40 clever products Amazon reviewers think are the best things since sliced bread


Here's some advice: Always read the reviews. More often than not, they'll let you know the nitty-gritty details that the manufacturer doesn't tell you. (I can't tell you how many times they've saved me from wasting money.) As for the products I've gathered for you below? Reviewers think they're some of the most clever inventions since sliced bread, so you know they've gotta be quality.

Don't worry — I've already done all the necessary review-reading for you. But if you'd like an example of why it's so important to check them out in the future, direct your attention to this acupressure mat and pillow set. The description says that it can help alleviate back pain and headaches naturally, all by simply lying on it for a few minutes a day. Admittedly, that sounds dubious at best. Yet one look at the reviews reveals thousands of people who have found it helpful, with many happily using it on an everyday basis.

Interested in more? Keep scrolling for some of the most clever products that reviewers can't get enough of — but hurry. That acupressure set won't be in stock forever, you know.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


The digital camera that instantly prints your photos

Want the convenience of a Polaroid camera, but better photo quality? Take a look at this digital instant-print camera from Kodak. When fully charged, it can print up to 25 pictures before you need to plug it in again. And with a five-megapixel lens, your photos come out looking crystal-clear.


A shampoo brush that gently massages your scalp

With soft rubber tips that gently scrub away dirt and grime, this shampoo brush turns any shower into a spa-like experience. It also vibrates, which is great for massaging any sore spots on your body after a long day — and the plastic housing is even waterproof to help prevent short-circuiting.


These facial sponges made from 100% cellulose

Not only are these facial sponges made from 100% eco-friendly cellulose, but they're also gentle enough for everyday use — even if you have sensitive skin. "Easy to store and travel with," wrote one reviewer. "I use them for removing my makeup, and it gets all of it off successfully."


A strap that helps you do those extra-deep stretches

Whether you're getting ready to go jogging or spend the day on the sofa, this strap can help you stretch out so you're nice and loose. 10 individual loops help you do those extra-deep moves that normally require assistance from a second person — and since it's made from tough nylon, there's virtually zero chance of it tearing.


The medicine ball that that comes in a variety of weights

Medicine balls are perfect home gym equipment, as they can be used for both lower, and upper body workouts. This one in particular is even great for people of all skill levels, as it's available in weights ranging from 4 to 20 pounds. Plus, the rubber exterior gives it some added grip while you're tossing it around.


A fabric shaver made with stainless steel blades

Whether your sweaters are a little too fuzzy or you've got pills on your leggings, this fabric shaver can help. The stainless steel blades effortlessly slices through excess material, breathing new life into tired garments. But the best part? All it needs is two AA batteries.


This acupressure mat that can help alleviate soreness

You only need to lie on this acupressure mat for as little as 10 minutes — the thousands of raised points will dig deep into your muscles, helping alleviate soreness and tension. Reviewers raved about the effect it had on their back pain, with one going so far as to write that "it's a game changer."


These washcloths that gently exfoliate away dead skin

Whereas the towels in your bathroom are likely made from cotton, these ones are made from lightweight nylon that gently exfoliates away dead skin as you scrub. They can also stimulate blood circulation in your skin, leaving it glowing post-shower — and they're even long enough to scrub the center of your back.


The bathtub tray made from classy bamboo

Designed to fit most tubs, this tray is a classy addition to any bathroom. It's made from sleek bamboo that complements any style — and unlike other trays, this one has been treated so that it's resistant to mold and mildew.


An organizer for that messy drawer of plasticware lids

Every kitchen has at least one drawer that's filled with mismatched plasticware — so grab this organizer to help tidy it up. The dividers are adjustable, making it easy to fit lids of nearly any size. Plus, it's ready to go right out of the box without any complicated set-up required.


This roll-up bath mat adds style to any bathroom

I don't have to tell you how stylish this bath mat is — one look at it is enough to tell you the same. Not only is it made from 100% bamboo, but the ventilated design allows it to roll up, and dry quickly. Plus, there's even a non-slip backing to keep you from slipping.


A deep-conditioning treatment with a touch of color

If your color is beginning to fade, this deep-conditioning treatment will deposit semi-permanent color to help stretch out the time between appointments. It's available in nine different shades — from brown to lilac — and reviewers raved about how soft it made their strands.


The socks that won't show above your shoes

Some outfits demand no-show socks, so why not check out these ones? They're made from a breathable cotton blend with a hint of spandex for stretch, while three silicone strips at the heel keep them from falling down into your shoes.


These ice gloves that can help soothe puffiness

Keep these ice globes in the fridge, and they'll be ready to help soothe inflammation the next time your face is looking a little puffy. You can also use them to help decompress after a long day — and one reviewer even wrote that "they really work, and feel wonderful!"


This sunscreen specifically made for your scalp & hair

Don't let your colored strands fade in the sun — use this sunscreen to help keep them looking vibrant, even after long days at the beach. SPF30 protects you from the sun's intense rays, while a proprietary blend of antioxidants work to strengthen hair. The best part? It's water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.


These natural berries that'll wash your clothes

If you're looking for natural alternatives to detergent, search no further than these soap berries. Simply toss a few into the wash with your clothes like you would with laundry pods, and they'll get your clothes just as clean — if not cleaner — than regular soap.


The handle that keeps your hands clear from melting popsicles

If you don't eat your popsicle fast enough, it'll wind up melting down your arm — unless you've got one of these handles. They're designed to fit a variety of popsicle sticks, while the built-in straw lets you sip up anything that's melted.


An insulated sleeve to keep your iced coffee chilled

Available in dozens of fun colors and prints, this insulated sleeve is a must-have if you want your iced coffee to stay chilled all morning long. The extra-thick neoprene also prevents condensation, keeping your hands nice and dry while you sip. Plus, it'll even stretch to fit larger cups.


This eye pillow filled with calming lavender

Trying to doze off for a nap in the middle of the day? This eye pillow not only blocks out light, but the flax seed filling also exerts gentle pressure on your eyes to help you relax. And unlike some eye pillows, this one also has lavender inside — which is great for helping to ease your mind after a long day.


A spot remover that doesn't require rinsing or vacuuming

Give your dirty carpet a few spritzes of this spot remover, then sit back and watch as stains melt away — no scrubbing or vacuuming necessary. The formula is completely non-toxic as well as non-irritating. Plus, reviewers even raved about how effective it is on red wine stains.


The kit that cleans deep into dirty dryer vents

Lint built-up can impede your dryer's performance, resulting in higher energy bills — so grab this kit. The hose attaches onto nearly any vacuum, allowing you to clean deep into clogged lint traps and vents. And if your dryer is already spotless? One reviewer found that it also works great for cleaning the tight spaces underneath your fridge and oven.


The mounts that let you hang up your pump shower bottles

Designed to fit nearly any pump-style bottle, these mounts let you hang up your shampoos and soaps so that they don't clutter up the edge of your tub. The suction cup on the back keeps them in place — and the suction is so strong that it can safely hold up to 8 pounds.


These beads that get oddly-shaped glassware sparkling

Vases, decanters, water pipes — if you've got some oddly-shaped glassware that brushes can't scrub, make sure to take a look at these beads. Simply pour them inside with a little soap and water, then swirl them around. They'll slowly etch away dirt and grime as they tumble so that your glassware is left sparkling.


The steamer pucks that release soothing scents in the shower

Prefer taking showers to baths, but wish you could still enjoy a bath bomb every now and then? Place one of these steamer pucks over your drain, and it'll release soothing essential oils as it gradually dissolves. Each order comes with six scents, including lemongrass, vanilla, cherry blossom, and more.


The portable dry-erase pad for quick notes

Need to jot down a few ideas before they fade away? Just whip out this portable dry-erase pad and scribble away to your heart's desire. The hard cover keeps the board safe from scratches or accidental wiping, and there's even a magnetic kickstand on the back you can use to prop it up.


A tiny vacuum cleaner made for tiny messes

Whether you've got crumbs or dust littered all across your tabletop, this tiny vacuum cleaner can get the job done. It's made from high-quality ABS plastic, while the bristles are made from tough nylon that won't fray easily. Plus, the rechargeable battery even lasts for up to three hours.


This soap dispenser with space for a sponge

Fill this dispenser up with dish soap, place a sponge on top, then gently press down — the sponge will get injected with the perfect amount of soap to get your dishes sparkling. Not only is it an easy way to minimize waste, but each order also comes with three sponges included.


A gadget that seals your snack bags shut for later

Folding your snack bags still lets air inside, turning them stale before you're able to finish them. This little gadget, on the other hand, seals your bags shut so that snacks stay fresh for later — and there's even a built-in blade so that you can also use it to open your bags back up.


The shower head that filters out chlorine & fluoride

Chlorine removes the natural oils found in your skin and hair, which can cause them to dry out over time — so grab this shower head. The filter cartridge contains a blend of vitamin C and detoxifying minerals, helping to remove fluoride and chlorine form your water. Plus, installation only takes a few minutes.


An alarm clock that forces you to get up

If you're one of those people who always hits "Snooze" instead of getting up, this alarm clock is for you. Not only is it incredibly loud, but it'll also start rolling away if you don't turn it off quickly enough. It literally forces you to get out of bed and chase it around — and by that point, you might as well stay up.


These platforms that help prevent drippy messes

Tired of discovering your detergent bottles have left a soapy mess of drips all over? Just pop one of these platforms around the spigot — it'll catch any stray drips, and give you a handy spot to keep the cup. And since there are slats on the bottom, the cup won't get stuck sitting in a soapy mess.


A coffee cup that collapses to save space

Instead of using that wasteful paper coffee cup, why not try out this reusable one and save yourself some money down the road? Not only is it made from food-grade silicone, but it also collapses so that it takes up hardly any space in your bag. Choose from more than 20 colors, including a gorgeous shade of steel blue.


The panel that gives your monitor space for notes

Need a convenient spot to post some notes? This panel sticks to the side of your monitor, giving you the perfect place to keep a few reminders — and there's even space for your phone at the bottom. "This is exactly what I needed to keep myself organized," wrote one reviewer. "The adhesive is awesome. It's not going anywhere!!"


These toothpaste caps that close themselves

Replace your plastic toothpaste caps with these silicone ones, and they'll automatically close themselves once you've finished squeezing out your toothpaste. Each order comes with three, or enough for the entire household — and one reviewer even referred to it as a "miracle product!"


This wireless keyboard made for tablets & smartphones

Ever wish you could just type on a regular keyboard when using your smartphone? This keyboard not only has space to hold phones and tablets, but it also connects to them wirelessly via Bluetooth. Plus, the rechargeable battery lasts for more than 40 hours.


A slicer that cuts vegetables into even pieces

Whether you're cutting up zucchini or lemons, this slicer can divvy it up into six even wedges. The blades are located inside the tube, which helps keep you safe from accidental cuts. But the best part? Reviewers raved about how it's a total "time-saver" in the kitchen.


The aerated bar that helps soap last longer

Letting your bars of soap dry on the countertop typically ends in a mess of suds and soap scum. This aerated bar not only keeps your counters clean, but it also helps your bars dry quickly so that they'll last longer. Choose from four colors: white, grey, dark grey, or cream.


A water fountain made for pets

My little French bulldog drinks way more water out of this water fountain than he did out of his bowl — and I don't blame him. The activated carbon filter removes impurities, ensuring that your pet is getting the freshest water possible. Plus, each order comes with a non-slip pad to keep it from shifting around.


These reusable grocery bags that hold themselves open

With sturdy bars at the openings, these reusable grocery bags stay open while you're shopping so that it's easy to fill them up. And while each one can hold more than 50 pounds' worth of items, they can still fold down to a fraction of their size for easy storage.


A desk fan you can take with you

Small enough for your desk — or your suitcase — this personal fan is a great choice when it comes to staying cool in the heat. It's got a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to six hours, and the wind speed is even adjustable. Plus, it also has an LED light — just in case you need a quick night light.