13 TikTok comedians who get it right every time

Prepare to go down a rabbit hole of hilarity.

Brittany Broski, Drea German, Adam Waheed doing tiktok sketches.
Screenshots via Tik Tok (@brittany_broski, @dreaknowsbest, @adamw)
TikTok isn’t just the domain of viral dance challenges.

The app is fertile ground for comedians who leverage the platform’s short, snappy video format to make all sorts of weird and hilarious content. What’s especially exciting is that, until recently, most of the funny people going viral with large TikTok followings were totally unknown — the app is somewhat democratizing being discovered.

Here’s a roundup of the best accounts to follow for funny TikTok videos, to inject some levity into your feed:


Robyn Schall (@robynschallcomic)

Schall went viral in 2020 with her hilarious and highly relatable, “My 2020 goal list is trolling me,” video. Since then, the comedian has appeared on shows like The Drew Barrymore Show and That Damn Michael Che, while continuing to post TikToks. Check out her take on Kim Kardashian’s morning routine and her attempts to recreate incredible feats by strong women — her combination of physical comedy, wit, and infectious laugh makes Schall endlessly watchable.