There’s now a street named for Missy Elliott in her hometown

“I am forever GRATEFUL,” the iconic rapper responded.

American rapper Missy Elliott in December, 2002 in Miami, Florida.   (Photo by Gregory Bojorquez/Get...
Gregory Bojorquez/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Missy Elliott is being honored with a street renaming in her hometown of Portsmouth, Virginia, according to local reports. The Portsmouth city council unanimously voted to rename a portion of its McLean Street after the artist, to pay tribute to her massive accomplishments and also to enhance its newly rezoned entertainment district.

It’s an honor that wasn’t lost on the star. “Thank you @iamerincarter for initiating me having a street in my name in my hometown VA! Thank [you] to the whole city council,” she posted on her Instagram Stories. “I have been Blessed with many awards but this hit different when it comes from home & I am PROUD to be a #757 2 up 2 down country girl! No matter where I go across the globe I am still P-TOWN ALL DAY baybeeeee. I am so Humbly Grateful God is good ALL THE TIME.”

The street renaming was proposed by the iconic rapper’s family friend Erin Carter, who explained to the council, “We don’t do a good job recognizing our own heroes that’s right here from Portsmouth. Growing up I learned that this same girl [Elliot] who’s received all these awards, performed at the White House…she grew up right here in our city of Portsmouth. Children shouldn’t have to look to another city to see greatness, because greatness resides in Portsmouth.”

Beyond the exciting street renaming, Elliot also recently was named by Lil Wayne as his favorite rapper of all time. Wayne went on Fox Sports’ What’s Wright, with Nick Wright podcast, during which he admitted, “For me, it’s always going to be first, Missy Elliott. She’s a huge influence of everything I’ve ever done.” As always, Missy returned the love. “Whenever @LilTunechi says my name in his interviews twitter don’t have enough space for me to say my GRATEFULNESS because he is a LEGEND himself,” she tweeted, “who birthed many emcees after him& as a man to acknowledge me as a big influence 4 him I send you love WAYNE.” She added, “Another reason this warms my heart is because I’ve seen many times @LilTunechi has said my name over & over for years no matter who the interviewers are he has never been hesitant to say me as a female & for that I am forever GRATEFUL.”

We should all take a queue from Wayne and the town of Portsmouth and give Missy all of her flowers. Cheers to the GOAT.