell, but that society is.