All I want for Christmas is an entire Mariah Carey McDonald's menu

Nobody will escape Mariah Carey this Christmas.


The holiday season is practically synonymous with Mariah Carey, and depending on your hate or love for the singer and her song “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” the next couple months are about to get either a lot better or a lot worse. Carey, an avowed McD’s lover, recently announced The Mariah Menu, a partnership with McDonald’s that will include daily deals in the 12 days leading up to Christmas.

Perhaps intending to clumsily proliferate a meme (or subtly warn us about the incoming climate apocalypse), McDonald’s own announcement of the meal included an inexplicably atrocious promotional photo of Carey stuck in the ocean.

The partnership is entirely appropriate considering Carey’s ubiquity during the holidays (now you’ll be eating her meals while listening to her Christmas bop and scrolling through her ads) and the promotion is in turn far bigger than the fast food’s chain more recent celebrity campaigns — as opposed to trademark meals and sauces, like those with Travis Scott, J Balvin, BTS, and Saweetie, Carey’s is a full rotating menu.

Another distinction in the deal: each day will offer new free deals (with a $1 minimum purchase), but only through the app. This unique restriction may determine its success, but is likely part of a larger marketing strategy to introduce and push customers to long-term mobile ordering. Regardless, Mariah’s stans will likely flock to the app, and for the rest, well, who would say no to free McDonald’s?