36 genius things that help protect you from sketchy sh*t

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Let's be real: Not every day is a walk in the park, and not every human has the best intentions. In other words, sketchy sh*t happens — and it's best to be prepared. That doesn't mean you have to walk around expecting the absolute worst, because there is good in the world. Still, having some genius Amazon products at hand can help protect you from any sketchy stuff that you might run into.

Thankfully, this list has a ton of products that can help you out in a variety of weird situations, whether you're trying to avoid virtual pickpockets, germ-filled door handles, or nosey train passengers who are trying to take a peak at your phone mid-commute. There are RFID-blocking wallets, no-touch door openers, and privacy phone screens to help you out. And while these kinds of things aren't guaranteed to protect you, they probably can't hurt.

That's not all, though. I've also included things like LED dog leases for late-night walks, UV sanitizers for your tech, and anti-theft fanny packs for trips or hikes.

I mean, sketchy sh*t can happen anywhere — so why not be prepared? Go ahead and scan this list for your new favorite products.


This RFID-blocking wallet with 11 card pockets

In my opinion, the coolest feature about this wallet is by far its RFID-blocking shell. On top of that, it's slim enough to fit in your pocket — but it has room for up to 11 cards. There's even a thumb hole where you can easily slide your most-used card out in no time at all, along with a metal money clip.


The passport holder you can wear like a necklace under your shirt

Finding a secure place to store your passport mid-travel is tough — but thanks to this necklace pouch, it's never been easier. The nylon wallet has various pockets for your personal items, along with a clear window for your ID. It's even made with RFID-blocking materials and can be kept underneath your clothing for extra security.


These socks with zippered pockets for your cash

If you have no pockets or places to keep your cash without worrying that you'll leave it somewhere, try these socks on. They're made with a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex — and they feature zippered pockets where you can keep your belongings without a worry. These also come in various colors and designs.

  • Available sizes: One size fits all (Women's 7 - 13, Men's 6 - 13)


This portable door lock for extra privacy on the go

Sure, most hotels and AirBnbs give you the ability to lock the door. If you're ever in a situation where you want more peace of mind, try using this portable lock. It fits right into your original door opening and can be secured onto the lock itself (the on-page directions will show you exactly how to use it). That way, the door should be secure until you remove the pieces.


A no-touch door opener so you're not exposed to germs

If you ask me, germs are sketchy — especially when they're on a door handle that's been used by tons of people. This tool will help you open the door without actually touching it — and it'll even help you hit elevator buttons that haven't been sanitized in ages. You can also use it at the ATM.


These soap sheets for public restrooms that ran out

If you're ever in a situation where you need to wash your hands (but there isn't any soap), reach for these sheets. They're essentially soap in the form of paper that'll dissolve and lather up under warm running water. One plastic container has 20 sheets, and six packs come with each purchase.


The slide-on covers that make sure your webcam is off

Thanks to these slide-on covers, you'll never have to worry about who's watching you through your webcam (even if you simply forgot to sign off Zoom after your latest video call). They can easily stick onto your laptop, but you can also use it on your cell phone.


The privacy screen protectors that only you can see through

If you commute in crowded subways or find yourself in busy areas often, you might find this privacy cell phone protector useful. Not only is it made of durable tempered glass, but it also blocks the screen from anyone on either side of the phone. The only person who can see through it is you (or anyone directly in front of the screen).


A fake rock that hides your spare key from the public

Finding somewhere private to hide your spare key is simple when you have this fake rock. Yes, it is fake — but it looks like a real rock that you'd have in your grass or garden (it even feels like stone). Of course, it opens up so you have a secure spot for your key that's essentially hidden.


The glasses that help block your eyes from harmful blue light

I don't know about you, but I find the blue light rays being emitted from my computer screen pretty sketchy. If you feel the same away, these blue light-blocking glasses can help. Their main goal is to block those potentially-harmful rays coming from your tech screens before they reach your eyes and disrupt your sleep schedule. This is a three-pack that includes different rim colors to suit your style.


A lightweight sunscreen that's recommended by dermatologists

Whether you're lying on the beach or walking the dog, you can protect your skin with this gentle sunscreen by Cetaphil. The dermatologist-recommended lotion boasts SPF-30 protection, but it's both lightweight and suitable for use on sensitive skin. It even contains vitamin E and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes.


The Tile Mate key finder that'll help you locate your lost items

Losing your keys is definitely panic-worthy, but the Tile Mate makes it a little less daunting. Just clip it onto your keychain, download the phone app, and then track your missing item via Bluetooth. Thanks to this genius tool, you'll know exactly where your belongings are.


This tiny tool that's made to help you escape a car

This tiny tool is made to help you escape a vehicle. One side is a glass breaker that works when it's pressed against a car window (but not always the front windows and windshield, per customer reviews). The other side has a hidden blade to help cut through seat belts, and the entire thing can fit on your keychain.


These pens that double as weather-proof flashlights

Not enough room in your bag for a flashlight? Just use one of these pens instead. Each one features a pen on one side and a strong flashlight on the other (which runs on two AAA batteries that aren't included). They're both weather-proof and can work for six hours straight.


The LED bike lights that'll help make you more visible at night

If you prefer nighttime rides (or need to run a quick errand after dark), these battery-powered bike lights can help. They can be secured onto your tires with the included silicone bands and shine steadily or flash for a more obvious appearance. They're also waterproof, and batteries are included.


These super bright LED flashlights great for camping

The next time you’re on a camping trip or otherwise venturing outdoors, you and a buddy can use these bright LED flashlights to illuminate what’s around you. They’re made of military-grade aluminum, are weather-resistant and drop-proof up to 10 feet, and can cast a large spotlight or pinpointed beam with a zoom feature. They’re compact and come with holsters for ultimate portability.


This doorbell with a built-in video camera — all for $52

Unlike many standard doorbells, this one comes with a high-definition video camera that records video clips whenever it detects motion at your door (and then alerts you via your phone). It's also weather-resistant, so don't worry if a storm comes and you leave it outside.


This security camera that's shockingly affordable

Whether you want to keep an eye on what's happening at home or communicate with family members from afar, the Blink Mini can help. It's essentially a home security camera that boasts night vision, two-way communication, and the ability to connect with your smart home — all for $35.


This pair of underwear with a zippered front pocket

If pockets are out of the question, you can always keep your valuables in this pair of underwear with a zippered front pocket. These breathable and soft modal underwear have a secret stash pocket, come in a money-saving pack of two, and are available in sizes small to XX-large.


These compact binoculars that provide powerful, stable magnification

If you’re ever out in bear country (or sure, just looking at birds), bring along these compact binoculars so you can get a clear view of anything rustling in the woods. They have 10X25 magnification, meaning they make items appear 10X closer, with a 25mm lens which invites a stabler viewing experience. There’s a neck strap and carrying case for easy toting, and reviewers love how durable and clear they are — even for glasses-wearers.


An ultrasonic pest repeller, because bugs are sketchy too

Instead of using harsh chemicals to help rid your home of insects, try using this electronic repeller. It uses ultrasonic sound waves to help repel bugs, and it works on three levels (depending on how many pests are inside your home): green, blue, and red. Red is audible to humans, but green and blue are not. It can cover up to 120 square meters of ground.


The UV sanitizer wand that's portable & rechargeable

Again, many germs fall into the category of "sketchy" — but this UV wand can help remove 99.9% of them from various types of surfaces (from sofas to cell phones). It can be charged via USB and work for five hours each time. Not to mention, many reviewers wrote that it's "easy to use."


A versatile power bank that can be charged by the sun

Don't panic if there isn't an outlet around: This power bank can be charged by the sun, thanks to the built-in solar panels (however, it's best to make sure it's charged up before leaving for any trips just in case the sun isn't shining brightly). It can be charged up via USB and doubles as a flash light.


This anti-theft fanny pack with pockets that lock shut

This anti-theft fanny pack is functional and fashionable. It's made of rip-resistant nylon and boasts various zippered pockets that lock shut. There are even RFID-blocking compartments for things like passports and credit cards, and the straps are slash-proof.


These stretchy card sleeves that stick onto your phone

This elastic sleeve can stick onto the back of your phone and hold everything from credit cards to earbuds. That way, you won't have to walk around carrying a wallet if you don't have a bag or pockets. It attaches with a 3M adhesive and comes in various colors.


A portable UV sanitizer for your toothbrush

You can easily clean your bristles on the go with this portable toothbrush sanitizer. After it's shut (with your toothbrush in place), it'll shine ultraviolet lights for five minutes to help remove up to 99.9% of bacteria. Even if you're not traveling, it's great to keep at home and use from time to time.


This frosted privacy film that attaches via static

This frosted window film will keep your home bright while also adding a layer of privacy to your living space. It's simple to install by spritzing water onto the glass and carefully sliding the film on top, followed by scraping the bubbles away. This one is clear frosted, but you can choose from other hues like black, blue, and more.


The stainless steel water bottle that also stores your essentials

Not only is this stainless steel bottle able to store your water (and keep it cold), but it also boasts a bottom compartment where you can keep personal items like cash, cards, keys, and more. There's even a carabiner hook attached to you can connect it to your backpack or belt loops.


The glowing LED arm bands that glow during nighttime jogs

When it's already dark outside and you still want to go for a jog, these LED arm bands can be useful. The battery-powered accessories shine bright and are comfortable to wear. They come in various different colors and run off batteries (which are included).


The personal alarm that fits right on your keychain

These alarms are small, but loud. Each one is compact enough to fit on your keychain — but when it's set off, it'll emit a sound that you can hear up to 183 meters away. It also glows (thanks to the built-in light), and comes in a pack of six. That way, you can give some to your family and friends.


This meat thermometer to help prevent undercooked meals

Not only is this meat thermometer waterproof, but it's also extremely easy to ready (thanks to the big, bright LED screen). It's meant to be used while cooking to check the temperature of your meat, and it has a built-in magnet so you can store it on the fridge in between uses.


The rechargeable lighter that's completely flameless

This lighter doesn't use flames to set things on fire; it uses a plasma arc that's wind-proof. (Pretty cool, right?) Not to mention, it's also rechargeable and has glowing lights that'll show you the battery level when it's on. The gooseneck is also flexible enough to reach into those narrow candle holders.


This motion-detecting security lights that are powered by the sun

Unlike many other security lights that require electricity, these are powered by the sun. On top of that, they go on when they sense motion, and they're resistant to water, heat, and frost. They have over 14,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, with many customers writing that they're "super bright."


This outlet plug that puts your appliances on a timer

If you often forget to turn small appliances off before heading to work for the day, try incorporating this timer into your routine. After it's plugged into your outlet, it can set the attached appliance or lighting source to a timer for 24 hours (in 30-minute intervals).


The stick-one motion-activated night lights for your house

Instead of walking around in the dark during late-night bathroom or kitchen visits, install these stick-on night lights wherever you need to. They'll only go on when they detect motion, and they'll remain shining for 15 seconds each time. They also run on three AAA batteries each (which aren't included).


These heat-resistant oven mitts made of silicone

It's time to put your old cloth oven mitts in storage and start using these silicone oven mitts by Gorilla Grip. Since they're made of durable silicone and lined with soft polyester, they're resistant to temperatures up to 484 degrees Fahrenheit (as well as waterproof). Bonus: Thanks to the grippy texture, they're even slip-proof.