How to go viral with a TikTok trending sound

7 simple strategies for making your video hit, according to an expert.

Shutterstock; TikTok

Like millions of people, I joined TikTok during the pandemic — and quickly fell down its rabbit hole of major vibes and quick dopamine hits.

But TikTok can also be overwhelming if you don’t understand its particular language. As users know, the fun of the app often comes from videos that play with the inside joke or format of a trend — often, specifically, a TikTok trending “sound.” If you’re a creator looking to capitalize on a trending sound, how do you do it? And how do you make it gain traction or, just maybe, even go viral? I spoke with TikTok coach Jonathan Betournay to get the lowdown.

Here are his tips on how to make a successful TikTok based on a trending sound.


What is a TikTok trending sound?

Simply put, a sound is the audio behind a TikTok video — like music, a clip from a TV show, or a funny noise. But most importantly, the audio from an uploaded video is usable to others who can then create their own videos from that same audio, either in a unique way or by playing off of the original video’s format or conceit.

A trending sound, then, refers to any specific audio that’s being used many times over by other creators in their videos — essentially, it’s a sound that has gone viral on the app.