43 things that save you money you'll wish you knew about sooner

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I may splurge on a few things, but I also search high and low for products to help protect my investments so I can enjoy them for years to come. Whether it’s an expensive leather couch or my weekly grocery bill, I’m always looking for ways to extend the life of the things I buy. So I put together a list of these 43 things that save you money that you’ll wish you knew about sooner. I’ve shopped around for the best prices, most reviews, and highest-rated goods that will keep you under budget.

On this list, you’ll find a handful of reusable products that will save you money over time. You can stop adding paper towels, dryer sheets, K-cups, and even dryer sheets to your shopping list by replacing them with reusable versions. Not only are these products cost-effective (since you only have to buy them once), but the planet will thank you. Trust me, you’ll wonder how you went this long buying single-use products.

Another way to save money is to invest in products that help you repair your favorite clothes, furniture, or products. Check out the lint remover I added or the glasses repair kit that comes with 38 pieces to fix loose or crooked glasses. I also included some products that ensure you get the most out of your purchases, such as a stain shield or a green bag that makes produce last longer. These little costs can add up, and shopping smart will save you time and money in the end.

You may regret just finding out about these products, however, I guarantee you won’t have buyer's remorse with any of these budget-friendly finds.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


These vacuum wine stoppers that keep wine fresh for a week

Go ahead, open that next bottle of wine. If you don’t finish it all, you can use these vacuum wine stoppers to keep your wine fresh for up to 7 extra days. Just stick the silicone wine stopper into the bottle and use the vacuum to suck out extra air. You'll never waste wine again. At $13 for the pair, you'll want to stock up on gifts for friends.


These microfiber pads for mopping that you can wash and reuse

No need to buy refills for your favorite wet and dry mop, because these reusable microfiber pads will save you money. This pack of two is less than $10 and has earned more than 3,000 reviews. The pad is machine washable and fits onto a Swiffer Sweeper to pick up dirt, pet hair, and debris. It can even mop hardwood, tile, laminate or other flooring types. The folded edges make it easy to clean baseboards and corners.


The wool dryer balls that are reusable for 4 years

Stop buying dryer sheets and opt for these wool dryer balls instead — which can be used over and over to cut costs and reduce waste. Just toss these in the dryer for softer fabric without static. These wool balls dry laundry up to 25% faster to save you time and money. You can even add some essential oils to the wool balls for an extra fresh scent. Each ball lasts up to four years and can even help promote better airflow in your dryer.


These furniture markers to make your furniture look brand new for less

Bring your old, tired and possibly dinged, nicked, and damaged furniture back to life with this furniture repair kit. It comes with 13 markers and wax sticks, as well as a sharpener to fill in holes and imperfections on wood. Just color in the imperfections with the matching color or combination of colors. The pack features six wood colors, including maple, oak, and mahogany. They're just $9 and have earned more than 16,000 reviews on Amazon.


A toothpaste tube squeezer that saves you money

Use this toothpaste squeezer to get all the toothpaste out of and make each tube go further, which will save you money. It’s easy to use and even works for paints, creams, or makeup. Just twist the wringer tool to get the excess toothpaste out and save a ton of money (and time). This pack of two is just $11 and is available in six different finishes.


These fridge mats that keep your produce fresher longer

If you're tired of spending money on produce, just for it to go bad in your fridge, then you'll love these affordable fruit and veggie mats. These special fridge liners extend the life of your produce. They're made with a special anti-mold material that absorbs moisture and protects fruits and veggies from spoiling and against odors and bruising. The foam layer circulates air throughout the fridge, helping your produce last longer.


These stretchy silicone lids that keep leftovers fresh

You can save a bit of money, and the planet, by avoiding single-use plastic wrap and buying these silicone lids instead. They stretch over jars, cups, bowls, or other containers so you can stop searching for matching lids or using food wrap that just ends up in the trash. These BPA-free lids, which come six in a pack, are safe in the dishwasher, freezer, and microwave. They create an air-tight seal over your leftovers and are completely reusable.


This door stopper that eliminates drafts and cuts power costs

These weather-stripping door draft stoppers fit onto your door to keep out sound and light and regulate temperature — which could save you money on your electrical bill. The dual-layer seal traps heat in or out, depending on the season — and installing it is as easy as cutting it to size, peeling back the adhesive tape, and sticking it onto your door. You can use it anywhere to close gaps in garages, basements, beds, or even cabinets. At just $9, you'll want one for every door in your house.


These reusable storage bags that stand up on their own

Say goodbye to adding sandwich bags to your grocery list and stock up on these reusable storage bags. They are better for the planet and so durable that your food will stay secure inside without spilling. These dishwasher and microwave-safe bags stand up on their own, which makes it so much easier to transfer leftovers and ingredients into them without making a mess. This pack of eight comes with four large and four medium airtight bags.


This clog dissolver that clears your pipes for less than a plumber

Avoid an expensive bill from the plumber by always keeping this clog dissolver on hand. It dissolves hair, soap, paper, and even grease to clear and unclog drains. It works in minutes to liquify any gunk, giving you free-flowing drains and pipes for just $12. It’s safe to use on septic systems, sewer systems, PVC and copper, and steel and iron pipes. This 31-ounce bottle has more than 54,000 reviews and a 4.2-star rating.


These silicone food huggers that keep food fresh to save money

Don’t throw away half-eaten veggies anymore — save them with these food huggers. They are reusable silicone covers that replace your need for plastic bags or storage containers — saving you money. They’re made with zero plastic and fit over produce to create an airtight seal. Plus you can wash them in the dishwasher — and this price is hard to beat.


The reusable bamboo towels so you never have to buy paper towels again

These reusable bamboo towels are the money-saver you've been looking for. Just one set replaces up to six months of paper towels — which means you're saving the planet while also saving yourself money. Each roll has 20 perforated sheets. Use them like standard paper towels, except when you’re done, toss them in the wash. You can wash them 120 times before they need to be replaced. They’re soft yet tough and will hold their own in a variety of cleaning scenarios.


These freshness balls that make your produce last longer

When food goes bad, it feels like you’re just throwing money in the garbage, but this unique produce freshness ball keeps your fruits and veggies fresher for longer to save you money. The non-toxic Bluapple (which literally looks like a blue apple), sits in your fridge and absorbs and neutralizes ethylene gas, which slows down the ripening process. The secret is the small white packets inside the Bluapple, which last 90 days and will need to be replaced, although the apple itself is reusable. One reviewer noted, “I'm so happy with my purchase because these keep my produce fresher for much longer than normal. [...] These should be in everyone's fridges!” This pack comes with two blue apples.


A tiny spatula that gets every bit of product out of a bottle

Never leave jelly, ketchup, moisturizer, or other liquid and cream products unused, thanks to this flexible spatula. The extra skinny spatula is designed to fit into any bottle or container, no matter how narrow the opening, so you can get every last drop — to buy you some time before you have to repurchase products. It's BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and was even featured on Shark Tank. One reviewer noted, "This definitely goes in the category of "WHY didn't I think of this??" It's so helpful and [...] feels very satisfying getting that last little bit of lotion out of my bottle!" You'll wish you knew about this product sooner.


These Swedish dishcloths you can use like paper towels for 8 weeks between washes

Looking for a paper towel substitute that will save you money? These Swedish dishcloths are super versatile to clean spills, wash dishes, or even scrub the bathroom. They’re made of compostable wood pulp cloth and cotton, so they’re natural, biodegradable, and chemical-free. These cloths are super absorbent to clean up any messes and the best part: one cloth can be used for up to eight weeks without picking up odors. Just toss them in the washing machine when it's time for a cleaning. You can wash them up to 200 times — saving money and the environment.


The cheap bags that extend the life of your fruit, veggies, and flowers

These GreenBags are designed to keep fruits, vegetables, and even fresh cut flowers from going bad. This 20-pack costs less than $10 and each bag can be used up to 10 times, so you really get you money's worth. These BPA-free bags are scientifically proven to extend the life of lettuce, mushrooms, strawberries, and so much more. The pack includes eight medium and large bags and four extra-large bags. They’ve earned more than 13,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating.


These reusable cotton rounds with more than 15,000 reviews

These reusable cotton rounds work just like regular cotton balls but are better for your skin — and your wallet. Made from highly absorbent and soft bamboo velour, they can be used to gently remove makeup and apply toner. Just toss used facial pads into the included mesh laundry bag and wash in the washing machine to use them again and again. They've earned more than 15,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating.


An affordable electric toothbrush that has five modes

This electric toothbrush deep cleans your teeth without breaking the bank. It's rechargeable and includes four modes that’ll help your teeth shine. The toothbrush has a high vibration, which is said to remove 99.9% of debris. Plus, just two hours of charge will have this toothbrush ready to go for over 56 days. It may very well save you some money at your next dental appointment.


An eye glasses repair kit that costs less than your morning coffee

Eyewear can get pretty pricey, so when yours need a tune up, you brace yourself for a hefty expense; but this repair kit has everything you need to repair eyeglasses at home. This 38-piece kit costs the same as your favorite latte and has earned nearly 7,000 reviews. This handy kit includes nose pads, assorted screws and two screwdrivers - a Phillips and plain round head styles.


This mini bag sealer that keeps snacks from getting stale

Snackers are obsessed with this amazing $14 find: a mini bag sealer that will keep your snacks fresher for longer. The small, battery-powered vacuum sealer heats up in three to five seconds and is then ready to seal the bag's opening. It keeps moisture and air out so food stays fresh, plus it has a convenient hook for storage when you're not using it. It comes in three colors and takes two AA batteries, which are included.


A clear can lid for fizzy sodas and drinks

Preserve the fizz of your favorite soda with these clear soda can lids. These slip-on lids are the ideal solution to ensure you aren't wasting half a can of soda, beer, or seltzer and can return to it later, knowing it's going to be just a deliciously fizzy and fresh. The lids are made of durable, BPA-free plastic and can be washed in the dishwasher. Bring these lids to the next picnic or tailgate to enjoy beverages at your own pace.


A two-pack of silicone baking mats that replace foil or cooking spray

You can stop spending money on aluminum foil (and the planet thanks you), with these reusable baking mats. This set is made of silicone, which is so easy to use and clean. The pack comes with two mats that are non-stick (which means you can literally place dough on them without worrying) and can be used in the oven in temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. They're each the size of a half sheet pan. These sheets will eliminate your need to buy any cooking sprays, oils, and baking pans.


An avocado pod to curb dreaded browning

Is there anything worse than an avocado that turns brown after a day? Keep this from happening with this simple and effective avocado pod. It’s shaped to perfectly fit an avocado and has a durable silicone lip to lock it into place. Not only will it keep your avocados fresh, but it also reduces the amount of plastic or aluminum wrap you have to use — which is good for the environment and your wallet. It's also dishwasher-safe and available for other shaped fruits such as onions, tomatoes, and lemons.


These cloths that dry clean your clothes at home for less

Freshen up your delicate, dry-clean only garments at home with these affordable dry cleaning cloths. One cloth removes odors, stains, and wrinkles after just 20 minutes in the dryer. Spot clean your everyday laundry, special occasion garments or things like blankets that are hard to wash. Then tumble dry with the dryer-activated cleaning cloth and they'll look brand new again.


A lint remover comb that restores worn sweaters and fabrics

This portable lint remover restores pilled sweaters, scarves, and even pants. The comb has two fine mesh screens on a cedar wood handle that you brush over fabrics to remove pilling or fuzz. It’s lightweight and easy to use so you can clean collars, hats, and waistbands. One reviewer cited, “It uses no batteries, takes up a very small amount of space & just really works. I am very pleased & I recommend this product highly.”


This spray that protects your shoes from water, mud, and stains

Protect your new shoes or boots before you head out in the rain with this waterproof shoe spray. Just mist the formula onto leather, suede, nubuck, or canvas shoes. It will repel and protect shoes from any water, ice, mud, stains, and more. One reviewer noted, “One treatment lasts about 6 months of everyday wear.” This one bottle of spray will save you from having to repurchase new shoes season after season.


The stain guard that protects your clothes and furniture from spills

Act quick with this stain guard to keep spills from turning into stains on your expensive furniture, floors, or clothing. This spray is clear and odorless, plus it comes in a non-aerosol bottle — and it's safe to use on shoes, curtains, rugs, and couches. All you have to do is spray and let the formula sit — that’s it. It creates an impenetrable shield between life’s messes and your favorite furniture and clothing.


These reusable dryer sheets that last 500 loads

These dryer sheets not only eliminate static, but they actually replace the need for fabric softeners and chemical-laden dryer sheets — not to mention, they’re reusable for more than 500 loads of laundry — talk about savings! These hypoallergenic sheets are chemical-free and work just like ordinary dryer sheets, except you can use them over and over again. They're better for your clothes, the planet, and your savings account.


This smart notebook that connects to the cloud and is erasable

You can save paper and resist buying more notebooks that you don't have room to store by using this reusable smart notebook instead. The spiral book uses dotted pages that are compatible with an app on your phone; that way, you can upload your notes to any cloud service and then wipe them away IRL. It comes with a microfiber towel and unique pen. For just $25, this notebook could last you a lifetime.


The flexible ear swabs that are reusable and washable

Stop buying and wasting disposable cotton swabs and opt for this reusable option instead. It’s just $9 and comes with four, double-sided swabs designed to clean your ears, apply your makeup, and touch up your nail polish. The swabs are made of medical silicone, and there’s a variety of heads that’ll help with various applications. The one with the pointed tip is especially good for cleaning out keyboards.


This 12-pack of reusable silicone baking cups that are less than $10

These colorful, reusable silicone baking cups are much more environmentally friendly than traditional paper ones — plus you can use them over and over. This pack of 12 is made of food-grade silicone that is safe in the freezer, microwave, or oven and can easily be washed in the dishwasher. You don’t need to grease them, either — they effortlessly release food and are even resistant to stains and odors. They've earned nearly 43,000 reviews.


These coffee filters that are reusable and fit in your Keurig

If you love your Keurig, but you’re tired of spending money on K-cup refills, snag one of these highly-rated reusable K cups. The coffee filters are the same shape as K-cups and fit into the Keurig dispenser, however, you can fill them with any coffee of your choice. This means you can buy coffee in bulk without giving up your Keurig. These BPA-free filters are designed with durable stainless steel mesh for a smooth blend in every cup. This four-pack has earned nearly 13,000 reviews.


The leakproof panties that give extra protection when you need it

This leak proof set of underwear works in tandem with other menstrual products to keep you feeling confident all day. They have a triple-layer crotch with a 100% cotton layer, waterproof layer, and fabric layer to avoid any leaks. They’re ideal for heavy flow days or postpartum recovery and the three pack is available in sizes XS to 3XL and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.


A shield that protect your expensive furniture from playful pets

A good couch is an expensive purchase and these scratch deterrent shields keep your furniture looking brand new — even if you have pets. The extra-large shields come in a pack of six and are transparent and self-adhesive so all you have to do is cut them to size and stick them onto the side of your couch, table legs, or other places your cat likes to scratch. The shield is strong enough to protect your furniture, yet flexible enough to wrap around the edges and blend into your home decor. Most cats learn that they cannot scratch there after awhile, so you'll be free to remove them in no time.


The piggy bank that displays the amount you have inside

Saving money has never been this fun. The 2.5 liter jar can store up to 1000 coins and displays the monetary amount on an LED screen on the lid. The battery-powered piggy bank has simple plus and minus signs for you to add or subtract money from your savings. The bank’s lid is easily removed and can accept all US coins from pennies to dollar coins.


These outlet adapters that have an on/off button to conserve energy

These grounded outlets with power switches save you money by conserving energy. The simple one-click switch is perfect for hard-to-reach outlets or appliances that don't have their own on or off button, so you can conserve energy when you're not using those outlets. They come in a pack of two.


The makeup removing cloths that erase makeup and dirt with just water

Stop scrubbing off your makeup every night with harsh cleansers that dry out your skin and cost extra money and switch to this makeup removing cloth. The tiny fibers of the plush towel work to remove makeup, dirt, and oil from your skin with just water. It’s better for the environment, too — just wash and reuse. For just $10, you get a pack of four cloths.


A reusable menstrual cup to replace pads or tampons

If you find yourself spending too much money on menstrual products each month, this reusable menstrual cup is a great option. The cup is made of medical-grade silicone and can give you comfortable periods for up to 12 hours. The BPA-free cup replaces the need to buy tampons or pads and is designed so you forget it’s even there. It’s easy to empty and clean and comes in different colors.


This leather conditioner that protects furniture from needing costly repairs

Keeping your leather conditioned is the best way to avoid costly repairs to furniture. This leather honey conditioner brings leather furniture or clothing back to life, instantly. The non-toxic formula comes in an 8-ounce bottle and revives old or dried-out leather in your car, home, or closet. Just a small amount of this conditioner goes a long way and can protect your leather for up to six months. It has more than 27,000 reviews and a 4.5-star review.


A blade sharpener to extend your razor's lifespan

This razor sharpener can extend your razor’s life from just 10 shaves per razor to 150 shaves. It’s made of recyclable materials and eliminates the need to buy new razors, while also helping the planet (and your wallet). It removes built-up residue on razors and ensures a cleaner, more effective shaving experience, as well.


This shoe repair adhesive that has a cult following

Don’t go replacing those expensive shoes at the first sight of wear. Instead, use this shoe repair adhesive to bond, protect, or rebuild your shoe permanently. The adhesive is waterproof and can be used to patch small holes in shoes and create extra traction on soles. This $6 easy fix has earned more than 22,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating.


An aerosol tire inflator that saves you the cost of a tow truck

Flat tires always happen at the worst possible time and while the fix itself isn’t too costly, getting towed is. Avoid that cost and keep one of these fix-a-flat aerosol tire inflators in your car. It seals and inflates a flat tire in seconds without needing jacks, tools, or even a spare tire. This all-in-one solution lasts for up to 100 miles so you can safely get to the body shop without needing a tow.


This all-purpose moldable glue that can fix anything

This moldable glue is the most versatile tool you can keep in your house and it costs just $8. This all-purpose adhesive can be used for everything from repairing cracks and fixing broken wires to sealing broken soles back onto shoes. It’s waterproof, resistant to heat and cold, durable, removable, and electrically insulating. You can use it on a variety of surfaces, including glass, metal, and wood. Mold it to whatever shape you need and it will set in just about 12 hours.

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