Don't open Madonna's new NFT collection at work

The pop star debuted "Mother of Creation," a trio of "visualizations" that show her giving birth to trees, butterflies, and robotic centipedes.

Pop icon Madonna (C) performs on stage with Colombian singer Maluma (out of frame) during his concer...

Madonna is coming out with her own very NSFW collection of NFTs. The pop star unveiled a trio of “visualizations” created in collaboration with Beeple, the high-profile digital artist who sold an NFT of his work for $69 million last year.

Titled Mother of Creation, the works “represent a different form of birth in our contemporary world,” according to the artwork site. More specifically, the three videos, respectively titled “Mother of Nature,” “Mother of Evolution,” and “Mother of Technology,” feature a highly NSFW digital avatar of the singer in different environments, naked and giving birth to trees, butterflies, and robotic centipedes. Each video focuses in on the avatar’s vagina as the birthing happens.

“I wanted to investigate the concept of creation, not only the way a child enters the world through a woman’s vagina, but also the way an artist gives birth to creativity,” Madonna said in a statement from the site. “Most importantly we wanted to use this opportunity to benefit mothers and children who are most in need right now.”

Madonna first entered the world of crypto in March, joining the NFT celebrity cult with the debut of her Bored Ape Yacht Club token.

This project, though, will be for the greater good. Proceeds from the sale of Mother of Creation will go to three different charities — the Voice of Children Foundation, the City of Joy, and Black Mama’s Bail Out — which all work toward helping mothers and children in need. Moonpay, a cryptocurrency platform that helped with the project, will also donate $100,000 to each charity. Auction for Mother of Creation will open on May 11 on the NFT marketplace SuperRare.