45 cheap things people recommend the sh*t out of because they're so awesome

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When you're looking for inexpensive but useful products, there's no better place to turn than Amazon. But with so many items to choose from, it can be a challenge to narrow down the ones that will live up to the hype. With that in mind, I've scoured tons of Amazon reviews to compile a list of 40 cheap things people recommend the sh*t out of because they're so awesome.

While they span a wide range of categories, all of these things come highly recommended by reviewers. If you're looking to upgrade your grooming tools, consider an electric razor with a long-lasting battery or a shower mirror that doesn't fog up. Alternatively, stock up on home office products and tech accessories to improve your workflow, including a plug-in signal booster to combat slow Wi-Fi (which happens to have more than 100,000 reviews). Short on kitchen counter space? Score a space-saving dish drying rack that fits over your sink and rolls up when you don't need it. If you're heading outdoors, make sure to take some easy-to-apply insect repellent with you. And if you want to boost your entertainment game, opt for products like a set of LED strip lights to decorate your TV or a wireless karaoke mic that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker — both of which you'll find below.

Keep scrolling for the complete list of cheap things on Amazon that people can't stop recommending. Since all of these products will cost you under $35, you might just want to add more than one to your cart.


These no-contact door openers to keep hands clean

If you're squeamish about touching the handles of public doors, these no-contact door openers are a great solution. You can use the nifty little gadgets, which come in two-packs, to press elevator buttons, flip light switches, and push handles — all while keeping your hands clean.


A plant-based balm that repels mosquitos

Enjoy the outdoors — and stay itch-free — with this mosquito repellent balm. The all-natural, plant-based formula includes a blend of oils (including lemongrass, cedarwood, and peppermint), plus beeswax. According to one reviewer: "I love this stuff. [...] It does a great job of keeping those little biting gnats and mosquitoes away from my eyes, ears and neck. Has a clean, lemony scent."


The height-adjustable laptop stand that folds up

This portable laptop stand is crafted with durable and lightweight aluminum and features rubber pads to prevent your device from moving around. Users can choose from eight adjustable height levels to find the most comfortable position, and the collapsible design is especially ideal for smaller spaces or travel. One reviewer wrote: "I wanted a laptop stand at an affordable price [...] Very sturdy despite its compact size, and adjustable height is nice so the screen isn’t too high or too low."


This over-the-sink drying rack to keep counters clear

Avoid cramped, wet countertops when you have a load of dishes to dry — instead, use this roll-up dish drying rack, which is designed to fit over your kitchen sink. This allows excess water to drip directly into the sink, leaving you with less of a mess to clean up. The drying rack is also great for those who are short on counter space since it can be rolled up when it's not in use, and it even doubles as a trivet. "Love it," wrote one reviewer. "Gives more space and works great."


A 2-pack of wireless charging pads

Clocking in at under $20, these compact wireless charging pads — which have over 8,000 Amazon ratings and counting — can be used to power various iPhones, Samsung Galaxy devices, and AirPods. As an added bonus, the chargers are designed to prevent overheating. One reviewer raved that they're "so much easier than Cords. Fast, efficient. [...] So easy to just drop the phone on the pad and charge. No more broken or twisted wires."


The cordless & waterproof electric razor that can run up to 1 hour

This waterproof electric razor features stainless steel blades that gently glide against the skin. The USB-rechargeable battery allows for one hour of conveniently cordless shaving, and the razor takes 90 minutes to fully charge. It also includes two replaceable heads: one for the face and one for the body.


This wall-mounted toothbrushing station

If you're tight on bathroom shelf space, check out this wall-mounted toothbrush and toothpaste holder. It's made from sturdy plastic and can hold up to three toothbrushes at a time. It's also equipped with a toothpaste dispenser, two cups, and a tiny drawer, where you can tuck away compact essentials like cotton swabs, dental floss, or cosmetics.


A plug-in USB fan that doubles as a digital clock

Stay cool as you work with this easily adjustable USB fan that also displays the time. Simply plug it into your computer's USB port, adjust it to your liking, and feel the cool breeze. "This little gadget is super cool!" raved one reviewer. Another wrote: "This things packs a fair amount of wind for being so small."


The Wi-Fi-enabled light switch with 10,000-plus ratings

This Wi-Fi-enabled light switch has more than 8,700 perfect five-star ratings. After installing the dimmable switch, download the corresponding smartphone app to turn on lights, set timers, and control brightness levels from anywhere. It also offers voice control capabilities — just connect it to your Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, or Google Home. According to one reviewer: "They work fantastic and are very easy to install and program."


This insect trapper to eliminate indoor pests for good

Got a little bug problem? No problem. This indoor insect trapper uses UV light to attract mosquitos, fruit flies, and other insects, then a fan to blow them onto a sticky board. Once the board is full, you can simply toss it and replace it with a new one. Additionally, it gives you the option to set five-, eight-, or 12-hour timers. Reviewers have appreciated how well it works — one reviewer called it "very impressive."


A magnetic wireless car charger for your iPhone 12

This wireless iPhone 12 charger makes long drives and road trips a little easier. Its magnetic design ensures your smartphone stays firmly in place without falling out. It also offers 360-degree rotation for added convenience and hands-free operation. Reviewers note how easy it is to use and install, and how fast it charges. According to one reviewer: "This wireless charger car mount is amazing. [...] It’s easy to set up, sleek and sturdy. It charges my phone fast too."


The personal safety alarm you can attach to your key ring

For an added sense of security, attach this compact personal safety alarm to your keychain. The flashing light and loud siren can help to alert bystanders when you're feeling unsafe. To turn on the alarm, simply remove the top pin. One reviewer wrote: "I am impressed with this personal safety alarm! It’s very loud and the light on the front is bright." It's available in five colors.


This smartphone holder for your shower

Watch your favorite shows, listen to podcasts, and blast music as you bathe using this waterproof phone holder, which you can firmly attach to your bathroom wall with the included adhesive. One reviewer exclaimed: "This item is such a game changer! It makes watching media content of listening to music so easy!"


A really small security camera for your home

Protect your home from potential intruders using this mini hidden camera, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It offers night vision and a motion detection sensor, which allows it to switch to standby mode after 30 seconds. Plus, the built-in rechargeable battery provides up to two hours of usage. "Love how discreet it is," wrote one reviewer. A memory card is also included.


The cozy sleep mask with built-in Bluetooth headphones

Made with comfortable memory foam, this sleep mask features built-in Bluetooth headphones so you can stream your favorite sounds as you fall asleep. According to the manufacturer, the headphones can offer over 10 hours of playing time per 2.5-hour charge. One reviewer raved, "The fit is very comfortable and the battery life is really good." Another wrote: "Volume control is simple and easy and the sound quality is great."


This double-sided blanket that's made to keep you cool

This double-sided cooling blanket is made with hot sleepers in mind. Reviewers love how soft and lightweight the material is, with one remarking that it's "very soft and feels nice and cool!" The blanket is available in four sizes, ranging from twin to California King, and three colors.


An LED light that casts a sunny projection

Add some natural-looking light to any space using this LED sunset lamp, which allows you to cast a warm light that resembles a setting sun onto any wall. The head rotates 180 degrees, so you can easily control the size and color of the projection. One reviewer claimed, "The color and the shape looks exactly like sunset."


This set of colorful vanity lights

Revamp your mirror with a set of colorful vanity lights. Powered via USB, they can light up in 16 different colors. One reviewer described their experience: "These are better than I could have imagined. I wanted a Hollywood style vanity, but I’m not paying Hollywood prices. [...] I’ve had the lights over a year and they’re still going strong."


A cold brew coffee maker for at-home brewing

Treat yourself to refreshing java from the comfort of home using this cold brew coffee maker, which features a sturdy lid, stainless steel filter, and nonslip base. One reviewer wrote: "I tried it for both coffee and tea. Works well so far. The glass and stainless-steel filter tube look well made. The bottom attached a rubber ring to help it stand still. It's a good value for the money."


This set of unbreakable wine glasses

No need to worry about your glass cracking or shattering the next time you enjoy some vino. These durable stemless wine glasses are constructed from a special type of plastic that makes them practically unbreakable. Plus, according to reviewers, they look and feel like real glass. They’re even dishwasher-safe. Choose from three sizes (13, 16, or 20 ounces) in packs of four, eight, or 12.


The convenient tray table for your sofa

This armrest tray table offers you easy access to your drinks and snacks as you lounge on the sofa. It's constructed to fit over square-shaped armrests of couches. One reviewer exclaimed, "This fit perfectly! I’m very pleased. It stays put and has a very big area to hold drinks, remotes and food."


A pet hair remover kit to pick up fur from surfaces

If you have a pet, you know that their fur can — and will — get absolutely everywhere. This pet hair remover kit, which comes complete with two different brushes, can help you collect all that pesky pet hair from an array of surfaces (think: carpets, clothing, couches, cars, and more). Unlike many fur-removing brushes, this one doesn't require that you clean it with your fingers — the base actually removes the hair for you.


This waterproof silicone facial brush to gently cleanse skin

Treat yourself to an at-home face massage with this vibrating silicone brush. Its soft silicone material is made to gently cleanse skin, prompting one reviewer to write: "My face has never felt so soft or been so clear." The USB-rechargeable battery can function up to 20 days on a three-hour charge, according to the manufacturer.


A fog-free shower mirror with a built-in razor holder

With over 16,000 Amazon reviews, this shower mirror has become a fan-favorite. It's constructed with a coating to prevent it from fogging up, thus allowing you to see your reflection in a steamy shower. A suction-cup backing keeps it in place, while a built-in razor slot offers added convenience. One reviewer described it as "perfect for shaving in the shower," adding: "It truly doesn't fog up and it has a tight fit."


The compact outlet with room for 6 devices

Despite its small size, this multi-plug outlet has three AC plugs and three USB ports. With nearly 5,000 ratings on Amazon to date, it has garnered an overall 4.7 stars. According to one reviewer, "Very good design and solid build quality, easy to use and very compact and small."


A pocket-sized keyboard vacuum

Keep your computer keyboard dust-free with this Yikor keyboard vacuum cleaner. The battery-powered device offers up to 2.5 hours of cordless cleaning, according to the manufacturer. One reviewer called it a "handy little device for cleaning keyboards of debris." It comes in mint green or black and requires just two AA batteries to run, which you can purchase separately.


This customizable wireless doorbell

This wireless doorbell has a dust-proof and waterproof design with two plug-in receivers that offer 52 sound options and five different volume levels. One reviewer described the doorbell as "loud enough to get attention but not obnoxious." Additionally, the battery can run for up to three years. To install it, either mount it to the wall with the included screws or stick it to the surface using the included tape.


A set of magnetic twist ties to help you get organized

These magnetic silicone twist ties, which come in a pack of 10, are great for getting tidy. Use them to seal snack bags, organize cords, or display photos or notes on the fridge. Reviewers have described them as "super handy," "really strong," and "so well made."


The plug-in Wi-Fi extender with 100,000-plus ratings

Instead of paying extra money for faster Wi-Fi, consider purchasing this fan-favorite plug-in signal booster for under $20. According to the manufacturer, the Wi-Fi extender offers coverage for up to 800 square feet of space. Reviewers love how simple it is to set up. "It was easy to install and has definitely boosted my WiFi signal," wrote one reviewer.


A pair of waterproof earbuds that charge wirelessly

There's no need to shell out the big bucks for a fancy pair of Bluetooth earbuds. These waterproof ones offer great sound, according to reviewers who have described them as "awesome," "great," and "excellent." Other highlights include a case that's compatible with wireless chargers, a six-hour battery life, and an LED battery display. Snag them in white or black.


This ring light & tripod stand with an adjustable height

Compatible with iPhones and Androids, this selfie ring light and tripod stand set can enhance your Zoom meeting setup. The LED light offers a variety of settings to give you an optimal glow, while the tripod stand features 360-degree rotation and can extend from 12 inches to 51 inches in height.


A wireless karaoke mic with a built-in speaker

Belt your favorite tunes into this wireless microphone to get the karaoke party started. Singers can play, skip, and adjust volume of the speaker using the buttons located right on the mic's handle. To play music from your smartphone, simply connect it to the microphone's USB port or connect it via Bluetooth.


The smartphone stand with a Bluetooth speaker base

This adjustable smartphone stand features a nonslip silicone base that also functions as a Bluetooth speaker. Reviewers have reported that the sound quality is great, and it's easy to use for everything from making video calls to watching TV. It can hold most iPhones, Androids, tablets, and electronic readers.


An LED toilet light for late-night bathroom breaks

If you’re tired of fumbling through the darkness to get to the bathroom, this battery-operated toilet night light was designed with you in mind. The motion-activated LED light cycles through eight colors to guide you to the porcelain throne. It runs on AA batteries, which are sold separately.


The durable lock to reinforce your front door

This sturdy door lock, which is suitable for doors that swing inwards, helps add an extra sense of security to any home. To install the lock, mount it directly to your door frame using the included screws. One reviewer wrote, "I feel safer knowing these are on my doors when I am home and when I sleep," adding that they're "SUPER simple install."


These string lights to illuminate your outdoor space

Add some light to your backyard or patio with these nice-looking hanging string lights. They don't just look good either: According to the manufacturer, they can withstand both rain and wind. One reviewer wrote: “Very surprised how bright these bulbs are! Completely brightens up our deck and pergola areas. Cannot go wrong with the price and product.”


A set of remote control-operated umbrella lights

These remote control-operated umbrella lights offer eight different lighting modes and . You can also use the remote to set automatic timers. One reviewer exclaimed: “Pretty easy to install and lights are bright. Love the remote control and dimmer.” Plus, the copper wire allows you to bend and wrap the lights to your liking, so it best fits around your umbrella.


These LED strip lights to spotlight your TV

Deck out your TV in these LED strip lights, which come pre-cut for easy installation. Users can choose from 16 colors and four lighting modes, all of which can be controlled via the included remote. One reviewer raved, “It works fantastic, is easy to install, the colors look so cool, and it’s a great value for the price.”


A 6-pack of plug-in LED night lights

These plug-in LED night lights, which come conveniently in packs of six, can automatically adjust their brightness levels depending on the time of day or night — as the night gets darker, the lights get brighter. And, come daytime, the lights begin to shut off. What's more, each light can last more than 10,000 hours, according to Vont.


The fan-favorite boar bristle brush for edges

Reviewers love this double-sided boar bristle brush — which has 57,000-plus Amazon ratings and an under-$5 price tag — for grooming flyaways and baby hairs. One reviewer wrote, “This comb is very easy to use," while another described it as "an amazing tool for edges."


This tiny comb to remove excess mascara

This fine-tooth eyelash comb is a tool you maybe didn’t know you needed. Use it to separate lashes and remove excess mascara. The ergonomic handle is easy to hold, while the included cap allows for convenient storage. One reviewer exclaimed, “A perfect tool to separate and make sure not to have clumpy mascara. Love it!”


A lavender-scented llama-shaped heating pad

This microwave-safe heating pad is sure to make you smile. It’s stuffed with buckwheat and dried lavender, which, according to one reviewer, offers a “pleasant aroma." Another reviewer wrote that they, too, "love the smell." Plus, its soft polyester material makes it great for snuggling.


This handy Bluetooth tracking device

Few things are more frustrating than having to track down lost belongings. Fortunately, this Bluetooth tracker from Samsung can help. Simply secure it to your item and download the Galaxy smartphone app to track its location. If the item ever gets lost or misplaced, you can use the app to emit a sound so you can more easily find the tracker. According to one reviewer: “So useful! I put one on my car for tracking, my phone wallet and key chain. [...] App is extremely easy. Set up is a breeze and the peace of mind I now have is epic.”


A pair of sleek boxes to hold unsightly cables

Use cord boxes to keep unruly cables in place and out of sight. The boxes come with secure lids and nonslip feet to prevent them from sliding along your floor. According to one reviewer, “It cleaned up the mess of wires and it is attractive.”


The Amazon Fire Stick for all of your streaming needs

The Amazon Fire Stick Lite lets you stream tons of movies and TV shows in HD, as well as listen to music and podcasts. The Alexa-operated remote control, which allows you to state voice commands, adds an extra level of convenience. According to one reviewer: “The fire stick is great. The voice recognition works really well [...] The whole system is super easy to set up and subsequently navigate.”

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