42 things that significantly upgrade your backyard for under $35 on Amazon

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

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Designing your outdoor space isn't cheap. From buying flowers to shoveling dirt, sprucing up your yard takes effort — and money. But you don't have to spend a ton to get your outside looking picture-perfect. In fact, there are dozens of products on Amazon that'll significantly upgrade your backyard, all for less than $35.

I know what you're thinking — "If they're that cheap, how much of an upgrade can they really provide?" Truthfully, I was blown away at how many of these are genuinely useful. Take the miniature grill, for example. At less than 5 pounds, it's perfect for tight balconies or small patios (and who doesn't love a freshly-cooked steak?). Or, if you're looking for decor, there's also a large canopy you can use to add shade to hot yards, as well as waterproof pillowcases that come in vibrant colors. But personally? I'm a huge fan of this inflatable lounger — especially when I'm out camping, or running around at a music festival with friends.

Working with a budget doesn't mean you can't spruce up your yard into something out of Better Homes & Gardens. And since all the backyard upgrades I've gathered for you here are $35 or less, you'll likely be able to grab more than a few. Trust me — your yard will thank you for it.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


A beer bottle opener that mounts to your wall

Not only can you mount this bottle opener to a wall, but it also comes with a magnet that catches caps when they go flying. Each order comes with screws for easy installation — and it's made from tough stainless steel, not plastic.


This lawn game that you can take with you

Looking for a game you can play everywhere from your backyard to the beach? Search no further than Slammo. It collapses down neatly into a travel-friendly drawstring bag — and it's so light that even children can carry it. "It's challenging, yet lots of fun," wrote one reviewer. "And way more portable [and] lightweight than our cornhole game!"


A DEET-free mosquito repellent that lasts for up to 12 hours

A few mosquitos can quickly ruin an evening outside — so grab this repellent. Unlike DEET-laden sprays, it uses a smoke-free and flameless cartridge to keep mosquitos at bay. Plus, each included cartridge comes with enough fuel for up to 12 hours' worth of protection.


The light that illuminates your patio table

Eating underneath your patio umbrella at night? This light will help you see where everything is — and it clamps onto your umbrella pole without any tools needed. Just supply four of your own AA batteries, and it'll be ready to illuminate everything from meals to card games.


A pack of Mason jar lights powered by the sun

Just imagine how cute these Mason jar lights will look scattered throughout your patio — and since there's a solar panel built into every lid, you don't even have to worry about switching out batteries. Or, if it's been cloudy outside, you also have the option of using one AAA battery per lid to power them up.


These water-resistant inserts made for outdoor pillows

Water-resistant and hypoallergenic, these inserts are specifically made for outdoor use — though they're so comfortable you might even find yourself using them inside. Each one is made right here in the United States, and they come in nine different sizes to suit nearly any throw cover.


A pair of throw covers that come in gorgeously vibrant shades

With more than 20 rich, vibrant shades to choose from, these throw pillow covers are an easy way to add a splash of color to your patio. They're made from waterproof canvas — and the zippers are even hidden in order to prevent clothing snags.


The charcoal grill that weighs less than 5 pounds

If your patio or balcony isn't big enough for a full-sized grill, you can still get your BBQ on with this compact one. At less than 5 pounds, it takes up hardly any space — and you can easily take it with you to your next tailgate.


A thick coaster that collects drips & condensation

With raised grooves that siphon away drips and condensation, these coasters are an easy way to help prevent water rings on your table. They're also non-slip, which helps prevent accidental spills — and you can even use them as trivets since they're made from heat-resistant silicone.


The screen door that closes itself for you

Leaving your screen door open is an invitation for bugs to fly inside — so grab this self-closing one. The center opening is lined with magnets that'll instantly seal themselves shut once you've passed through, and it even works great with pets. "Our dogs run right in and out," wrote one reviewer. "It snaps back together quickly and efficiently with ease!"


A bowling game that's fun for the whole family

If you're looking for a game that the whole family can enjoy — from little kids to grandparents — search no further than this backyard bowling set. Rather than plastic, the pins are made from genuine New Zealand pine. And since each order comes with a tote bag, you can even take it with you on trips.


This pump that turns bird baths into water fountains

Ever wish you could have a gorgeous fountain out in your yard? Just buy a cheaper bird bath, then add this pump to the center. The built-in solar panel means there's no need to purchase batteries. Plus, each order comes with six interchangeable nozzles to change up the water's height and shape.


A set of roasting sticks with thousands of positive reviews

Whether you're roasting marshmallows or hot dogs, these sticks help you do it from a comfortable distance. The handles are telescopic, allowing you to adjust how closest you have to sit to the fire. Plus, the handles are made from real wood that won't grow hot over time.


The citronella candles in stylishly printed tins

Made with 100% soy wax, these citronella candles will help keep pests away while you're relaxing outside. Each one burns for up to 80 hours — and the printed tins are a cute touch on any patio. "The citrus smell is better than the OFF Products I've purchased previously," wrote one reviewer. "Also, I haven't seen containers nicer than these."


A set of wine glasses that won’t break

Drop these wine glasses as many times as you like — they won't shatter. Each one is made from tough stainless steel that's not only 100% break-proof, but also keeps your white wine or cocktails extra cold and crisp. Plus, you can choose your pack of four glasses in one of 16 different hues.


This giant canopy that adds shade to hot patios

The next time your patio gets too hot for comfort, try putting up this canopy. It's made from thick, high-quality fabric that blocks up to 95% of the sun's UV rays. And with four colors to choose from — graphite, cream, sand, or terra — there's one to suit any style.


These lawn stakes that hold your wine glass for you

Whether you're relaxing at the beach or throwing a BBQ at home, these stakes will give everyone a convenient place to set their wine glasses. They're made from heavy-duty steel — and you can even adjust their height using the included wrench.


The hammock that can fit 2 people

Made from extra-sturdy parachute fabric that can support up to 500 pounds, this hammock is a must-have for your next camping trip. Not only does it give you a comfortable place to relax, but it even folds down into a small drawstring you can clip to your bag.


A flameless tiki torch that flickers like real fire

With its powerful solar battery that lasts for up to 10 hours, this LED stake is a safer alternative to fiery tiki torches. The light flickers just like real flame — and the lights can withstand practically any weather.


The extra-large blanket that's perfect for picnics

Whether you're out for a picnic or sitting in lawn seats for a concert, this extra-large blanket has got you (and your butt) covered. The tough PEVA backing is waterproof — and it even rolls up neatly so that it's easy to take with you.


A smart outlet you can use outside

Ever wish you could put your patio lights on an automatic schedule? This smart plug lets you do just that — and since it's also weatherproof, there's no need to worry about using it outside. Plus, if you pair it with Google Home or Alexa, you can even control your devices using voice commands.


This Bluetooth speaker that lets you answer calls in the shower

Not only is this Bluetooth speaker waterproof, but its built-in microphone also lets you answer calls handsfree — all while you're in the shower. The suction cup on the back lets you stick it to your shower wall, and the rechargeable battery even lasts for up to 12 hours.


This hanging planter to spruce up your patio

This cool geometric planter will make you want to develop a green thumb if you don’t already have one. Hang this ceramic pot near your patio or anywhere else in your backyard that you want to spruce up, and give your flowers, leafy plants, or herbs a new place to thrive. The materials to hang (the leather rope and brass wire frame holder) are included.


The outdoor lights that are powered by the sun

You don't have to figure out any complicated wiring with these lights — just hang them up wherever you like outside, and the solar panels on the top will keep them powered. They're also waterproof, and even have motion sensors in order to help save the batteries.


A wind chime that lights up at night

Made with LED bulbs that last for up to 100,000 hours, this wind chime adds soothing sounds, and light to your patio. The colors change at random, softly transitioning from one to the other — and the solar-powered battery lasts for up to eight hours when charged.


These glowing rocks for walkways and aquariums

Your options are almost endless with these small glowing rocks. Add them to aquariums and koi ponds for a fun touch, or even scatter them along your walkway. They look green in the daytime, blending seamlessly into your landscaping — and one reviewer even wrote that "they glisten in direct sunlight."


A portable fan you can wrap onto nearly anything

With flexible octopus legs you can wrap around handlebars, headrests, and more, this portable fan is an absolute gamechanger. It runs at an ultra-silent level — just in case you use it at the office — and the rechargeable battery even lasts for up to three full days.


The pouches that turn your campfire fun colors

Toss one of these pouches into your campfire, and it'll begin to light up with brilliant colors. They're safe to use regardless of where the flames are — from backyard fire pits to indoor fireplaces. The best part? Reviewers raved about how the colors lasted "longer than expected."


A gadget that boosts weak wi-fi signals

If the wi-fi in your house is spotty, this gadget can help boost the signal by up to 1,000 square feet. It's powerful enough to maintain connections with as many as 15 devices — and it's designed to work with any router, gateway, or cable modem.


The door mat that traps dirt before it can get inside your home

Unlike some door mats, this one features a slightly-raised pattern that helps trap dirt so that it doesn't make it inside your home. It's made from tough, wear-resistant material — and the color is fade-resistant, even in direct sunlight. Choose from three colors: gray, brown, or black.


A spray that repels water from your upholstery

Don't let spills ruin your patio furniture — use this spray to keep your upholstery looking spotless. Not only does it repel water so that it flows right off surfaces, but it also helps reduce fading caused by UV light. "In Miami, we have showers and brutal heat and sun," wrote one reviewer. "I find by spraying fabric front and back, my flags remain fade-free longer than without spray."


This adjustable net that keeps bugs away

Mosquitoes, bees, flies — this net is made from fine mesh that keeps all sorts of flying pests away. The tubes on the bottom are weighted, which helps keep the net from shifting around in the wind. Plus, the double-zipper system makes it easy to enter and exit.


These walkway lights that are easy to install

You don't need help from a professional to get a chic walkway — just press these lights into the ground. There's no wiring necessary, and the built-in solar panels keeps them powered for up to 10 hours. Plus, they're waterproof as well as rust-resistant.


The light that helps you see what you're grilling

Grilling in the dark is an easy way to wind up with an inedible meal — so grab these lights. They're made with magnetic bases that let you stick them to your grill, while the flexible goosenecks can be adjusted to point in any direction. The best part? Batteries even come included.


These mesh tents that protect your food from bugs

Sometimes you just can't do anything about how many bugs are outside — but you can at least protect your food with these tents. They're tall enough to accommodate larger dishes or bowls, and you can even use them indoors to help keep your pets from taking a nibble.


This ring swing game that's surprisingly addictive

The rules of this ring swing are simple: stand as far back as you think you need, then release the ring and let it swing. The ring should swoop onto the hook if you eyeballed it correctly — and if not, then you'll just have to try again, again, and again. Consider it a must-have if you're looking for fun outdoor games, but don't have the space of a backyard.


An inflatable stool that can hold up to 260 pounds

Need a few extra seats on your patio? This inflatable stool is the perfect place to sit in a pinch, as it's made from tough PVC that can support up to 260 pounds. The outside is lined with soft fabric, so it looks like a real ottoman — even though it costs significantly less.


The sprinkler that'll help keep your yard looking green

With 16 clog-resistant spray nozzles, this oscillating sprinkler makes it easy to keep your yard looking green — and it's designed to work with any standard garden hose. The connection is also leak-resistant, and reviewers even raved about how it's the "best sprinkler" they've "ever owned."


A bird feeder that gives you an up-close view

Stick this feeder to your window, and you'll get a front row view of any birds that come by for a snack. The suction cups are extra-strong, so there's no need to worry about them shaking loose — and squirrels even have a hard time accessing the seed depending on where you put it.


A float with built-in cup holders for your poolside cocktail

Take relaxation to a whole new level with this kitschy inflatable pool lounger that has a special cup holder to keep a refreshing drink by your side. This watermelon pool float is super durable, easy to inflate, and big enough for you to fit your entire body on it while you float around your pool on a hot summer day.


A deck of cards that's completely waterproof

Go ahead and throw these cards into the pool — they're so waterproof that you'll be able to play with them right after you retrieve them off the bottom. And unlike some waterproof cards, these ones are flexible enough that they're easy to shuffle.

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