44 genius things under $35 that should have been invented sooner

ByAndrea Hannah
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So many people are looking for ways to make life a little easier, and that usually starts with finding the right products. Discovering those kinds of things is like hitting the jackpot — and some of those genius items on Amazon will make you wonder why they weren't invented sooner; they're that helpful. This list is full of products like that, and they're all under $35.

Yup, something doesn't have to break the bank to have an impact. I mean, it's usually the most ingenious products that can eliminate frustration and shave off time. Take this convenient toothbrush holder, for example. It may seem pretty simple, but that's what makes it so genius; this holder keeps all of your most important bathroom items in the same place, helping you to stay organized and cutting down on countertop clutter. Genius, I know.

And then, there are some things that just make life more fun. Like, do you absolutely need this wireless karaoke mic? Nope, but the fact that it's so easy to take a full-fledged karaoke party with you on the go is brilliant, and it'll lend itself to memorable nights with friends and family. Plus, life doesn't feel any sweeter than when you're having a good time.

If you aren't sure where to find some of the most inventive products on the internet, I've got you. Check out this roundup for some wallet-friendly inspiration.

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This outlet plug that can charge all your devices

Instead of switching out plugs for all your electronics, this multi-plug outlet can charge all your devices at the same time. It features three standard plugs and three slots for USB ports, so this plug can charge up to six devices at one time. It can also generate 15 amps of power, which is enough to charge all of your devices, not not enough to overload them. Small and convenient, this plug is perfect for traveling.


These fruit forks that are perfect for a picnic

Not only are these ant-shaped fruit forks handy, but they're a fun addition to a picnic in the park. You get 36 of these little guys in one pack, and each one has a pointed plastic toothpick that you can use in multiple ways. You can place your favorite fruit on the top half of the toothpick so the ants look like they're holding the fruit, or you can flip them over to use as a mini fork.


These smart plugs that have thousands of fans

Over 11,000 fans rave about these genius smart plugs. What's especially great about this 2-pack of plugs is that they don't require a central hub; they can hook up to your wifi without any additional purchase. They can sync up to your Alexa or Google Nest, and you can command them to turn off your appliances with the sound of your voice or within the app.


This neck fan that you can take on the go

Whether you're out for a job or trying to stay cool around your house, this portable neck fan is a must. It looks like a pair of headphones, and it hooks comfortably behind your neck. But instead of playing music, this lightweight device blows out air along the "headband" to keep you cool. You can even choose between three speeds, and it has a USB port so you can recharge it between uses.


This toothbrush holder that keeps your bathroom organized

This wall-mounted toothbrush holder makes it super easy to keep your bathroom counter neat and tidy. It features a special toothpaste holder so that you can place your toothbrush into the slot, and it'll squeeze out the perfect amount of toothpaste. It also features space to hold up to four toothbrushes and two sets of paper cups, along with a small drawer to store items like floss and toothpicks.


This USB fan that doubles as a clock

This USB fan is so genius that you'll wish you'd have discovered it sooner. It doesn't require any external power source; all you have to do is plug it into your laptop. This fan also features soft blades as well as an LED light on one end that creates a neon clock. On top of that, this clock actually works; the hour, minute, and second hands move in real time.


These elastic fasteners that hold your sheets in place

Instead of messing with your bedsheets every morning, these elastic fasteners keep your bedding perfectly in place. They come in a set of four, and each one features three ultra strong clips. You can clip them right around the corner of sheet, and the elastic band stretches to hold the corner in place. One reviewer wrote, "Get them. You won’t be disappointed."


This SmartTag that can keep track of pretty much anything

Just snap this Samsung SmartTag onto your keys, bag, or even your pet to keep track of it. Once you place this tracker where you want it, just launch the SmartTag app on your Android compatible phone to pinpoint where you last left you item. Plus, it can track anything for up to 130 yards, so it's easier than ever to keep your most important possessions close by.


This affordable fitness tracker that looks like an Apple Watch

Instead of spending a fortune on an Apple Watch, this affordable fitness tracker can keep tabs on your workouts at less than a quarter of the price. Plus, this one syncs up with Android compatible phones. It can monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and blood pressure. It even comes pre-set with multiple fitness tracking modes, a water-resistance band, and an LCD touchscreen face.


This portable charger that has 5 charging ports

Not only is this portable charger really affordable, but it has five charging ports, so it can power up your most important devices at the same time. It features two USB-C ports and three traditional USB ports, so this brilliant little device can charge any device. And even though it's lightweight, it's extremely powerful. This device can charge an iPhone 12 five full times, and it even shows you how much power is left before it needs to be recharged.


This bluetooth tracker that works with your Apple devices

If you have an Apple phone, this Tile Mate tracker is a lifesaver. It's extremely lightweight and easily hooks onto your pet's collar, key rings, and more. It also features bluetooth capabilities that all you to track for up to 200 feet, and you can even sync it up with your Alexa or Google Home to ask where your items are located. And if this Tile goes out of range, you can check the app on your phone to see where your item was last located so you can track it down.


This smart switch that has over 10,000 positive reviews

Over 10,000 reviewers can't say enough good things about this smart switch for your home. Once you install this switch and download the app, the possibilities are endless. You can turn your lights on, off, or dim them from the switch itself, or you can control all of your lighting remotely. Just launch the app to control your lights from anywhere — even outside of your home. And when you're home, you can sync up this switch with your Alexa and Google Home so you can command your lights with the sound of your voice.


This bug zapper that you can use indoors

Whether you're dealing with bugs in your backyard or in your home, this electric bug zapper has you covered. Here's how it works: Just plug in this zapper wherever bug are bothering you, then allow the UV light to lure them inside. Once inside, the fan forces the bugs downward into the container, where sticky paper traps them for good. This zapper even has an auto-sensor, so the UV light turns on automatically as the sun goes down.


These wireless earbuds that are less than $30

These wireless earbuds look a lot like Apple AirPods, but they're way more wallet-friendly. They're compatible with most bluetooth devices, and can play for 30 hours before they need to be recharged in their case. On top of that, they're also sweat-proof, so you can wear them while you work out, and the LCD screen displays how much power both the earbuds and the case have before they need to be recharged.


This tripod that makes it so much easier to take selfies

Not only does this tripod set come with a light-up ring, but you can detach it to create a portable selfie stick. This tripod features a 10-inch LED light ring that can emit warm, natural, and cool tones in multiple levels of brightness so you can find the best lighting for your photos and videos. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote that you can use to snap photos even when you aren't right next to your phone. And the best part? You can also remove the central rod to make a selfie stick that you can take on the go.


This wireless microphone that turns every night into karaoke night

This wireless microphone turns every gathering into a karaoke party. This mic is Bluetooth compatible, so it can sync up to your laptop, tablet, and even your phone to create fun on the go. The rainbow LED lights on the side flash in time to the beat of your music, and you can adjust the sound output with the buttons on the other side. And since this mic isn't wired, it's easy to pass from one person to the next.


This magnetic clip that charges your phone while you drive

All you have to do is snap this magnetic clip onto your car's vents and you have an instant, portable charger that can travel with you. The clip charger plugs into your car's USB port, and all you have to do is set your phone onto the magnet. It stays firmly in place while quickly charging your device so it's ready to go when you are.


This pod that keeps your tomatoes fresh

You can keep your tomatoes fresher for way longer with this convenient tomato pod. It features two rings made of sturdy ABS plastic. The bottom ring gently cradles your fresh tomato, while the upper ring features stretchy, food-grade silicone. Just snap the two rings together and allow for the silicone to create a tight seal so your tomato stays crisp in your fridge.


This mini bag sealer that helps keep snacks from going stale

You won't have to deal with stale chips every again with this mini bag sealer. One side of this genius little device features a cutter so you can create a fresh, straight line on your pretzel or popcorn bag, and the other features a mini sealer. The sealer heats up just enough so you can seal the bag shut, as if it had never been opened in the first place. It even has a hook so you can hang it in your pantry.


This personal safety alarm that you can take anywhere

This personal alarm system is easy to take along with you anywhere you go. It's super slim and lightweight, and it can easily attach to any keyring. When you pull the top pin, this little keychain lets out an alarm that's as loud as a jet engine and can be heard from 100 feet away. It also features a bright flashing light, making this essential to carry at night.


This cell phone stand that has its own Bluetooth speaker

This cell phone stand makes watching a show on your phone a million times more enjoyable. It's compatible with just about any smart phone, and the holder can expand to secure your device firmly into place. The arm bends at multiple angles for the best viewpoint, and you can also sync up your phone to the Bluetooth speaker base for a crisper, louder sound.


This sleep mask that helps you drift off

Not only does this sleep mask help to block out light, but it can also significantly reduce noise in your environment. It features two memory foam pads that sit gently over your eyes, as well as a soft fabric band that won't irritate your skin. This mask also has small bluetooth headphones sewn in, and you can sync it up to your phone so that a guided meditation or soothing ocean sounds play through it while you rest.


This stand that holds your phone or tablet upright

Whether you're reading a recipe or watching a movie, this mini stand makes it so much easier to see the screen. Although it looks small, this stand is actually really sturdy; it even has silicone gel pads on the bottom to keep it from budging. It can hold most devices, including heavier tablets, and it can even fold flat so you can store it in a drawer between uses.


This mini vac that removes crumbs from your keyboard

This mini vacuum is the perfect solution to messy desks and drawers. It's battery-operated and completely wireless, and it's small enough that you can easily hold it in your palm. It also features extra fine bristles that can get all of the crumbs, dust, and debris that shows up between your keyboard keys and in the corners of your drawers. Plus, this vacuum can run for over two hours continuously before the batteries need to be replaced.


These silicone sponges that don't hold onto unwanted odor

These silicone sponges blow old cloth sponges out of the water. They're great because they still effectively clean your dishes with their soft, flexible bristles, but they don't hold on to grime, dirt, and odor like traditional sponges do. Plus, if anything does get stuck in the bristles, it's really easy to rinse these sponges. You can even toss them in the dishwasher for a deeper clean.


This wireless doorbell that plays soothing chimes

Once you replace your old doorbell with this wireless doorbell, you'll wonder what took you so long to make the switch. Instead of that jarring doorbell sound, this option allows you to choose from 52 different melodies so you can go with a more soothing sound. The doorbell itself is also dust-proof and weatherproof, and it comes with two receivers so you can hear it from anywhere in the house.


This night-light that turns your toilet into a rainbow

Just clip this night light into your toilet and you'll never lose your way to the bathroom again. It features a motion-activated sensor that allows for it to light up as you approach the toilet, and automatically shut off when you leave the room. You can choose from one of eight vibrant colors, or you can set this light to circulate through all of the colors of the rainbow for extra fun.


This cleaning gel that picks up everything

This cleaning gel is a game-changer when it comes to picking up hard-to-reach dirt and debris. It isn't sticky, and it won't irritate your skin when you use it. All you have to do is gently apply it to your vents, cup holders, keyboards, and more, and then peel it away. It picks up all of the dust and crumbs in a snap. Plus, you can use it over and over again until it starts to get dark and needs to be replaced.


These lids that turn your cans into bottles

It's easier than ever to convert your cans into bottles with this six-pack of lids. Here's how they work: Once you open your soda can, you can snap on one of these convenient lids over the top to instantly transform it into a bottle. The lid creates a tight seal to preserve the carbonation in your drink, and it makes it so much easier to pour when you want to share with others. You can also reuse these lids over and over, preserving tons of drinks over time.


These stainless steel guards that protect your fingers from cuts

You don't have to deal with nicks in the kitchen with these stainless steel guards. To use, just insert your finger into the holder on the back side of the guard, then slice and dice your fruits and vegetables. The guard slants at the perfect angle to help protect your fingers while still allowing for a straight cut, and the stainless steel is virtually impenetrable. They also come in a pack of four, so you can share them with friends and family.


This portable bag that keeps your cables organized

You can keep yourself organized on the go with this computer accessories bag. It features a soft, water-resistant shell and a handle for easy carrying, as well as a zipper to protect your most important computer accessories. It also comes with three partitions, but each one can be positioned to create larger or small spaces according to what you need. The lid also includes mesh pockets for all your cables, chargers, and smaller accessories.


This headphone stand that also charges your phone

This headphone stand does it all: It holds your headphones, charges your phone, and displays fun rainbow colors. All you have to do is plug in the base and set your phone on top to charge. This base emits 10 watts of power for ultra quick charging. Plus, the stand keeps your headphones in sight and prevents them from damage. One reviewer wrote, "Absolutely recommend this headset stand. Stand was very easy to assemble and set up. The stand feels very solid, and definitely feels very premium for the price."


This wall mount that helps protect your phone in the shower

Now you can safely listen to your phone while you're in the shower with this protective wall mount. The mount comes with self-adhesive back that's extremely strong and can stick to just about any flat surface. Once its mounted, all you have to do is open the clear case and slide your phone inside. This box is completely waterproof so you can listen to music, read, or watch a show while you're bathing, cooking, or more.


This mini camera that you can hide anywhere

You can slip this mini camera just about anywhere in your home and no one will ever know it's there. It fits perfectly between your fingertips and at less than an inch wide, you can tuck it into any corner. This tiny camera records at 1080 pixels for a super sharp image, and it comes with a 32-gigabyte memory card to capture what's happening in your home. It even has a motion sensor to trigger it to start recording when it senses movement.


This cute crab that holds your spoons and spatulas

This cute crab holder is super handy in the kitchen. It features soft, flexible claws that can hold wooden spoons, silicone spatulas, and even kitchen knives. It can even sit on the edge of your pots and pans and lift the lids to literally let off steam. This little crab can hang out on your counters to hand you your tools.


This cool mist humidifier that's ultra quiet

This mini humidifier is great for small spaces that need a little more moisture. It holds about a half gallon of water, and it can emit cool mist for up to nine continuous hours — so this humidifier will get you through the night. It also has an auto shutoff feature when the tank is empty and a dial so you can control the amount of mist. It's also whisper-quiet, so it won't keep you awake at night.


This lightweight blanket that keeps you cool

While it may seem like more layers are the last thing you need to cool off, this lightweight blanket can actually help from overheating. It's made from "Japanese Cold Fiber" (per the brand), which is specially designed to help regulate your body temperature as you drape it over yourself. One side is super soft and plush, while the other is sleek and smooth — and both help you to literally chill out.


This memory foam pillow that has a cult following

Over 18,000 reviewers swear by this memory foam pillow for a good night's sleep. The difference between this pillow and others on the market is that it's filled with shredded memory foam, which allows it to form to the shape of your neck and head while still being breathable. It also comes with a cottony, quilted cover that feels like a dream against your skin, and you can even take out some of the memory foam to adjust for your comfort level.


These magnetic twist ties that you can reuse

These magnetic twist ties are so genius, you'll wish you wouldn't have wasted years of your life on the paper ones. They come in a pack of 10, and each one is made from flexible, yet durable silicone that is sure to last for a long time. The highlight of these ties are the magnets on each end which allows them to snap and stay together. Use them on chip bags, bread loaves, key rings, and more.


This banana bungee that keeps your fruit from bruising

Instead of setting your fruit out on the counter, this banana bungee keeps bananas fresh for longer. That's because the stretchy bungee cords gently hook between bananas to minimize contact with each other, allowing for airflow and to stave off bruising. This device screws into any kitchen cabinet, and it keeps your bananas elevated and out of the way.


This webcam that you can attach to your laptop

This clip-on webcam instantly upgrades your Zoom meetings. It snaps on over your original camera to increase the image to 1080 pixels per inch, instantly sharpening the image. You can also swivel it 360 degrees to find the perfect angle for you — and when you're finished recording or live-streaming, you can snap the cover over the lens for more privacy.


This kitchen gadget that fills your bananas with yummy treats

This banana gadget makes eating your fruit way more fun. Here's how it works: All you have to do is poke the rod through your banana while it's still in the peel. The rod instantly straightens out your banana while creating a small hole that you can fill with your favorite treat, including peanut butter, hazelnut spread, jam, and more.


This USB hub that charges multiple devices

This USB-C hub charges all your devices at super speed, and it doesn't take up much desk space at all. It features slots to charge three USB devices and one USB-C device, and the cord on the end can attach to a standard USB-C charging block. This hub can also crank out a whopping 60 watts of power — so even if all the slots are full, your devices will charge in a snap.


This Bluetooth transmitter that works in your car

If your vehicle doesn't already have Bluetooth built in, this bluetooth transmitter is essential — especially for long drives. It plugs into your cigarette lighter and transmits a Bluetooth signal so you can listen to music and take calls hands-free. It also has a USB-C charger, so you can power your devices at the same time you're playing your music.

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