“We’re totally doing it!”

Kristen Stewart just got engaged to her screenwriting girlfriend, Dylan Meyers

Dylan Meyers via Instagram


Kristen Stewart is engaged

It seems Bella will be thankfully recusing herself from the competition between Team Edward and Team Jacob. Tacky Twilight jokes aside, Kristen Stewart is getting married. This week on The Howard Stern Show, the actress told Stern that she was engaged to screenwriter Dylan Meyer, who she has been dating since 2019.

"We're marrying," Stewart told Stern. "We're totally gonna do it." It’s a happy ending for the star who had giddily announced on the same show not long after the pair had begun dating that she “can’t fucking wait” to propose to Meyer. The roles were ultimately reversed, though, as Stewart told Stern on Tuesday that Meyer was the one who proposed. "I wanted to be proposed to, so I think I very distinctly carved out what I wanted and she nailed it," Stewart said. "It was really cute.”

The engagement, Stewart’s first ever, might be seen as a satisfying landmark of the actress’s journey, which a decade ago was synonymous with messy tabloid fodder and a little movie franchise that its stars not so subtly derided (if you’re not on Tiktok, videos exposing just how ludicrous seemingly every scene from the Twilight saga seems to be are always evergreen for virality). Stewart is now one of the most interesting American actresses working today, in and out of acclaimed arthouse fare and, most recently, what looks to be a sumptuous take on Princess Diana in the upcoming film Spencer.

Now, she seems to have found the one, following a string of high-profile relationships with the likes of St. Vincent and model Stella Maxwell. Perhaps it just goes to show: things just start to fall into place when you stop dating men.