J.K. Rowling's anti-queer crusade continues

The author seems to go out of her way to antagonize the LGBTQ+ community and allies.

J K Rowling A photo from files showing British author J K Rowling arriving at a cinema in London's L...
Joel Ryan/AP/Shutterstock

J.K. Rowling refuses to pass up any opportunity to further tarnish her legacy. In a recent tweet, the author of the Harry Potter franchise mocked a tweet from local police promoting their efforts toward LGBTQ+ outreach on the anniversary of a homophobic murder.

Last week, South Wales Police’s LGBT+ Network tweeted about their recent engagement with the local community about hate crime, efforts that come less than a year after an openly bisexual doctor was robbed, tortured, and killed in a nearby park in what prosecutors called a murder motivated by homophobia. Soon after, people online began trolling and referring to the tweets as virtue signaling.

“Good evening, supporting our communities is not virtual signalling and we make no apologies for doing so,” the South Wales Police responded online. Two days later, Rowling jumped into the fray, tweeting about the police force’s response and typo. “Virtual signalling. Like virtue signaling, but for people who aren’t really arsed. #VirtualSignalling,” she wrote on Twitter.

Many online criticized Rowling for her insensitivity in exploiting a gruesome hate crime to double down on her now years-long crusade against trans people and the larger queer community.

In slightly related news, the hill that Rowling insists she die upon has drawn the dismay of iconic director John Waters, who weighed in this week on cancel culture and specifically took issue with her. “I have a thing about who I would cancel: J.K. Rowling,” Waters said. “Give her some Preparation H for that transphobia. What’s the matter with her?”