The 2021 Political Implosion List

Honoring the rich and powerful people who enjoyed a most top-tier fall from grace this year.

Bankrupt business man falling down with his stocks crash shares graph. Stock market downfall concept...
2021 wasn’t the easiest year for most of us . . .

In fact, it largely sucked. But we here at Mic are optimists who know how to snatch a little bit of victory from the jaws of defeat when we can — and that includes spending some time honoring the elite figures who earned their well-deserved falls from grace over the past 12 months. People like ...


President Biden

Ahh, hubris. The Biden administration was supposed to be the clean slate! The fresh start after four years of wandering in a Trumpy desert. Instead, Biden has spent 2021 doing ... eh, not great, to be honest.

There were some wins right out of the gate, but as the year dragged on, all that momentum, well, imploded. Ultimately, we ended here: an internecine fight with members of his own party desperate to apply the coup de grace on what’s already become the bare skeleton of his once ambitious domestic agenda. Sad.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images