38 popular car upgrades people are making that are under $25

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

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According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Americans have been spending a lot of time in their cars — and it's only natural to want to create a comfy, welcoming space if you’re going to do a lot of driving. From custom rims to wrapped steering wheels and impressive stereo setups, there are tons of options for boosting your car’s appeal and comfort. However, upgrading your car can be a lot of fun — but it can also be expensive. I’ve got a plan when it comes to enhancing your car without breaking your budget: Head to Amazon where lots of great car upgrades are under $25.

When you’ve got an Amazon page open, finding cool stuff to create a custom car is as simple as reading reviews and clicking “Buy Now.” So many Amazon customers are willing to share their experiences — and often handy tips and tricks — with a range of automotive items that are often really inexpensive (like Bluetooth connectors and organizational seat gap covers).

You can clear out your console and glove box of those coins you’ve been stashing and spend them on some of my top picks for popular car upgrades that are under $25.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

This car trash can that offers extra pockets for storage

A simple commute has a way of creating a bit of trash. This car trash can helps keep it contained until you can toss it out. Reviewers love the generous 2-gallon capacity, and it even comes with liners to help get you started on a cleaner drive. It's available in eight colors to match your vehicle interior.

This simple adapter that updates your setup for Bluetooth

No Bluetooth connection? No problem. This Bluetooth 5.0 adaptor and transmitter lets you share your playlist and make and take calls using your car's stereo. Reviewers love the plug-and-play setup, and two USB ports let you charge up phones and tablets while you drive. Super simple.

This expandable trunk organizer with 3 large compartments

If you've ever opened your hatch to find a jumble of grocery bags, this trunk organizer is totally what you need. Three compartments offer easy organization for your purchases, sporting goods, and more. The whole thing collapses for storage between uses and expands to fit your car.

This car seat protector for dogs that comes with a travel bowl

Bring your dog along on your adventures without worrying about shedding on your seats with this car seat protector that fits in most back seats. The nonslip construction stays in place — even around corners. It even comes with a travel bowl, so you can keep your best friend fed on road trips and longer drives.

A premium steering wheel cover that helps you keep your grip

Update the look of your dash and keep your hands steady with this steering wheel cover. The anti-slip design helps improve your grip for safer driving, and it installs in just minutes on most standard steering wheels. This cover is available in 14 road-ready styles.

A adapter that puts two USB plugs in your car

Plug this USB car adapter into the lighter in your car and transform that socket into something you will use constantly. This adapter rapidly charges two phones — without overcharging or overheating — so that you and your passenger can juice up as you travel without having to trade off. It powers anything that plugs into a standard USB plug.

This unique steering wheel wrap that helps you keep your cool

You know that feeling when you get in your car after a day in the sun and the steering wheel is super hot? You can prevent that with this cooling steering wheel grip. A unique gel infusion keeps the surface cool in summer heat, while the universal construction slides easily into place. The plush, leather construction offers additional comfort on the road.

The all-weather floor mats that help protect your front & back seats

The salt and sludge of winter weather are no match for this set of all-weather floor mats. You get protection for both your front and rear compartments with ridged rubber mats that help keep water and salt from staining floors. These mats have generous nibs on the back to keep them from sliding under your feet. Pick from three color options.

This sunglasses holder that clips to your visor

You'll never lose your favorite shades again with this sunglasses holder in place on your visor. It clips over most standard visors for immediate use, and the velvet interior shouldn't scratch up lenses. This case is available in three colors to match your interior or your sense of style.

These reusable dip holders that clip to your car vents

Go ahead and open that pack of ketchup on your next fast food run. You can place it into these vent-mounted dip holders to eliminate the mess of eating on the run. It's universal to fit most mounts, and the durable construction handles years of road trip meals.

This 2-pack of backseat organizers for your littlest passengers

If you're traveling with passengers, these backseat organizers can be useful. You get two in the pack, and they strap easily onto the front driver and passenger seats, providing a spot to mount tablets for movies and stow snacks, drinks, and even crayons. One reviewer shared it's even nice for shorter road trips to keep kids occupied.

This magnetic mount for your phone that clips into the dash

Clip this barely noticeable magnetic phone mount to the vents in your car’s dash and you can mount just about any smartphone to it so you can see your phone hands-free. The phone rotates 360 degrees, stays put, and is easy to grab when you get out of the car. It’s so small, you can easily take it traveling to avoid paying extra for mount in your rental car.

A visor-mounted mask holder that ensures you don't leave home without one

Forgot your mask? It won't happen again if you have this visor-mounted mask holder in place. The refillable design holds up to 20 disposable three-ply masks, with 10 included in the purchase. A generous opening offers easy access while keeping your masks off the floor or rearview mirror.

These headrest hooks that provide instant extra storage

Hang your jacket and your bag on these car seat headrest hooks to keep them secure on your ride. The universal design fits most headrests and keeps your purse from spilling over and your coat from crumpling. Some reviewers recommend it for holding your facemasks.

A universal phone mount that works with most phones & vehicles

Keep your phone secure and visible with this one-touch dash-mount holder. When in use, the holder will automatically grip your phone — and it's compatible with most newer models. It even has a telescopic arm with a pivoting head for super-comfortable viewing. Plus, a suction-cup holder with a sturdy dash pad provides reliable hold.

These cable clips that keep wires out of the way when you're driving

Charging cables snaking across your car can be a huge distraction. This set of cable clips helps keep them in place and out of the way as you drive. The simple design features an adhesive back and sticks in place in just seven seconds. Black in color, these clips blend easily into your dash.

A clip-on panoramic rearview mirror that expands your view

See the whole backseat and the vehicles around you with this panoramic rearview mirror. It clips over most standard rearview mirrors — in cars, SUVs, and even trucks — for simple installation and helps eliminate blind spots for safer driving. As one reviewer wrote, "buy it yesterday."

This mini essential oil diffuser and humidifier that fits in your cupholder

Keep calm and drive on with this compact car diffuser. The cool thing is that it fits right in your cupholder and mists the air when you add your favorite essential oils. Simply plug it into your car's USB port and the flip the switch. It even has seven soothing colored light options.

This auto ignition protector that's inspired by 'Iron Man'

Defend your start-and-stop button against the forces of evil — or scratches, dirt, and nicks — with this Iron Man-inspired ignition cover. The zinc alloy construction delivers a sturdy, upscale look and highlights your allegiance to Marvel Comics. A simple setup adheres over your the ignition ring for a factory-installed look.

This sun visor organizer that holds your credit cards, pens & more

Working on the road is a little bit easier with this convenient sun visor organizer. Multiple compartments make it easy to organize your stuff and keep it within reach. A zippered compartment is great for documents and paperwork, and the mesh pocket holds other essentials. This organizer even has a clip for your sunglasses and slots for credit cards.

A universal dash grip that keeps your essentials close at hand

If your car's a little light on storage, you might need this dash grip pad. An adhesive backing sticks directly on your dash, creating a seamless built-in look. Use the mount for phones and tablets up to 7 inches in size. This mount features a center divider to help keep your sunglasses in place.

A 2-pack of tire pressure gauges for at home & on the go

Keep one of these tire pressure gauges in your car and another in your garage so you never go without. Four settings let you check bicycle, car, and truck tires, and the backlit display is easy to read. This gauge has an ergonomic grip for effortless handling.

A headrest-mounted dual fan that helps your passengers keep their cool

Cool off your backseat passengers with this headrest-mounted car fan. It mounts in minutes and connects to your car's 12-volt auxiliary adapter for continuous use, and the fan heads rotate for effective cooling. Many reviewers recommend this fan for use in hotter areas where AC is sometimes just not enough.

This expandable clothes bar that easily handles your dry cleaning

Those little built-in hooks are often not enough for hanging your clothes for travel. This extendable clothes bar reaches across the length of your car so you can hang your clothes and keep them from wrinkles and damage. The cushioned construction helps eliminate sliding, and the bar extends from 35 to 56 inches.

These LED strip lights that provide cool illumination for your ride

Light up the night and make your car look slick with these LED interior car lights. Four strings on two lines let you outline driver and passenger floorboards, and 48 brilliant LEDs offer an impressive glow. Use the Govee home app to customize the 16 million colors.

A 2-inch blind spot mirror that helps give you a better view

You can help eliminate blind spots on the road or while backing out of your garage with this set of two blind spot mirrors. Swivel mounting brackets help you adjust your view, and installation is as simple as removing the backing and setting them in place. "Of all the ones I've purchased, this seemed to fit and look the best," one reviewer wrote.

This honeycomb gel seat cushion for your car seat & office desk

This universal car seat cushion is so very comfy that you'll want to bring it from your car to your desk. It's constructed with squishy, yet sturdy honeycomb gel that's well-ventilated for breathability, and it comes with a machine-washable cover that's just as cozy.

A charcoal air freshener that hooks to your headrest

You can freshen the air in your car — instead of simply scenting it — with this bamboo charcoal air freshener. It hooks to your headrest, and the natural properties of charcoal absorb unwanted odors throughout your space for up to 365 days.

This cleaning gel that leaves no dust or hair behind

Remember when you first got your car and it was spotless? This clever cleaning putty lets you experience that again. The moldable construction fits into vents, nooks, and crannies to remove dust, hair, and crumbs. It's reusable until it turns dark, letting you keep your car showroom-clean. It even smells like lavenders.

A set of car coasters that save your cup holders from spills

Sticky cupholders are gone for good with these simple car coasters. The deep rubber cups hold crumbs, liquid, and other messes until you can empty them out — and two sizes fit most vehicle cupholders. Convenient tabs on the top make them easy to remove, and the black color matches a variety of finishes.

A 2-pack of water-repellent windshield treatments

When wipers can't keep up in wet or snowy weather, this water repellent for your windshield provides a useful assist. Apply to your exterior windshield in just seconds and be amazed as it repels rain, snow, and even sleet using water beading technology. You get two bottles in the order.

This reflective sun shade that helps protects your interior from heat

Cars heat up quickly in the sun, but this windshield sun shade helps block damaging UV rays from your accessories and upholstery by using durable polyester material. When not in use, it can be folded up for easy storage in the included bag.

This car vacuum that comes with extra filters & attachments

Ensure your car stays as neat as the day you brought it home with this handheld car vacuum. The versatile design can pick up wet or dry messes, using powerful 12-volt suction. An onboard filter — you even get extras — removes dust from the air, and two attachments let you get into crevices and cracks.

A universal headrest mount that holds tablets from 7 to 10 inches

Traveling with backseat passengers is totally no trouble with this tablet mount for headrests. It mounts in place easily with an elastic construction and hook-and-loop closure, and the universal design holds 7- to 11-inch tablets securely. The versatile design works with or without a case.

A handy emergency tool that cuts through thick seatbelt webbing

This emergency tool is made to cut thick seatbelts and push through window glass, helping to provide a quick exit from the vehicle if needed. It's lightweight and attaches to your keychain for carrying, and it's even backed by dozens of first responder reviews.

This soft seatbelt pad lined with faux sheepskin

Wearing your seatbelt just got cozier, all thanks to this seatbelt cover. It's lined with faux sheepskin and uses Velcro to stay in place. Plus, it comes in different colors to match your car's aesthetic — and at the time of publication, it's considered a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

A faux leather wallet for your car registration & insurance

Keeping track of your essential car documents has never been easier, because this wallet keeps everything together. It's made with faux leather and has clear pockets for your registration, insurance, ID cards, and more. Plus, it's available in six colors (including a rose gold option).

This mini vanity light for your visor

This mirror can be attached to the visor in your car with the included Velcro straps — and when it's connected to power via USB, it glows with white or yellow LED bulbs. It's also controlled by touch, making it simple to navigate.