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I have found that people often tend to leave reviews when they are either really impressed with a product or not so much. Basically, reviews happen when the purchaser is obsessed with an item. This is especially true on Amazon. I can spend hours just reading — and often laughing at — the wit many reviewers possess. But it’s not all just for fun. I’ve found tons of valuable information about products that leads to a happy purchase.

Whether you’re looking for tech items, beauty products, or home décor, there’s a review for it on Amazon. And I really love it when the reviews are on a really cheap item that seems too good to be true. Take these portable phone camera lenses for instance. One reviewer shared they are “100% satisfied” with their purchase and goes on to tell exactly why. In another case, a reviewer let us know that a set of really cool — and super inexpensive — retro sunglasses were a steal for the pair.

I've rounded up these and more than 40 other items that come highly reviewed by thousands of shoppers, and you won’t believe the cheap-as-hell prices. Drop what you’re doing — for just a few minutes — as I give you the low-down on some incredible Amazon deals.


A portable neck fan for cool walks & rides

Wrap this personal fan around your neck for hands-free cooling. Because you don't have to hold it, it's great for bike-riding and yardwork. Three speed settings let you customize your comfort, and it's quiet, too, so you can focus on conversations, music, or the sounds of nature.


These waterproof wireless earbuds that come with a charging case

Reviewers are really, really hyped about this set of Bluetooth earbuds that come with a charging case. On-ear controls offer access with a tap, and a built-in display keeps you updated on charging status. An IPX7 waterproof rating can handle the heat of your most intense workouts. And the charging case can even power your phone in a pinch.


A cozy blanket made from soft flannel

With thousands of positive four- and five-star reviews, this throw blanket is worth a spot in your home. It’s made from soft fleece that’s perfect for snuggling on cold nights — or even just napping during a lazy afternoon. And with dozens of colors to choose from, you might even wind up adding more than one to your cart.


The sports water bottle with over 66,000 reviews

Don't sweat it with this double-wall insulated sports water bottle. Stainless steel construction can handle your busy day, and the built-in flip-top straw makes it easy to sip between sets. The finish is powder coated, providing a high-end look for a low, low price. And you can choose from a range of brilliant colors. Over 58,000 reviewers give it five stars.


This mini essential oil diffuser that fits anywhere

Aromatherapy can help smooth out a stressful day, and this mini essential oil diffuser can do that from virtually anywhere. It plugs in via USB — perfect for your desk at work — and one-tap operation is super simple to use. A seven-color mood light adds even more ambience, while auto-shutoff ensures your safety.


A 2-pack of phone chargers for at home & away

Get two portable battery chargers for way less than the price of a single name brand charger. Two ports let you charge up two phones at once, and the slim design slips easily into your bag or pocket. It has over 30,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. One obsessed reviewer called them "the perfect chargers."


A compact air fryer for quick, crispy meals or snacks

Use this compact air fryer to quickly cook meals or sides thanks to its convection heating. It doesn't take up much space on your countertop, making it ideal for small kitchen spaces. Temperature control delivers delicious crispy results, and the two-quart capacity can handle up to a pound of French fries.


This dish soap dispenser that sudses up your sponge

Reviewers are obsessed with this clever soap dispenser that "saves so much dish soap." Simply fill it with soap and use the sponge of your choice. A quick press down lathers up your sponge so you can get scrubbing the dishes. The nonslip base keeps this dish firmly in place.


An adjustable laptop stand that also holds your phone

Build a portable workstation for when you're on the road with this adjustable laptop stand. A slide-out phone holder keeps your phone within view, and the riser adjusts to eight settings for reduced strain. This ingenious laptop stand folds up compactly for business travel and can hold up to 44 pounds — way more than the average laptop — for sturdy dependability.


This filtering shower head that boosts water pressure

Step into your shower and get a truly spa-like experience from this filtering showerhead. The multi-stage filter helps remove harmful impurities, while a vitamin C cartridge cares for your body. Aroma filters add soothing scent to your shower. Reviewers love how it boosts the water pressure for a high-powered wash.


This amazing foot peel that everyone's talking about

You've heard about it from friends or read about it on Instagram — with the accompanying pics. Now, you can try this foot peel mask for yourself. Botanical extracts and other ingredients penetrate deeply and peel off (seriously) dry skin and even calluses. What's left behind is super-soft skin. You get two pairs of booties that fit up to men's size 11 feet.


A fast-charging pad with 3 charging speeds

This wireless charging pad delivers a super-fast charge for smartphones and Apple AirPods without a mess of cables. It's compatible with most wireless-charging-enabled phones, and the convenient surface light lets you know when it's engaged. Onboard over-charging and over-heating protection shuts this charger off for safety. Slip the slim profile in your bag for easy travel.


The portable speaker that you wear on your wrist

Imagine if you could share your tunes on hikes or jogs with your friends. You can with this nifty wristband speaker. It pairs with your phone by Bluetooth, so there's no tangle or wires, and offers 10 hours of playtime to handle every adventure. Strap this waterproof speaker on and feel free to kayak to the beat.


This LED ring light that comes with a tripod stand

Whether you vlog for a living or participate in Zoom meetings, this LED ring light and stand lets you put your best face forward. It's universally compatible with most smart phones and adjusts up to 50 inches — perfect for sitting or standing. A pocket-sized remote means you can snap the shutter from up to 30 feet away. Imagine the well-lit selfies.


A simple cord organizer that keeps your desk neat

Manage the cables that charge up your life with this flexible cord organizer. Strong 3M adhesive holds it in place while the generous clips hold tight to most charging cables. Stick it on your desk or your dashboard for versatile cord containment. You get two organizers — three-clip and five-clip — in the pack.


This set of motion-sensing LEDs for your kitchen, bathroom, or hallway

Light up the night (but only when you need to) with these motion-sensing lights. Ideal for darkened hallways, these LEDs illuminate when motion is detected up to 10 feet away and shut off after 15 seconds. Stick them under cabinets or along walls as a convenient way to find your way in the dark.


These lenses that turn your phone into a professional camera

I'd share a lot more pics on social media if only my phone cooperated. This set of phone camera lenses helps in that endeavor. Wide-angle, fisheye, and macro lenses make it so easy to capture everything from tiny little bugs to large cityscapes. And they're made of industrial-grade aluminum for literal years of use with your phone.


A French press made from sleek stainless steel

If you’re in the mood for an indulgent, rich cup of coffee, this French press is an absolute game-changer. Not only does the double-layered filter keep loose grounds out of your mug, but the entire press is also made from sleek stainless steel that’s less likely to rust over time. Plus, you even have the choice of four colors: gray, pink, orange, or silver.


These fab retro sunglasses that reviewers are raving about

"Impressed" and "Buy them" are just two of the over 9,000 reviews left for these trendy sunglasses. You get two pairs for just $13 (that's not a misprint), letting you flaunt your fashion sense with minimal budget impact. Not just an accessory for your summer wardrobe, these shades boast protective UV coating to shield you from the sun.


A mini ice cream maker that comes with recipes

Make a midnight run for ice cream — to your kitchen instead of the store — with this mini ice cream maker. It makes a single serving in less than 30 minutes and includes a recipe booklet to help get you started. Use this versatile machine for everything from ice cream sundaes to sorbets.


This ice cube tray that comes with its own ice bucket & scoop

Prep the rocks for your next party with this ice cube tray and bin. Silicone construction releases cubes easily, and the included lid keeps out freezer odors for perfect refreshment-ready ice. The tray makes up to 32 cubes at a time, and the ample bin holds up to 96.


A pair of super-stretchy workout shorts that are also great under dresses

The price of these workout shorts made me do a double-take (you get three pairs for under $30). The reviews made me stick around to check them out even further. Ideal for workout wear, these shorts are also hyped for their anti-chafing construction, which is great for wearing underneath skirts and dresses. You can even choose your colors.


These cooling pillowcases that wick away body heat

Hot pillows aren't conducive to restful sleep, and these pillowcases made from Japanese cooling fibers offer a serious solution. They're double-sided, so you can flip to heart's content, and the super-tight knit helps eliminate bedhead. A hidden zipper helps hold these pillowcases perfectly in place.


This onesie that helps keep your home clean from dog hair

There’s nothing wrong with having pet hair around the house — but if you’re looking for ways to keep it to a minimum, search no further than this dog onesie. Not only does it help contain shedding, but the fabric also has a slight squeeze to it that can help soothe anxiety. Choose from three colors, as well as nine different sizes.


A simple roller stamp that blocks out sensitive information on your documents

Avoid oversharing with this security roller stamp set. It's ideal for reusing shipping boxes or as an alternative to shredding when you want to keep documents around. Simply roll it over writing you wish to cover. The ink dries really fast, and you get three refills in the package.


An oversized beach blanket that packs up for easy travel

Head to the beach with this giant blanket, and you don't have to worry about sand. It's large enough for up to seven people and made of durable material that resists sand and water for a comfortable spot to hang out. At the end of the day, simply shake it out and pack it up with the included bag to be quickly on your way.


This inflatable lounger for the backyard or the beach

Bring a seat with you everywhere you go with this inflatable lounger sofa. It inflates with wind — no, for real — and you can adjust it to be a long lounger or a shorter chair. A built-in headrest is great for an outdoor nap. Stow this lounger in your trunk for camping or trips to the beach.


These toe separators with a touch of bling

Don’t have time to hit the nail salon? Not a problem — with help from these toe separators, it’s almost too easy to give yourself mani-pedi at home. Reviewers raved about how “comfy” they are, with even more commenting on how they adore the faux diamonds. One even wrote about how “they’re comfy and stay in place when I walk.”


This personal blender that makes smoothies on the go

Make sure you don't miss out on your protein shakes or smoothies when you're on the go. This personal blender is the ideal size for stashing in your carry-on and whipping up delicious shakes and smoothies in just seconds. The blending jar doubles as a cup, and the lid slides open for super-easy sipping on the run.


These clinical-strength antiperspirant wipes that help keep you dry

Excessive sweating can ruin a perfect day, and that's where these antiperspirant wipes come in to save the day, your date, or a presentation. Their clinical-strength formula alleviates wetness and odor, and the protection can even last for up to seven days. As one reviewer exclaimed," It really works!" Each box comes with 10 wipes.


A pair of slippers that are so cozy

I'm going to confess. These slippers look seriously comfy, so I'm really glad they're highly rated on Amazon. They’re made from 100% polyester faux fur to help keep your feet warm around the house — and their non-slip soles are perfect for hardwood floors.


An acne-fighting pimple patch that is vegan-friendly

Over 50,000 reviewers swear by this pimple-fighting patch. It's a hydrocolloid sticker you place directly over your zits. Six hours later, the problem is gone. No muss and no fuss — and no expensive acne care systems needed. Each box comes with 36 patches to help clear up your skin.


This multifunction power strip that fits in your bag

Pop this little power cube in your backpack or travel bag and always have power wherever you need it. Three standard outlets power your laptop and peripherals while three USB ports let you charge up a phone or tablet. A 5-foot cord supports flexible placement options, while 4.8-star rating suggests a quick purchase before they run out.


A mini fridge that goes virtually anywhere

Store drinks for the road or your skincare products in this reliable mini fridge. You can power it by standard outlet or vehicle aux port for versatility. It's small but mighty, storing and cooling up to six 12-ounce cans of soda at once. As a bonus, it's completely freon-free for your peace of mind.


An ergonomic seat cushion that helps you keep your cool

I spend most of my day at my desk, and that can make it hard to keep proper posture and avoid strain. This gel-enhanced seat cushion provides the support you get from a premium desk chair without having to shell out hundreds. It helps cradle your tailbone to reduce pressure and keep your spine aligned. A built-in handle offers convenient travel.


This rotary cheese grater that comes with 3 blades

My fellow cheese lovers, this rotary cheese grater makes it oh-so simple to crumble, slice, or sprinkle cheese — and other ingredients if you prefer — for any recipe. Coarse and fine shredding blades are included along with a slicer for truly versatile function. This manual grinder comes with a brush for easy cleaning.


This waterproof case that works with most phones

Provide protection for your phone on all your adventures with this two-pack of universal waterproof cases. It fits most smartphones up to 7 inches in size. The IPX8 waterproof rating protects your phone at depths up to 100 feet. Reviewers even shared their stunning underwater shots. It's a vacation necessity.


A mesh bag that's perfect for trips to the beach

Pack your book, sunblock, towel, and snacks in this generous mesh tote bag, and you'll still have room for more. It's family-sized to handle everyone's stuff, and the see-through mess construction makes it easy to find your things. Large external pockets keep your keys and wallet easily in reach.


A beach umbrella hook for towels, hats & just about everything else

Expand your umbrella's function the next time you head to the beach with this neat hanging hook. It slides over the pole and screws into place securely, providing a smart spot to hang towels, shirts, or hats. The universal design fits most standard beach umbrellas and doesn't need to be removed for folding.


A beach umbrella stand that resists even strong winds

Secure your umbrella with this handy sand anchor so you don't have to chase it down the shoreline. Deep threads grab the sand for stable mounting, and the universal design fits umbrella poles up to 1.6 inches wide. A handle on each side makes it easy to grip and twist.


These satin pillowcases in 23 fashionable colors

Say buh-bye to bedhead with this set of satin pillowcases. Polyester satin delivers a luxe look for your bed, and the weave is gentler on hair and skin. The envelope design keeps your pillows in place without slipping. Choose from a rainbow of colors to create a sophisticated finish for your bedroom nest.


An RFID blocking wallet for your cards & your cash

Travel in confidence with this small 4.7-star rated RFID-blocking wallet that keeps your cards protected against would-be skimmers. It's compact to keep in your front pocket — a traveling tip for security — with ample space for your ID, credit cards, and cash. Leather construction offers a high-end finish.


This body brush for head-to-toe skin care

Restore the glow to your skin in the bath with this dry skin body brush. The natural bristles gently exfoliate, removing dead skin cells and helping open pores and boost circulation. A convenient strap makes it easy to keep in hand. With an included hook and travel bag, this brush is ideal for travel.

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