Ezra Miller's career is hanging by a thread

In an emergency meeting following the actor’s recent arrest, executives at Warner Bros. and DC reportedly decided to put a hold on their upcoming projects.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - AUGUST 20: Actor Ezra Miller attends the photocall for 'URBAN DECAY' stayNAKED ...
Han Myung-Gu/WireImage/Getty Images

This may be the final straw for Ezra Miller. Last week, Warner Bros. and DC executives reportedly held an emergency meeting to determine the future of their relationship with the star, who was arrested recently in Hawaii for disorderly conduct and harassment. According to Rolling Stone, an insider indicated that “the consensus in the room was to hit pause on any future projects involving Miller including possible appearances in the DC Cinematic Universe.”

Miller — who stars in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, as The Flash in DC superhero films, and in an upcoming standalone Flash movie slated for next year — was arrested at a karaoke bar in late March, the latest in a string of troubling incidents. The 29-year-old actor reportedly began shouting obscenities as bar patrons sang karaoke, grabbed the microphone away from a woman at one point, and lunged at another man playing darts. Two days later, a local couple filed a temporary restraining order against Miller, who, according to the police report, broke into the their home at one point after the arrest (it’s unclear if the two incidents are related) and threatened the pair.

“I will burry [sic] you and your slut wife,” Miller said, based on the report. The actor also allegedly stole the woman’s passport and the man’s wallet. What’s more, prior to Miller’s arrest, local police say they had previously been called 10 times over a string of minor incidents involving the actor, such as filming people at a gas station and arguing with people.

The news of their disastrous stay in Hawaii appears to be threatening a tipping point for a star who had already been embroiled in controversy in recent years. In January, Miller posted a cryptic, since-deleted Instagram video threatening a specific Ku Klux Klan chapter in North Carolina. Most controversially, in 2020, the actor was caught on camera choking a woman outside a bar in Iceland.

The studios may simply be taking precautionary measures in pausing future projects, testing the wind before making any final decisions. But replacing Miller as a tentpole star for what was meant to be a major DC spinoff blockbuster would be a damning blow to the troubled star’s career.

The decisions, though, may also be informed by Miller’s apparent “frequent meltdowns” that an insider said they had while shooting The Flash. The incidents didn’t involve yelling or violence, but Miller was described as “losing it.” “Ezra would get a thought in his head and say, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing,’” the source told Rolling Stone. The Flash is slated for release in June 2023.